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Tasty Talk: Justify the Contract

Updated: Dec 5, 2021

Happy first day of the lockout! Twenty-seven years of labor peace have come to an end for MLB. This means we have a long cold winter ahead of us. Nearly $1.7 billion was committed to free agents during November, smashing the prior record by 4x. Meaning, it's time for us to play "Justify the Contact."

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Now, let's jump into Justify that Contact for the SP that has been signed thus far. We will ignore recency bias as most MLB teams don't but look at a few metrics: Age, career WAR, career ERA/FIP, career W-L%, career 162 game average IP.

-Jose Berrios 7yr/$130mil- Toronto

Big money Berrios, at 27yo and after five years of service, the Jays will get Berrios's best years going forward during the length of the contract. Berrios brings in a career of 10.8WAR, 4.04ERA/3.95FIP, .561%, over 196IP on average during a season. Berrios will be owed about 18.5 a season going forward, and I think the Jay's might be getting a slightly overpriced yet consistent and durable piece of their rotation for the next seven seasons. The upside is there for Berrios after a 9th place Cy Young finish and two all-star appearances already. JUSTIFIED

-Max Scherzer 3yr/$130MIL- NYM

Hi, I'm Steve Cohen, owner of the Mets. I have lots of money, and let me throw $40+mil a year at a 37yo pitcher who is a future Hall of Famer. In 13 seasons, Mad Max, as we have come to know him, is 3x Cy Young winner, 8x All-Star, and one of the best pitchers ever to take the mound. Between Mad Max and Adam Wainwright, it's hard to argue age as a factor in deals. Mad Max owns a career 67.1WAR, 3.16ERA/3.13FIP, .662W% and, on average, gives you 214IP a season. 40+ mil was a bit extreme, and an overpay in my eyes for Mad Max, right around 25-30, would have been justifiable. Cohen threw away some critical payroll to make this signing. NOT JUSTIFIED

-Robbie Ray 5yr/$115mil- Seattle

At just 30yo, the Mariners got Ray for $23mil a year after winning the Cy Young award. Last off-season, we saw Trevor Bauer secure $40+mil after winning the award. In seven seasons, Ray has a career of 15.1WAR, 4.00ERA/4.04FIP, .517W%, and, on average, gives you 184IP. While also giving an all-time career leading 11.2K/9. The Mariners needed an ACE; Ray wants to win obviously and be the face of a franchise. Win-win for both sides. JUSTIFIED.

-Kevin Gausman 5yr/$110mil- Tor

Far too much recency bias went into this signing by the Blue Jays. Despite two solid seasons for Gausman in SF. I think the QO he got after 2020 wasn't justifiable; now, the $20+mil a year doesn't make sense. At 30yo with a career of 16.9WAR, 4.02ERA/3.88FIP, .471W% while averaging 185IP. To me, a shorter-term deal of 3yr and maybe $12-$15mil anavg would have made more sense. I'm sorry, Toronto Fan's, you might get 1-3 years of a good Gausman, but the contract as a whole will likely go down as a bust. NOT JUSTIFIED.

-Eduardo Rodriguez 5yr/$80mil- Detriot

At 27yo, the Tigers got a young age to help lead their even younger, high upside staff. Injuries have slowed E-Rod every season of his six-year career. E-Rod brings a career of 15.4WAR, 4.16ERA/3.83FIP, .621W% while averaging 187IP per 162G. I believe the intangibles are what got E-Rod nearly $16mil a season. The ability to battle through injury, mentor, playoff experience all point to such. With that in mind, JUSTIFIED!

-Marcus Stroman 3yr/$71mil- ChC

The length is the best part of the contract for Cubs as it's a short-term, high upside; get the rest of a guy's prime years with you. At 30 yo and getting nearly $23+mil a season. Stroman's agent got it done. After seven years of service so far, he owns an 18.5WAR, 3.63ERA/3.62FIP, .504W% and will give you 199IP in a typical 162 season. The personality is excellent for the Cubs that lost all their swag when they traded Javy Baez. Do I think the Cubs overpaid for their new ACE? Yes. Does he give the Cubs a great bridge guy, clubhouse guy, and a decently filled stadium every five days? Yes. The business side of this move is more than fantastic; it was fantastic. Therefore, JUSTIFIED.

That's all we got for today. What do you think? Do you agree, disagree? Let me know in the comments!

Take care!

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