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Off-Season Dust Devils Beat- Get to know OF Joe Redfield

In this conversation, Joe Redfield discusses his love for baseball, his experience in the draft and his first year in pro ball, the challenges and injuries he faced, living arrangements and teammates, the coaches and mentors who supported him, meeting Alonzo Powell, the changes in minor league baseball, and the diversity and connections he has made.


Joe Redfield has a deep love for baseball and enjoys watching other players excel in the sport.

His journey in professional baseball started with the draft and a quick turnaround to join the Arizona team.

Joe faced challenges and injuries in his first year, but he remained determined and finished the season strong.

Living arrangements and supportive teammates made the transition to professional baseball easier for Joe.


00:00 Introduction and Love for Baseball

09:19 Draft and First Year in Pro Ball

11:44 Challenges and Injuries

14:39 Living Arrangements and Teammates

16:09 Coaches and Mentors

17:09 Meeting Alonzo Powell

19:05 Changes in Minor League Baseball

19:58 Diversity and Making Connections

First, 4th round pick Joe Redfield. Redfield is a 6'2", 21yo, OF out of Sam Houston State University; previously, he went to Temple College. Redfield signed for $472,500, under the recommended value of $603,600. Let's look at the player that is our new OF who reigns from Waco, Tx.

In his two seasons at Temple College, Redfield played in a total of 88G, registering 273AB, scoring 72R, totaling 101H, 17 doubles, five triples, 5HR (all as a sophomore, 61RBI, 28BB-37K, 25SB, and a .370/.448/.524 total slash. He ended his career at Temple with a .970FLD% and only 4E(all as a freshman).

After his second season, Redfield played summer ball for Victoria HarbourCats (Victoria, BC), part of the West Coast League. In 46G, he his 4HR, 33RBI, 27SB, 22BB-26K, and a slash line of .335/.425/.494 for an OPS of .919.

Before the draft, he was playing summer ball again, this time for the Falmouth Commodores (Falmouth, MA), and played in 11G with 0HR, 7RBI, 7SB, 7BB-11K, and a .308/.406/.308 for a .786OPS.

In his lone season in the NCAA, he played in 61G, totaling 300PA, where he had 100H, 19 doubles, 3 triples, 15HR, 56RBI, 15SB, 34BB-34K for a slash line of .402/.485/.683 for an OPS 1.168, which to me is a dominating season and exactly why he earned a nod in the 4th round.

4th round pick- OF Joe Redfield, Redfield out of Houston State University looked, has been assigned to Tri-Cities after playing in just 3G in ACL. So far, Redfield has played in 3G with the Dust Devils and posted a .364/.417/.636 slash for an OPS of 1.053.

I have gotten a chance to watch Redfield play, and I am most impressed by the glove in the OF and the speed he shows on bases. I am thrilled with the combo of 2022 draft pick Joe Stewart and Redfield together in the OF with LAA top prospect Alexander Ramirez.

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