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WAAAAY too Early Playoff Prediction

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

The first of 2022 is here, the first playoff predictions for the AL and NL all the way to the world series; I won't be explaining why, giving records, or too much analysis. It's just a WAAYY too early prediction, cause why not?

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The 2022 playoff format will include 12 teams rather than 10 teams.

In the 12-team format, there will be six playoff teams per league: the three division winners and three wild cards. They will be seeded as follows:

1 seed: Best overall record

2 seed: Second-best record among division winners

3 seed: Third-best division winner record

4-6 seeds: Three best records among non-division winners (in order of record)

The top two seeds will get a bye to the divisional round.

AL Playoffs

  1. Astros

  2. White Sox

  3. Blue Jays

  4. Mariners

  5. Rays

  6. Twins

NL Playoffs

  1. Dodgers

  2. Braves

  3. Brewers

  4. Padres

  5. Cardinals

  6. Phillies

The No. 3 seed will host the No. 6 seed for a three-game series in the wild-card round. Similarly, the No. 4 seed will host the No. 5 seed.

Then the winners will move on to the divisional round, where there is no re-seeding.

AL Matchups

  • Blue Jays(3) V Twins(6)

    • Jays in 2

  • Mariners(4) V Rays(5)

    • Mariners in 3

NL Matchups

  • Brewers(3) V Phillies(6)

    • Brewers in 3

  • Padres(4) V Cardinals(5)

    • Padres in 3

Divisional Round:

The No. 1 seed hosts the winner of the 4-5 series, and the No. 2 hosts the winner of the 3-6 series. This will be a best of 5 series.

AL Matchups

  • Astros(1) V Blue Jays(3)

    • Blue Jays in 5

  • White Sox(2) V Mariners(4)

    • White Sox in 5

NL Matchups

  • Dodgers(1) V Brewers(3)

    • Dodgers in 4

  • Braves(2) V Padres(4)

    • Braves in 4

Championships- Series of 7

AL Matchup

  • Blue Jays(3) V White Sox(2)

    • White Sox in 6

NL Matchup

  • Dodgers(1) V Braves(2)

    • Dodgers in 7

World Series- Best of 7

  • White Sox(2) V Dodgers(1)

    • World Champs

      • Dodgers in 6

That's our prediction before the season starts.

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