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DDU: Week 12- Recap, Warriors Turmoil, NBA Rumors, Trade Buzz and Mailbag

Updated: Jan 26

This week Mailbag is WIDE OPEN and EMPTY! FILL IT UP!

Should the Warriors blow it up?

Where does Siakem Land?







In this episode of Dynasty Down Under, the host recaps week 12 and provides an update on the league standings. The conversation then shifts to the turmoil within the Golden State Warriors and the potential trades they may make. The host discusses the latest NBA rumors and the upcoming trade deadline. They highlight the teams to watch in both the Eastern and Western Conferences and share their thoughts on where Pascal Siakam may land in a trade. The episode concludes with mailbag questions from listeners.


The Golden State Warriors are facing turmoil and may make significant trades before the deadline.

There are several NBA rumors circulating as the trade deadline approaches.

Teams to watch in the Eastern Conference include the Celtics, Bucks, Sixers, Cavs, Heat, Pacers, Knicks, Magic, Bulls, and Nets.

Teams to watch in the Western Conference include the Timberwolves, Thunder, Nuggets, Clippers, Mavericks, Pelicans, Kings, Suns, Jazz, and Lakers.

Pascal Siakam is a highly sought-after player in trade talks.


00:00 Week 12 Recap and Standings

04:05 Warriors' Turmoil and Potential Trades

10:19 NBA Rumors and Trade Deadline

18:11 Trade Buzz and Potential Moves

29:21 Teams to Watch in the East

31:36 Teams to Watch in the West

34:27 Mailbag Questions and Siakam's Destination Transcript: Jey (00:00.438)

I just did a whole intro and then realized I wasn't even fully recording. So that was super fun. Welcome into another episode of Dynasty Down Under. I'm your host Jay and I'm super excited to be with you to bring you some week 12 recap and action. It was a super fun week across our league. As always, lots of up and downs. The tides are turning, things are settling out, the dust is settling. And I'll let you guys know where the standings are if you've been keeping up with the show throughout the season.

Um, first off this week, we had some great scores. Scoot Henderson, balled out. Um, he was the highest scoring guard. Tyrus Maxi, highest scoring two guard. Tatum at three. Sabon is at the four with the 70 point game. And then Nikola Jokic, uh, of course at the center position is going to have the best game. Our most efficient manager was, uh, Poppen with Tebow. Our least efficient was Lord Sage. Our highest points in the loss was the Puzini.

Dynasty and then our lowest points to the laws in a win was crisscross 95 our top three agents that were out balling this week were McBride next point guard Burks from Detroit Kevin Knox also from Detroit Larry Nance from the Pelicans and Mo Bamba in Philly who was filling in admirably for Joel Embiid looking out of this week

I ended up taking the week from Magic Claws, so we both improved. We are both now 6 and 6. The Puzzini Dynasty actually falls to 5 and 7 after losing to Team Mitchman. So Mitchman improves to 8 and 4. Discount Press D again loses and falls to 2 and 10 against Team Poppin with Tebow. And then to Infinity when beyond.

falls to 8 and 4 as all balls no bite improved to 7 and 5. The grannies narrowly lost to Pavel and Popovich as Pavel and Popovich improved to 7 and 5. And then Thug Life falls to that blue guy, 358 to 337. And both are now 6 and 6. So as it stands right now,

Jey (02:10.546)

Our top six, Poppin with Tebow is at number one at 11 and one. Mitchman95 is at eight and four. To infinity when beyond is eight and four as well. And third, Pavola and Popovich are seven and five. All Balls No Bite is also seven and five. Fox, The Furians, Magic Claws, Stug Life, and that blue guy are all six and six. So six through nine are all six and six. And then the Puzzini Dynasty is five and seven. Discount Presti is two and ten and the Grannies are oh and twelve. So we're really starting to see things shape out and move around.

as we go through this league season. Let me see, I don't think we had any big trades this week. We saw the Grizzlies are probably the hottest commodity pick up in your dynasty league with all their overabundance of injuries. So it's been kind of crazy with all that, with Memphis losing John Marant now.

and they just keep losing guys left and right. Gigi Jackson's balling out, Vince Williams balling out. So the Grizz are definitely looking really, really good pickups, cause these guys are gonna get starter minutes and they're gonna get a lot of run and they're young and extremely talented. So the future is very bright with good health. Bane's hurt now, everyone's hurt. All their main starters are hurt. Smart, Bane, Morant, Adams, they're all hurt. So if their Grizzlies are out there and available, if you need some starters, they're

There are some starters that are gonna be available out there for you. Let's jump in and I'm not gonna do a super long episode. I really just wanna talk about the rumors and stuff because there's so many. So it's been kind of a crazy couple weeks. Of course we're about two and a half weeks out from the trade deadline in the NBA. So of course things are getting crazy. As of today we are at...

Tuesday, January 16th, we are at game 39 being played across the NBA for most teams. So we're really close to the NBA halfway mark, which is really cool to see and teams are really trying to decide what direction they're going to go. So this week, let's start here. It was kind of a crazy week for the Warriors as the last couple weeks have been crazy. Kaminga and Moody both come out. We don't trust Kerr. We're never going to develop here.

Jey (04:33.982)

get us out pretty much what they're saying. Dreymon comes back as well into the mix, then they start losing again. They've been losing, they've been up and down. Clay is looking more and more like a locker room cancer, just being really negative, not saying great things. And I would 100% assume it's all related to him not getting the extension that he wanted prior to the season and getting that commitment from the team. So first off in the week, they ended up

Clay and Dre and then they kind of retract that backtrack that quite a bit by saying well actually everybody but Steph is available because our season's pretty much lost we are no good and we need to blow this thing up and then they started saying we want an offensive

Jey (05:32.754)

another seven footer who plays big but also can ball next to Steph and run a solid pick and roll kind of option. Um So the Warriors are just an absolute mess. I do not know what to say. Um In this situation with them because I mean they could get Siakam. There's there's no shortage of options out there Who could be available to go and get and help this team right now to get them back in?

Again, my question still stands to everybody. Who gets traded first? Trey Mon Green, Andrew Wiggins, Jonathan Kaminka, or Moses Moody, or Klay Thompson? I mean, other warriors, those five, who's going to get moved first? I don't think TJD is going to go anywhere. I don't think Podzemski is going anywhere. So I don't think any of their young guys who are on like first year in their rookie deals are going to go anywhere. Those are going to keep those guys. Gary Payton is going to be hard to trade with injuries.

So I really don't think a lot of the guys are really gonna go anywhere, so... But that's kinda my take on it. The Warriors need to get aggressive and make some trades, make... Get some picks, reload the system, let Steph ride out his glory days in Golden State. He might not win a lot, but he already has multiple rings, and if he really wanted to, he... May just will a team into the playoffs and through the playoffs. He could do that.

Or we could be looking at a situation if the Warriors are to blow it up between this trade deadline and the offseason and keep Steph around with a bunch of young talent. Steph could force his way out to a team of his choosing or you know he's incredibly loyal. He could stay so there's a lot of scenarios that could play out over this. So definitely be paying attention to the Warriors as they have a lot of pieces but not a lot of people are buying in on Wiggins or Draymond.

Kaminga's look great. They've been moving him back and forth between the starting lineup and the bench He's been awesome leading the second unit Moody's been hurt. So that's kind of hurt his value a little bit Overall, I really hope that they able to move some of these contracts and players around for just better Contracts better players younger fresher With more upside as well

Jey (07:46.858)

Like I was saying about the Grizzlies, John Marant's undergoing season ending surgery for a labrum tear in the shoulder, Desmond Baines hurt, those guys are just... the Grizzlies are cooked this year, just go and get your Grizzlies because they're gonna be a lot of fun to watch and those guys are gonna have a lot of fun playing.

Jey (08:06.846)

The Spurs are, well, maybe not just the Spurs. Dejante Murray is getting a ton of interest from Atlanta. He plays for Atlanta currently. They've tried the double point guard experiment. It has failed massively to the point where Atlanta's like, we will trade pretty much anyone but Trey and Jalen Johnson. So those are kind of their new found course. So Dejante Murray.

Deandre Hunter, Clint Capella, a lot of these guys I've been talking about for a few weeks now that have been in the rumors pretty heavily Are the are the guys in the eyes that we're gonna want to keep a pretty solid look on as we progress into The trade deadline so definitely keep your eyes peeled on that Dejante Murray is a big name that could be moved

Hal Burton got hurt, but it's not serious. I thought this was a really cool one for the heat.

Jey (09:10.462)

And the reason I thought it was a cool one for the Heat is because I... the connotation behind it. If you didn't know that Eric Spolcher recently got divorced and it was finalized, everything was split, every assets were all aligned. And then the Heat take care of their boy and signed him to an eight year, $120 million contract, which is the largest ever for a coach in the NBA. Excuse me.

It's the largest ever for a coach in the NBA and I just thought it was absolutely hilarious. If that's true, I have not vetted it or looked deeply into it at this time, but that's kind of where we're at.

Another fun piece of news here before we really jump back into like the rumors and the players and the teams and everything Is that Netflix is creating a new NBA documentary series modeled after its NFL quarterback show The five players that are gonna be featured are LeBron James Jason Tatum Jimmy Butler Anthony Edwards and Damanus Sabonis. So I think that's super cool, you know of course with Sabonis you have

Legacy ties with aunt you have the Michael Jordan conspiracy with LeBron you have arguably top three greatest all-time Tatum one of the biggest and brightest stars in the NBA and Jimmy Butler obviously the best personality Just in the NBA as a whole So we love that we love it so much Tonight

Joel Embiid returned. He was on the verge of being he's about six or seven games away for the rest of the season That he can miss so he doesn't lose out on MVP voting. That would be a huge shock to the MVP voting If he is to miss all those games and not be eligible for the vote So that's a new rule if you missed it this offseason that the NBA instilled that if

Jey (11:11.442)

A player misses a certain amount of games, they're not going to qualify for the season award. Six-man, rookie of the year, MVP, all these things. They have to meet the criteria and the games played. Hence why they put in so many new things on talk and rest and everything. Let's talk about Toronto for a second because why not? Because everyone in the NBA is talking about Toronto and Pascal Siakam. And I'm over it. I'm so beyond over it.

Pascal Siakam, they had an offer from the Kings that sounded like about a week ago around Harrison Barnes, Kevin Herder, Deidion Mitchell and a first round pick for Siakam. I thought that was really cool. And then it continues as we go on to he doesn't want to play for the Kings so he doesn't see that as a long term fit.

And then he go, then we're starting to see now today that there's some, um, rumors and connections to, um, the Pacers and wanting to go there and Buddy healed and I want to say Bruce Brown and some picks are involved in that. So that deal sounds like it's really close to materializing. Um, I think that would be a great spot. I think Hallie would do great having another.

A real pick and roll option and another option next to Miles Turner there on the wing and at the forward position. I think would do that team really, really well just to load up a little bit more talent around Halley.

Jey (12:52.81)

Again, if you didn't know, the Grizzlies also lost. Marcus Smart 2 a long-term injury, Desmond Bain 2 long-term injuries. Bain and Smart are out, both out like six weeks.

Jey (13:07.85)

The Clippers were working on some extensions this last week. Stay kind of staying in the West here. The Clippers signed Kwai Leonard to a long-term extension. It was a three-year, $152.4 million contract extension. So he's gonna avoid free agency this off season and it's also fully guaranteed, which I think is a mistake, but Money Talks and Basketball, they just got that new arena. If you haven't seen it yet, go ahead and I would head over.

Just to bleach a report, click on the NBA tab and you'll be able to see some of the videos that they're releasing about the Kings new arena. I thought it was super dope. James Harden is saying that he wants to stay with the Clippers long term. They're wanting to extend Paul George long term and really keep their big three together through the twilight of their careers over the next three to five years. So I think it'll all work out for them. The money's right there. They have it all.

I don't see it not happening. If you didn't start Grayson Allen tonight, I'm really sorry. But also talking about the Suns, Kevin Durant did actually come out and say that he's denying the report that he wants to trade. He doesn't want to be trading. He's denying the rumors about the frustration, about the narrative, pushing back against it, saying, I'm good here. I've got no problems. We good. I'm happy here.

He likes the core. He likes the team overall. It's things are good. He doesn't want to get traded. I'm not I'm not frustrated because Brad was injured. I wasn't frustrated because of the role players on the team that shit really was ignorant to me. You know what I'm saying? It's like yeah, we lose a game. You think I'm supposed to be happy after we lose a game. You know what I'm saying? I'm not frustrated with the whole situation. I may be frustrated at the moment at a bad player tough stretch, but not enjoy the grind.

The Suns are right now, I believe, I wanna say they're in line for a playin' spot. They beat the Kings tonight to improve to 22 and 18. Which, yeah, they're in full grasp of the eight seed right now. Only a game and a half out of the five six seeds with Dallas and the Pelicans, and they're only one game behind the Kings as well in that mix.

Jey (15:33.758)

So kind of watch out for the suns as they get healthy and stay healthy. They've also kind of been the subject of some roasting. Nurtich is apparently wanting to sue Draymond for what happened. Shaq's roasting him, calling him soft, like, come on, it's not what big men do. We're tougher. We're better than that. Kind of getting after him quite a bit on that. I thought that was.

interesting. I don't think he should sue. That's my take. Like it happened. He already suspended. He got in trouble. Let it rest. Move on. Like you're athletes. Things happen. Like move on. Don't be soft. Come on. Let's go. No way am I defending Draymond Green, but also at the same time, it's not good for the game. It's not good for big men. It's not good for the legacy of big man. It makes Nurkic look like a really bad target.

paints him in a negative light and also just paint Straymon even worse light to try to get him like out of the league or suspended because of the charges so it looks it's just it's just rough it's ugly. The NBA is preparing this offseason to move to a two day draft. The first round would be on June 26. The second round would be on June 27. So you would want to line up your rookie drafts to be.

Probably June 28th 29th. Once the excitement is all built contracts are signed Picks are swapped. I get really excited for Ricky drafts As most do because it really does helps carry you through into the next season We already talked about the Warriors De'Jonte Murray has a crazy market the Lakers the Spurs All sorts of people all sorts of teams the Mello balls back Just wanted to touch on that the Mavericks are really eyeing Pascal Siakam as well

they see him as a missing piece. I thought that was super interesting. The Pistons and the Warriors actually didn't make a trade and this one was kind of sad actually because Marvin Bagley and Azai Layers, they were actually at practice when they got traded to the Wizards for Danilo Gallinari and Mike Muscala. Now I don't know if Muscala and Gallinari are actually going to...

Jey (17:51.586)

day on the team or if they're going to be bought out. They could be buyout candidates much like Gordon Hayward if he is traded. So that's a little bit about that as I stand at this very moment.

Jey (18:11.37)

And yeah, that's kind of the week 12 news. Let me just go through real quick because I feel like there should be other stuff I'm missing from the last week.

Jey (18:27.73)

Like I said, Hardin and Paul George want to stay. The Pacers are really close to a Siakam trade. They're active. The deal includes three firsts. The Dubs, so the Warriors, the Mavericks, also have had interest in Siakam. Siakam is kind of the big target this trade deadline. Everyone thought it was going to be Levine. I haven't heard a dang thing about Zach Levine staying or being traded.

The Jazz have really emerged. They're hushing a lot of the rumors about Collins and Markitin. They are hot. They are one of the hottest teams in the NBA. They're currently ninth in the west. They're nine and one over their last ten. So the best record over their last ten in the west ahead of the Clippers who are eight and two and also playing some phenomenal basketball. The Suns and the Pelicans are seven and three.

So that kind of gives you perspective. So they are super hot. They are playing incredibly well. They're 22 and 20 So they are just playing great team ball So the Collins rumors the rumors of Clarkson and marketing and Collins all being up for sale. They're definitely hush Let's look into some of the latest trade buzz here, that's kind of our focus that that's been the last few weeks because it's trade season

Once the trade deadline passes, we'll definitely talk about all-stars as the all-star ballots get Revealed and a little bit more so we talked about siakam de jante Murray Could be traded before his extension kicks in

Jey (20:08.778)

Let's see.

Jey (20:16.746)

Yeah, so they could be he could be traded before his extension kicks in Um the nets the nicks the spurs the lakers Um are all in on murray. He's kind of the second biggest chip right now Zach lavene there really hasn't been a lot of a lot of noise for him for de rosen or for caruso Um the pacers again, they're looking for a bigger wing

how Kuzma, Pascal, Siakam are kind of being linked. The kind of the asking price for Kuzma right now is they're wanting two to three first round picks plus a couple players. Will not be surprised. The Thunder, I'm really hoping that the Thunder get someone. I would love for them to get Laurie Markin in. I think that would be a phenomenal move. Isaiah Stewart, obviously, you know, he already got traded. I really liked that. Bagley.

Just got, oh no, Isaiah Stewart, I think would be a great fit for this team. Another big or big to let Chet run at the four, Jalen Williams at the three, Giddy at the one, two with SGA, I think would be a really good combo.

Jey (21:36.946)

you know, an investment like Siakam now would mean not paying someone else later. So it would definitely have a lot of connotations, but I think Isaiah Stewart would be the perfect fit here. Um, I think he'd be really good and they could definitely use one and it would definitely make sense if they trade like an Osme, uh, gang or a trade man.

The Wizards could be a seller. I wouldn't expect them not to be. Tyus Jones, Dell on right, both on expiring deals. Right, I think, or Tyus Jones, I would love to see him on the spurs with Wemby. Just really help him out there. Gafford has two more seasons at 14 million a year. They're getting kind of greedy with that and the value. McDermott.

or the Spurs could also look to trading like CD Osman, Doug McDermott, Devontae Graham could also be moved. The Spurs need a point guard to go with everyone. The Blazers, they have way too much, they believe that the Blazers have too much payroll committed next year for rebuilding team.

which could lead to a Malcolm Brogdon or Grant Tray. So again, those guys have been expected all season. Jeremy Grant, Malcolm Brogdon could be on the move. Other names, you know, Detroit could move veterans like Bojan Bogdanovich, they said they won't, Joe Harris, Alec Berks, and the Hornets are expected to make just about anyone except for like Lamello, Brandon Miller, and Mark Williams available, which leads to kind of thinking that the rest of the NBA is buying.

The Suns are buying, the Wizards are selling, the Timberwolves could look to bring back Jones to Minnesota as a backup, the Sixers need some, a playmaking guard. Malcolm Brogdon or someone, the Rockets could be looking for a backup big. They could target Nick Richards of the Hornets, Gafford of the Wizards, New Orleans, Pelicans. They're gonna try to take a team, convince a team.

Jey (23:50.67)

to take on Kira Lu a junior salary. They could also look to move someone like Larry Nance Jr. in draft compensation. Also try to go get Nick Richards or Gafford and hopefully get Zion healthy. Also there's a lot going on, if you pay attention to like social media and eggs, Zion has a whole conspiracy going on right now while we're talking about the Pelicans, that he got an adult star pregnant, it's a whole thing. There's a lot of-

Circulating details, but I figured I just bring that up because why not I can the Clippers could use like a PJ Tucker or Could use a another power forward or someone to allow for Hardin George and Kawai to play the one two and three while Dias runs the five PJ Tucker and Bowens Highland would be their bait the Celtics of course they've been looking to fill out their bench a little bit more with some more established role players

The Bucks of course, the Nuggets also looking for some established role players. Brooklyn's kind of in between. Could they be looking to sell a guy like Nick Claxton? He could be hoping for a sign in trade. He's not eligible for an extension. And of course the Kings and the Mavericks are also expected to be buyers versus sellers and hope to boost their wing options. So

The teams I'm really looking at that need to make a move are some of these fringe teams who need to really be able to set themselves apart. In the East, it's painstakingly obvious. The Celtics, the Bucks, the Sixers, those are the cream of the crop, the creme de la creme.

The Cavs, the Heat, the Pacers, and the Knicks. The Knicks just did a trade for OG on Anubi. They should definitely get back up into that top six out of the playing spot. The Cavs have been playing good basketball. They're not really looking to trade anybody right now. So those four teams in the East, I think definitely need to look toward the West because I don't think anyone in the East is going to want to trade within the East, keep it in house.

Jey (26:04.702)

outside of maybe the Pistons, the Wizards and the Hornets and the Raptors of course and the Hawks. I don't see any of those teams making like significant moves. The Hornets are 1 and 9 in their last 10. The Pistons and the Wizards are 2 and 8. The Raptors are 3 and 7. The Nets are 2 and 8 in their last 10. The Hawks are 4 and 6 in their last 10. The Magic are 4 and 6. The Bulls are 5 and 5. So all these teams, the Magic, the Bulls and the Nets and the Hawks.

and the Raptors. It's hard not to group those group of teams together because they should all kind of be competing for the 8, 9, 10 spot. Those five teams for three playoff spots. I really think the top seven in the East is the top seven. You're going to flip four through seven a lot. I think it's going to be Celtics, Bucks, Sixers in some order at the top without a doubt. The Cavsie Heat, the Pacers, Knicks are going to be your next group fighting for four through seven and then 8, 9, 10 comes down to the Magic Bulls, Nets, Hawks, Raptors.

Net Talks, possibly the Raptors as well. So don't count them out even though they're trading some key pieces. Um, so definitely look for those teams to maybe make some auxiliary moves or to be buyers or maybe to sell some pieces and just tank a little bit and. You know, just get some, get some losses and try to develop their young talent. Kind of looking over in the West, the Timberwolves, the Thunder, the Nuggets, the Clippers.

I would say those are probably the top four barring injury. I see those guys, those four teams as like the top four teams in the West. The Mavericks, the Pelicans, the Kings, the Suns. I really just see the Kings and the Mavericks here as five and six. I don't think the Pelicans are, don't have enough right now without another move to stay at that top six within that right around that six. I think the Kings are just a much better team.

They're five and five with their last 10, so they've hit a little bit of a rough patch. But I definitely expect the Kings to get back up into the four, five, six. So those four teams, I definitely think will add pieces. I think the Wolves, the Thunder, and the Nuggets are very much set on where they're at. Why break something? Why fix it if it ain't broken? They're all six and four with their last 10. Plays some solid basketball. This is where things get really interesting. Kind of looking at it here.

Jey (28:27.402)

The Suns, the Jazz, and the Lakers are all very good teams. The Suns have their big three, the Jazz are super hot, the Lakers help LeBron. I don't see any teams below them taking them over. The Rockets have a really good team, they're very well coached, they have a very good roster. I just don't see them getting enough or making a move to really compete enough.

The Warriors, if they're selling and they actually do stick to the plan and sell and go with their young talent and develop, there's no way. The Grizz, their Toast, the Blazers and the Spurs, they're already eliminated in my head. I don't see them coming back whatsoever. So it really, the top 10 in each conference, I would say looking at halfway through the season is kind of where you're looking. So you're really going to want to pay attention for Dynasty Team.

What are these top 10 teams in each league doing, in each conference doing? The Celtics, the Bucks, the Sixers, the Cavs, the Heat, the Pacers, the Knicks, the Magic, the Bulls, and the Nets. Who are they adding? What is their role? Are they getting a star from one team and moving him into a lesser role? Or are they adding someone to make them into that star that they need to compliment their other pieces? So definitely pay