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Tasty Talk: Grade the Deal 3/14

WELCOME, Ball Boys and GIRLS! We did it; we made it through the most prolonged work stoppage in MLB History. MLB pushed opening day back, and we will still get 162 day season! The free agency still hasn't taken off; at the time of writing this, Freddie Freeman, Carlos Correa, Trevor Story, Kris Bryant, Seiya Suzuki, among others, are still mulling offers.

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Let's jump into the signings and rumors from 3/14

  • RHRP Sean Doolittle, 1yr, $, Was Nationals

The Nationals join the Rockies and D-Backs in hoarding the decent, not great pen pieces to trade them later, probably. That is fine, and I hope it works, but I like Doolittle, and he pitchers her before. I give the deal a C- with a justified.

  • LHRP Brad Hand, 1yr, $6MM, Phi Phillies

Hand is one of the better relievers on the market, and the Phillies desperately needed an excellent LHP in pen to help close out games, and they got it in Hand. I gave the deal a B and justified it.

  • RHP Jakob Junis, 1yr, $1.75MM, SF Giants

Pretty classic Giants. The staff in SF does great with players like Junis, who just need a reset, and then they sign decent deals with the team the following year IE DeSclafani. I give the deal a C+, and it is justified.

  • RHP Chad Kuhl, 1yr, $3MM, Col Rockies

Another keep away signing for the Rockies to help their pen. I am okay with it, honestly, get these guys in the door and let them compete and then load up your system. Smart moves, honestly. I give the deal a C-

  • OF/DH Andrew McCutchen, __yr, $, Mil Brewers

The defense has fallen off over the least 3-4 seasons. However, the platoon numbers are still excellent, and for a team that just added Hunter Renfroe to help out Yelich, a veteran like McCutchen might help them continue their push for back-back NL Central crowns. I give the deal a B.

  • The Braves and the A's made a HUGE trade today! The Braves traded Cristian Pache, C Shea Langeliers, RHP Ryan Cusick, and RHP Joey Estes for 1B Matt Olson. Thus ending the Freddie Freeman Era in ATL.

This deal SHOCKED everyone. However, it makes sense that the Braves got younger, an elite talent, and spun the narrative hard of the hometown kid in Olson. They also likely didn't want to keep waiting on Freeman and wanted to get their game plans in place. The haul was significant for the A's and helped rebuild Oakland. I give both sides an A here, and neither loses.

  • The Mariners and the Reds made a HUGE trade today as well. The Mariners fleeced the Reds for OF Jesse Winker and 3B/SS Eugenio Suarez. The Reds get back RHP Brandon Williamson, RHP Justin Dunn, OF Jake Fraley as part of the deal.

All Mariners fans everywhere are so happy to see Dunn and Fraley leave the team, and the team gained two all-stays, both of whom can and should hit 30+HR each. If all goes well, the Mariners won this deal and completed their roster, which should now land them the playoff spot. Overall the Mariners get an A+ for the deal, while the Reds get a B- for giving up before the season starts.

Injury News and other news from the Around the MLB

  • Fernando Tatis Jr. injured his wrist during the lockout and is expected to miss three months, which likely happened during one of his motorcycle accidents, yes one of. The result and potential surgery could have been avoided if he had had access to team doctors and medical staff sooner.

  • On Sunday night, Pete Alsonso of the Mets was in a severe car accident and was T-boned, resulting in the car flipping three times and him walking away unharmed.

  • The most prized Japanese player in OF Seiya Suzuki was rumored to have chosen a team in the Padres, then was quickly able to put all the rumors to rest as he is still in talks with the Padres Dodgers, Red Sox, Giants, Mariners, and Cubs.

  • The Rockies threw their name into the Kris Bryant sweepstakes.

  • The Kyle Schwarber sweepstakes are heating up, with the Blue jays being in the mix as well.

  • The MLB requires all coaches to be up to date on their COVID-19 vaccinations to have in-person contact with players.

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