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Tasty Talk: Grade the Deal 3/29

WELCOME, Ball Boys and GIRLS! We did it; we made it through the most prolonged work stoppage in MLB History. MLB pushed opening day back, and we will still get 162 day season!

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The Padres and the Yankees completed a trade sending 1B Luke Voit from NY to SD for MiLB Justin Lange.

  • I overall like the deal for SD getting a power-hitting bat that can play DH and a decent 1B, and it helps the Yankees clear up a log-jam at 1B. B- for the Padres and B- for the Yankees.

The Dodgers signed LHP Tyler Anderson to a 1yr deal worth $8MM

  • This deal is excellent for the Dodgers getting quality back of the rotation arm that loves to compete and will do whatever it takes to win. Valuable rotation/swing piece. The signing came on the heels of the news that Bauer will be out through the first couple of weeks of the season. I give the deal a solid B.

The Dodgers sent OF Luke Raley to the Tampa Bay Rays in exchange for a two-way prospect Tanner Dodson.

  • The Dodgers cleared out some depth to bring a good depth piece. I give both sides a C+ here.

The Tigers signed RHP Michael Pineda 1yr a $5.5MM deal.

  • I like the deal bringing in a good vet behind E-Rod and front of the young arms of Mize, Skubal, and Manning. Overall the Tigers have a legit shot at 3rd place in the division if everyone takes to the team. I give the deal a B-.

The Braves signed RHRP Kenley Jansen to a 1yr $16MM deal.

  • The world series champs get even better in pen with the Jansen deal. They are bringing in one of the best end-of-game arms in baseball over the last decade. The playoff experience and leverage in big games, a change of scenery. Could you give me an A?

The Phillies signed OF Nick Castellanos to a 5yr $100MM deal.

  • YES! Finally, the Phillies give Harper some help! The personality, the play in the NL, and the energy will mesh well with Harper. The deal isn't instant, and I give it an A. YES!

The Twins signed SS Carlos Correa to a 3yr $105.3MM deal that included an opt-out after each season.

  • The opt-out of the money is more than the entire Baltimore Orioles payroll for the 2022 season. The Twins now have a legit roster that has been revamped and improved. The Twins have a shot at the 2nd place in the division and the 2-seed. Please give me an A.

The Marlins signed OF Jorge Soler to a 3yr deal worth $33MM, including opt-outs after the 2022 and 2023 seasons, much like the Correa deal.

  • The Marlins are just in a spot where they aren't rebuilding, they can't contend in this division with the current roster, but they need to put fans in the seats somehow. I give the deal a B-.

The Red Sox signed SS and now 2B Trevor Story to a 6yr, $140MM deal. The deal has an opt-out after the 2025 season and the final two years of the deal. Includes a 7th-year club option as well.

  • The deal is great for the Sox to line up Story and Bogarts. The INF looks excellent; the OF looks solid; the pitching needs some help, but overall. I like the deal and think it's excellent for Boston getting a star. Could you give me an A?

The Cubs signed RHP Drew Smuly to a 1yr deal worth $4.25MM and a mutual option for year two.

  • The deal is acceptable for the Cubs, who needed veteran pitching and worked for me. Could you give me a C+?

The Twins signed RHRP Joe Smith to a 1yr deal worth $2.5MM

  • I like the deal for the Twins, a veteran pen piece. Give me a B-.

The Rockies signed INF Ryan McMahon to a 6yr worth $70MM

  • I am a fan of the deal for the Rockies to lock up the corners of the INF with McMahon and KB. Please give me a B on the deal.

The Marlins signed LHRP Richard Blier to a 2yr extension for $6MM

  • I'll take the deal for the Marlins, giving them a good pen arm that will be easy to flip for cheap if the deal pans out as they expect with how the team performs.

The Reds signed RHRP Hunter Strickland to a 1yr deal worth $1.825MM

  • Have to fill a roster that isn't awful, and Strickland fits the bill. I give the deal a C

The D-Backs signed RHP Zach Davies to 1 yr deal worth $4.5MM with an option for 2023

  • I like the deal for D-backs filling in a solid rotation. I think it's a good move and will help give a solid arm to help them fight the Rockies for 4th place. Give me a C-

The Toronto Blue Jays agreed to a 2yr, $25MM deal to keep Chapman. The deal avoids arbitration and allows Chapman to reach free agency in 2023.

  • The deal doesn't give Jay any more time with Chapman. However, it fairly pays for their new Platinum Glove 3B.

The Mariners signed RHRP Sergio Romo to a 1yr $2MM deal.

  • Even 39yo Romo is still a helpful pen piece for a competitor like Seattle. I like the deal to give me a B-

The A's signed C Stephen Vogt to a 1yr $850K deal

  • The deal is small to smile at in Oakland; bringing back a fan favorite in Vogt gives me a B.

The Reds signed OF Tommy Pham's mutual option for 2023. The deal is worth $7.5MM

  • The Reds need to fill seats and put something out on the field. Why not Pham, who is a solid 20HR/20SB guy. I like the deal. B.

The Blue Jays and Rockies agreed to a trade sending OF Randal Gruicuk and cash to the Rockies for OF Raimel Tapia and INF prospect Adrian Pinto.

  • The deal on the Jays side is fantastic getting Tapia, who needed a fresh start to develop into the 20HR/20SB potential hopefully, and he is cheaper than Gruicuk. The Jays get and B on the deal. The Rockies give Gruicuk a chance to be an everyday player and contribute with KB. Give them a B-

The Rays and Cubs agreed to a trade sending OF Harold Ramirez to the Rays in exchange for MiLB INF Esteban Quiroz.

  • The straightforward deal here. Both sides get a C.

The A's re-signed 2B/DH Jed Lowrie to a 1yr, $850K deal

  • The deal is another small thing to smile at for the fans. Another veteran fan favorite is coming back around. Please give me a B.

The Padres and Dodgers agreed to a trade. Send OF/1B Matt Beaty to SD in exchange for RHP River Ryan to LA.

  • Again another depth deal after Beaty was DFA'd. I like it for SD adding cheap depth to a good team. Both sides a C

The Cardinals signed 1B/DH Albert Pujols.

  • In this piece on March 1st, 2022- "However, the aging vet might have played his last game with an MLB team. The future HOF will land at least a one-day deal to retire and potentially a one-year deal to run with Yadi, Waino, and the Cardinals. 1-year minimum. " I'm just going to leave that there. Pujols will retire after the 2022 season; Waino and Yadi will likely retire after 2022.

The Twins signed RHP Chris Archer to a 1yr $3.5MM deal with a mutual option for 2023

  • Another good veteran piece for 2022. Much like the take on the Pineda deal. I like it. C is the grade.

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