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DDU: Week 13/14/15- Recap, Team USA, All-Stars, Rising Stars, Trade Rumors & More- TRANSCRIPT


In this episode of Dynasty Down Under, the host recaps weeks 13 and 14 of the NBA season in their fantasy basketball league. They discuss trade rumors, coaching changes, and the All-Star game. The host also shares their predictions for the Team USA roster for the upcoming Summer Olympics. They provide updates on the standings in their league and discuss potential trades and trade deadline speculation. The episode concludes with a summary of the latest trade rumors in the NBA.


The trade deadline is approaching, and there are many trade rumors and speculations in the NBA.

The All-Star game starters and reserves have been announced, and there are some notable snubs and surprises.

Injuries have been a major factor in the NBA season, affecting the performance of teams and players.

The host shares their predictions for the Team USA roster for the Summer Olympics.


00:00 Introduction and Purpose of the Podcast

01:08 Recap of Week 13

03:03 Trade Deadline and Coaching Changes

05:14 Team USA Roster Predictions

06:12 Personal Trade in the Dynasty League

07:16 All-Star Game and All-Star Starters

09:15 Recap of Week 14

11:34 Injuries and Mid-Season Crunch

12:33 Rising Stars Lineup and G-League Players

13:35 LeBron James Trade Rumors

14:29 All-Star Reserves Announcement

15:20 LeBron James Trade Speculation

17:46 Trade Rumors and Deadline Approaching

19:01 Current Standings and Trade Deadline

21:30 Close Matchups and Trade Rumors

23:23 Trade Rumors and Speculation

26:49 MVP Award Rule Changes

29:20 Team Trade Possibilities

31:23 Potential Trades for Various Teams

34:46 Possible Trades for Different Teams

37:22 Trade Rumors and Potential Moves

38:10 Latest Trade Rumors and Speculation

Jey (00:00.584)

Welcome in. It's been a little bit since we got to jump on here and talk some Dynasty Down Under. Welcome into Dynasty Down Under, your favorite.

I guess 12 team dynasty, NBA team podcast show. This is more just for the league to keep us updated, to have a record, to kind of see what went on through the season and be able to listen back and just to add a fun element to the show. This isn't for clicks. This isn't for views. It's just us 12 bandits who are fantasy junkies, NBA junkies, and the best of both worlds all in one league, having just a ton of fun competing and just going back and forth like we are. So.

With that, welcome in. We're gonna be recapping the week, weeks 12, no, 13, 14, and 15. So three weeks, it's been a little bit since I posted, so bear with me. We gotta go all the way back to week 13, or week 12. So we're gonna start on week 13, and...

Let's see, the weekly report for week 13. Trade deadline, I posted our trade deadlines coming up in week 16. Start talking about it, start thinking about it, start getting engaged in that. Going back to week 13, I'm gonna try to find it here on my phone since the Sleeper app on the, or Sleeper website isn't as user friendly, which is totally okay, is this one lined up? Yes. So week 13, we saw Luca.

Booker, Ingram, Janneson, and Bede all have ginormous games. And during that week, I had lost to Poppin' with Tebow 320 -409. The Puzzini dynasty lost to that blue guy 348 -375. Discount Pressity, of course, lost to Magic Claws 210 -401. And Mitchman95 had beaten Thug Life for 3750 -35350.

Jey (02:06.968)

to infinity when beyond had won 388 to 322 against the grannies who are now 0 and 13 trust the process and then all balls no bite barely lost to Pavel and Popovich they were the most points scored in a loss so super exciting super fun good times in that week after this week we were looking at popping with Tebow at number one at Mitchman 95 at 2 at 9 and 4 when beyond 9 and 4 Pavel and Popovich a5

All Balls No Bite 7 -6 at the Fist Seed, Magic Claws 7 -6 at the 6th, That Blue Guy 7 -6 at 7, Fox Inf variance myself at 8, Thug Life also at 9 with 6 and 7, The Puzini Dynasty 5 and 8, Discount Presti 2 and 11, and then the Grannies 0 and 13. So that's how that week went. We saw some huge games. You know, that week we saw the 104.

And B we saw something crazy. We saw the Terry Rozier trade. I didn't get to talk about the Terry Rozier trade I like it. I thought it was a good trade Good trade for Rozier to get out of Charlotte He picked up Lowry and the first I wouldn't be surprised if Lowry ends up getting bought out or flipped Just would make a lot of sense for Charlotte. They're not climbing up. LaMelo keeps getting hurt

on and off so that's been frustrating for me as the elemental dynasty odor as I'm sure it has for you and that's super fun. Then we saw AJ Griffin get fired which was kind of crazy the Bucks fired their head coach who was 30 and 13. I guess he had reportedly lost the locker room. So then they hired Doc. Since then...

Let's see, this is actually kind of a fun little stat. Let's see how they've been since then. So they were 30 and 13. Now they have improved to...

Jey (04:07.32)

Hold that thought.

Jey (04:11.992)

They are now.

The bucks are now 32 and 16, so they're two and six since getting rid of AJ Griffin and hiring Doc Rivers to that crazy lucrative contract.

From there there was reports that Tristan Thompson was suspended for 25 games for violating the league's anti -drug policy. Adrian Griffin was fired. They hired Doc Rivers.

Jey (04:46.52)

We saw the oh this was something super fun that I picked. There are 41 finalists for Team USA some 2024 Summer Olympics roster. You have guys on here. I'm not going to go through all of these but you have Bam, Bankero, Scotty Barnes, Booker, Curry, Brown, Davis, Durant, Ant, Mb, Fox, Tyler Hero,

Braun, JJJ, Dane, Kawhi, Duncan Robinson, Tate, I'm Trey Young, Mizer just bouncing Harden, Halle, Gordon, you know, just Star, PG, all those guys are all up on here. But you only can pick 12. There's only 12 guys I can go, of course, with a caveat to that. So my 12, and I think it's pretty obvious. Let me know if you agree with my 12 or not. Curry, Braun.

Durant, you gotta get those three. This will probably be their last Olympics. You gotta give those guys their respect. Give them their due, give them their time. Let them go and do it. Tatum, Jason Tatum, Anthony Edwards, Joellen Bede, Tyrese Halliburton, Paul George, Tyree Irving, Anthony Davis, Kwai Leonard, and Jaren Jackson Jr. I feel is best 12 to go and represent the U .S. in the Summer Olympics.

Jey (06:12.832)

You know, we got Jaylin Williams from The Thunder, he got snubbed.

Jey (06:21.56)

And then, oh we had a trade in our dynasty league. I actually acquired Steph Curry and I traded Jonathan Kaminga, who's been on a heater lately, to Jamie Jacquez, who was injured at the time and then has struggled since the injury. So I'm not too mad about it. Steph can give me 50, 60 points a night, where those two maybe gave me 60, so.

Definitely a big position advantage there, especially with LaMelo Hurt. It's definitely helped. The All -Star jerseys were released. I thought they were absolute fire. They look great. They're simple. They're nice. I really like the East more than the West mostly because I just don't like red. But I'm a big fan of the All -Star jerseys this year. The Dog Rivers contract is going to run through 2026.

2027 and is worth approximately 40 million. So it's a pretty pretty big deal. But now the Bucs are paying three different head coaches They're paying wooden holzer. They're paying Griffin and now they're paying Doc. So I'll see what happens Ben Simmons came back and then Played 20 minutes and then was injured again. So, you know if you're keeping up with the Ben Simmons Chronicles I'm sure we all are because why not give Ben Simmons some airtime?

Jey (07:46.934)

A starter for the West, I thought this was great. I love the starters for the West in the All -Star game. Bron, Durant, Jokic, Doncic, Shy. I think that's the perfect five. I honestly do. It makes so much sense that these are the five starters. They've all had great seasons. Durant's been great. LeBron's been great. Jokic is great. Doncic is great. Shy is great. Those are the most obvious top five All -Star starters. Voted on by the fans and the players. Makes total sense.

In the East, again, makes total sense. Yannis, Tatum, Embiid, Halle, Lillard. And I don't know if Embiid's actually gonna get to play. He may get replaced in this due to injury because he does have a torn meniscus right now. If you're a Joel Embiid owner, you probably know if you're a basketball fan, you know that he's hurt right now, but that's a solid five. I don't know if I agree with Dame. I think Tyrese Maxey or...

Anyone else? I really don't think Dame should be a starter. She'd be an all -star, but I think there's definitely better options Tyrese Maxey Being one of the main candidates who was snubbed overall Let's see. We had some crazy games that week Julius Randall's hurt with a dislocated shoulder that came out about a week ago Adam Silver agreed to a contract to remain the commissioner through 2029

That's great for the league. That's fantastic for the league. We want that. We love that. Last week's weekly report. Now we're into week 14 here. Right? 12, 13, yeah 14. Week 14, you know, Luka, Booker, Tatum, Yannis, and Bede. And Bede had a 104 point fantasy game, which was insane.

Jey (09:42.072)

Let's see... I ended up beating Discount Pressdy this week 386 .50 to 187. The Puzzini Dynasty beat Thug Life. So I'm at 7 -7 now. Discount Pressdy is 2 -10. The Puzzini Dynasty beats Thug Life to improve to 6 -8 and Thug Life falls to 6 -8. Team Poppin with Tebow ended up winning 3 - or losing 390 to 423 versus Magic Claws. Topping Tebow falls to 12 -2. Magic Claws improves to 8 -6. Team Mitchman 95.

suffered a loss to that blue guy 413 to 451 highest scoring and a loss so he falls to nine and five that blue guy approves to eight and six to infinity when beyond improved to 10 and four winning 461 to 409 against Pavel and Popic who falls to eight and six and the grannies fall to eight and 14 against all balls no bite 207 to 345 so overall pretty good week so the standings as they are right now.

Team Poppin with T -Bows in first, 12 and 2, 2 infinity when beyond, 10 and 4, Mitch Man 95, 9 and 5, Pavola and Popovich, 8 and 6 at 4th, Magic Claws 8 and 6, All Balls No Bite at 8 and 6, Blue Guy at 8 and 6, Myself at 7 to 7 in 8th place, The Puzzini Dynasty at 6 and 8, Doug Life 6 and 8, Discount Presti 2 and 12, and The Grannies at 0 and 14.

Let's see, we just had a bunch of free agency news, lots of deadline things coming up that we're talking about in the league. The injury bug is crazy. I had 11 guys on my roster that were either day to day game time decisions or out. It's just that January crunch. We're right around mid season. We are playing, most teams are playing game 49, 50.

Over the next couple days. So kind of where we are in the season Next year's cap. It's gonna be 141 million. It's gonna be up 5 million from this season and the rising stars lineup Was announced I thought I just think this is fun the sophomores Ben Carrow Daniels Duran Ivy Kessler Benedict Mathurian Keegan Murray Shaden Sharpe to bar Smith jr. Jaylen Williams all of them absolute studs and baller

Jey (12:03.848)

Jalen Williams taking a huge step forward the rookies Blyock Colabali Keontae George Jordan Hawkins Scoot Chet Yakes Lively Miller Podziemski Kacen Wallace Wim Benyana So that's pretty great three. Okc players are on this which is crazy couple Pelicans players couple Portland players couple Detroit players a couple indie players Indianapolis players That's super cool and then the G League guys

We have coming up, Isan Almanza, Matas Bezoulis, expected to be a top pick in the draft. Ron Holland, expected to be a top pick in the draft. Max McClung, we all know Max McClung. He's defending his title in the dunk contest. Tyler Smith, Oscar Tashwibe, Tashwibe, I don't know. Aldonis Williams. So just a lot of really solid players. Oscar Tashwibe is actually on a two -way contract right now with the Indiana Mad Ants.

So yeah, pretty exciting stuff overall. So that's the All -Star game right now. LeBron James has been kind of the center of attention right now in the NBA. There was a report a couple of days ago, I don't if you missed it. Teams are basically saying that LeBron's available. He's the top of the Lakers list. He wants outlaid GM, as you can say.

is trying to trade himself. So he just wants teammates to go out and do his job. There is a clip of him getting a chase down block. Austin Reeves just not paying attention, lacks a day's a goal. He gets the block. The other team has a trailer coming down the court, picks it up, scores the layup, Lebron's pissed. Austin Reeves right there.

The Rockets are open to trading some of their draft picks to acquire in the James Harden deal to acquire Michael Bridges. That would be a great landing spot. The NBA draft is going to be spread out over two days in June. So your rookie drafts will have to wait an extra day come June for whatever that's going to look like. But yeah, they're going to do a two day draft around one on one day, around two on the next day. Ben Simmons again, he played 20 minutes and then he was out. Ran a bunch of little moves and beat suffered a torn meniscus. That's pretty major news.

Jey (14:29.24)

And then the reserves were announced for the.

Jey (14:35.608)

for the full All -Star teams were announced. We had LeBron, Narant, Jokic, Donshit, Shai, Steph, Ant, Kawhi, Townes, Anthony Davis, Devin Booker, and Paul George. That's who we got in the West. Who did they miss?

Jey (14:57.592)

Someone and then Janice and bead Tatum Lillard Halliburton Brunson Maxie Mitchell BAM Bancaro Randall and Brown out there in the East representing the Eastern Conference in the All -Star Game. So.

Jey (15:20.056)

Again, yeah, the LeBron thing two days ago, the rumor was LeBron is reportedly at the top of the Lakers trade list. Rob Palinka is looking for the right team to dance with and could be close to a suitor per David Pingelor. And that was like, which team should trade for LeBron? No team. No team should trade for LeBron except if you're the Miami Heat. Go and get your man back. Go and bring him home or the Cleveland Cavaliers. You will run the East if you bring in LeBron for that squad right now. Only a homecoming.

No new team needs to be on his career right now. Because he's not doing it with Lakers. Lakers are currently in ninth seed. They're staying right in the mix for the play -in. They're 25 and 25. They are the most 500 -looking team you've ever seen if you watch them play. You know, they're only two, three games ahead of the Jazz. They're a game ahead of the Jazz, a game ahead of the Rockets, two games ahead of the Warriors, a game and a half ahead of the Warriors, my bad. They're only...

And then pretty much you have the Grizzlies, the Trailblazers, and the Spurs who are all well below that. There are two games behind the Mavericks, three and a half behind the Pelicans and the Suns, four behind the Kings, so they're not in a terrible spot. The West is very close, very competitive. You know, the Thunder, the Wolves are tied at first, Clippers are there, a game out. Nuggets are half a game out, so that top four is pretty locked in between those four, assuming no injuries.

Jey (16:48.356)

Only the Pistons and the Wizards aren't double -digit teams. They obviously won't trade for LeBron. LeBron won't go there. He'll say pay me out. Get me out of here. I'm gonna go sign wherever I want for a league minimum go win a chip and Yeah, so it's Kind of worries that you know the Heat 26 and 23 They are 11 games out from first, but they are only a game from behind the half a game behind the Pacers right now as of today

They're five games behind the Sixers, six games, five and a half behind the Cavs. Cavs are only five and a half games at first. And then Knicks are five games out of first. The Bucs are four and a half. So there's some teams that could probably benefit from LeBron, but I doubt they actually trade him. His agent came out and said, we're not looking for a trade. We don't want a trade. We don't want that. But this is a business. They don't always get to choose what happens next.


Steven Adams is traded to the Rockets. As we know, Steven Adams is on the IR, torn ACL he's recovering from. They got Victor Oladipo. The Grizz got Depot and three second round picks. Something crazy. That's a great pickup for the Rockets. I think that'll definitely help Baby Joker there and provide some much needed mentorship for that Rockets team.

Um, we'll have to see him back in OKC. I think that would be a great landing spot for him too. Um, that's kind of what the big news is. Let's jump over and see if we can find some trade rumors going on. Uh, cause I love trade rumors. Cause we are literally a week out from the deadline, uh, in the NBA for the trade deadline. So it's going to be, I haven't checked it. It's been a few weeks since we've been here. Um, currently we're at right now.

Jey (18:45.4)

I forget we're in week 15 and right week 15.

Jey (19:01.558)

I can't believe I can't do that right now.

We're in week 15 like I said third time. I want to make sure I'm clear on what week I'm trying to say that we're in Currently I am losing against the Puzini dynasty. He's kicking my butt. He's had a bunch of 50 -point games. I've had a bunch of injuries Discount Presti looks like he's gonna lose to Pavola and Popich So I'm likely gonna fall to seven eight. He's gonna Puzini dynasty is gonna improve to seven and eight

Discount Pressley is going to fall to 2 and 13 while Pavel Lompovich will improve to 9 and 6. Team Popovic with Tebow will likely improve to 13 and 3 after beating the Grannies who will fall to 0 and 15. Team Mitchman 95 will likely be suffering a loss falling to 9 and 6 while Magic Claws will improve to 9 and 6 after winning. And then this one's kind of too close to call right now. They both have about the same amount of guys left.

2 infinity win beyond could improve to 11 and 4 with a win over that blue guy who could improve to 9 and 6. Current score 234, 54 infinity win beyond to that blue guy at 293. And 2 infinity win beyond has 4 guys left to play while that blue guy has 3 guys left to play. Sleeper is giving that blue guy a 3 and 81 % chance but this one could swing very easily in either direction.

Depending on how the rest of the day the weekend plays out So that's an exciting one to keep my eyes on and then another close one here Oh, maybe not all balls. No bite likely will take the win over thug life. He has three guys left Thug life has one current score is 296 to 328 Sleepers giving all balls. No bite a 75 % chance to win. He still has four guys left to left to go out there. So We'll see what happens he

Jey (21:01.912)

does need to get RJ Barrett out of his lineup sooner than later. But he still has Yannis. He still has Clay, Yannis to play. So he's probably not too worried. Yannis can literally go off for 100 fantasy points at any given day or time. So that's kind of what we're looking at right now. So again, super close to the standings. A lot of eight and seven, nine and six teams. We're all just competing there.

One week left for the trade deadline. The trade deadline is the end of week 16. So it's the end of next week. So that should be exciting to see if we're able to get some movement going. I really hope so there. Let's look at the rumors going around the NBA right now.

Jey (21:52.088)

loading. The Nets rejected two first round pitch for Dorian Finney -Smith. I don't know why. I would have accepted that for DFS for sure.

Jey (22:04.536)

no doubt.

Jey (22:12.292)

Bulls need another asset to trade Levine. Chicago likely to find suitor for Levine due to contract. I think the Warriors make sense. Trying to unload Wiggins or the Lakers. Trying to unload D -Lo. I guess there's a framework around D -Lo and...

Dejante in Atlanta getting traded, but they're trying to find a third team that's willing to take on D -Lo I'm sure there's a team he's been on he's been playing really well of Aztec late with all these rumors So he's definitely stepping up

Jey (22:50.936)

Let's see.

Jey (23:03.532)

Let's see, there's a... I don't know what any of this really means, because I'm not following it. I haven't followed it for a really long time, or what it means, or what it's supposed to mean, or anything like that. But what I'm seeing is...

Jey (23:23.704)

Guess Leon Rose and Rich Paul and Clutch are burying the hatchets and the Knicks are trying to get close to a Frogden trade? I don't know, it makes no sense. The Rose and Levine, I would not be shocked if they don't trade before the deadline.

The Warriors, I don't think they're gonna make a move if they haven't yet. They don't wanna trade Clay, they don't wanna trade Dre. It doesn't seem like they're adamant on trading Jonathan Kaminga after his recent play and how much he's gone off since those comments. Moses Moody's been hurt, they don't really have anyone, they don't wanna trade CP3 because they don't feel like they're gonna get anyone better. So I really don't see the Warriors doing anything. That wasn't the case a couple weeks ago where I saw them for sure trying to trade after Dre Mon came back and I don't...

I think that's the case right now. They're kind of, they're probably right where they want to be, right on the edge of that play -in tournament. As long as they can get in the play -in, they'll be fine.

Jey (24:31.584)

Rich Paul squashed LeBron rumors like it says he's not going to be treated. They're not asking to be.

Jey (24:42.328)

Carl Anthony Towne, Donald Mitchell are off limits at the trade deadline.

Jey (24:50.872)

So they probably won't be moved. They could be moved this off season. Kyle Kuzma, they have a big asking price, the Wizards do, but I wouldn't be surprised. I think that'd be a great trade for them. Jalen Green, another guy who I would not be shocked if he gets traded.

Jey (25:18.52)

Yeah, they could be...

Again, Dejante, we're kind of just waiting for Dejante Murray at this point. It should happen anytime now. I wouldn't be shocked if the Bulls do end up moving Alex Caruso. He's had a strong season. Grizzlies aren't going to trade. Mark is smart. They shut down calls from the Lakers and the Bucks for smart. Lakers are talking Gabe Vincent in a lot of deals.

Jey (25:47.928)

It's really hard to say what the Lakers are going to do. They need to do something. Who knows?

Jey (25:57.176)

Like I said, Stephen Adams got treated.

trying to look here, it's all the same names. It's all the same names.

Jey (26:13.4)

Let's see if this is gonna give me anything.

Jey (26:20.344)

And if you're not paying attention or haven't paid attention, the rule changes this summer with the MVP awards and Rookie of the Year awards is that they have to play in a minimum games. It doesn't look like Joel Embiid with this recent injury will not be eligible for the MVP. So keep your eye on that as that's really going to shake things up in the MVP ladder and give a like Shy, Shy, Jonas Alexander a much stronger chance at getting up there.

Next to yokich don't yet. I think it's his time to win an MVP. He's playing out of his mind. He's played so well Let's see, we know the Hawks are likely to trade Dejante they could also trade away think appellate you Deandre Hunter Deandre Hunter and other asset Bogdanovich as well