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Tasty Talk: Grade the Deal 3/13

WELCOME, Ball Boys and GIRLS! We did it; we made it through the most prolonged work stoppage in MLB History. MLB pushed opening day back, and we will still get 162 day season! The free agency still hasn't taken off; at the time of writing this, Freddie Freeman, Carlos Correa, Trevor Story, Kris Bryant, Seiya Suzuki, among others, are still mulling offers.

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Let's jump into the signings and rumors from 3/13

  • LHRP Matt Strahm, 1yr, $3MM, Bos Red Sox

It's rebound season in Boston for Strahm, and for the price, it's a good deal if it works and if it doesn't. We will have to wait and see. The Redsox are good at reviving their career, and it's a good move. I gave it a C and justified it.

  • RHRP Jesse Chavez, 1yr, split deal, Chi Cubs

Hello old friend. I don't understand the financial side of the deal being a split deal. It's a cheap deal and a happy reunion for Chavez. Let's give the hometown reunion a C-.

  • UTL Hanser Alberto, 1yr+1, $, LA Dodgers

Another utility guy that I went who. It's a good deal for the Dodgers to fill out the bench a bit with a cheap guy who has shown flashes at times of success. C- and justified.

  • UTL Ehire Adrianza, 1yr, $1.5MM, Was Nationals

The utility market thinned out quickly, and Adrianza is heading to Washington an excellent deal with a chance to be a role player and get consistent PT. I give the deal a C- and justified.

  • LHRP Adam Ottavino, 1yr, $4MM, NY Mets

We are staying in NY but heading over the Mets side of town to be a pen piece for a Mets team shaping up to look nice. Ottavino gives the pen a guy who can work the middle of games with ease and veteran leadership. I give the deal a B- and justified.

  • LHRP Jake Diekman, multi, $, Bos Redsox

I loved this guy with the A's, and I am so excited to see him compete with the Redsox in the tough AL East. I'm a big Deikman fan, and I think the Red Sox got a good one here. The late-inning ability will be tremendous for the BoSox, and they look to get back to the top of the division. I gave it a B and justified it.

  • The Reds and the Twins swung a deal. RHP Sonny Gray was sent to the Twins and MiLB RHP Francis Peguero to the Red's RHP Chase Petty, the 2021 1st round pick.

A recent first-round pick was traded for Sonny Gray, who has been consistent since his days in Oakland. I'm heading back to the AL now; I like the fit with the Twins and Maeda for the team. I give the Twins an A for the deal and the Red and C at best for just starting their tank.

  • RHP Vince Velasquez, 1yr, $3MM, CHI White Sox

I give the White Sox on this deal a hand. They shopped according to needs and got a back end of the rotation starter. Another veteran piece is in the house, and I like the move a lot. B- and justified.

  • UTL Tim Locastro, 1yr, $min, NY Yankees

Another utility guy to fill out the bench for the Yankees. I think the deal gets a C at best and is justified. Not much to say here.

  • RHP Nick Wittgren, 1yr, $1.2MM, STL Cardinals

I had to look him up for a guy who has been in the MLB for six seasons. They are a good ground ball and keep guys off base kind of pitcher. It fits the mold for the Cardinals pen, and I give the deal and C at best.

  • RHRP Brad Boxberger, 1yr, $2.5MM, Mil Brewers

Consistently the best player's weekend jersey that we see year in and year out goes back to Mil to pitch with Williams and Hadar and hold down the back end of the pen to continue to push for the NL Central again. C+ and justified.

  • DH Nelson Cruz, 2yr, 1yr+1yr(mutual), $15MM, Was Nationals

Well, so much for the Dodgers and Padres being the finalists for Boom Stick. However, I doubt he stays in Washington all season and doesn't get traded to the Dodgers or another contender after he realizes that Washington wasn't the best choice, even though the money is excellent. I love Nellie, and I don't love the fit here, so B+ and justified.

  • RHRP Carolos Martinez, 1yr, $2.5MM, SF Giants

The long-time Carindals reliever goes from the Mid-west to just the west. The Giants get the best out of their pitchers, and for the price for Martinez, I give the deal a B and justify.

  • RHRP Ian Kennedy, 1yr, $4.75MM, AZ Diamondbacks

I am pretty sure the D-Backs and Rockies are just playing keep away of all these relievers and want to make the top-3 powers above them mad. Honestly, they are using their money to play keep away. I give the deal a B- and should continue to make things interesting for the NL West.

  • The Twins and the Yankees made a trade. 3B Josh Donaldson INF Isiah Kiner-Falefa was sent to the Yankees for C Gary Sanchez and INF Gio Urshela.

Traded again just less than two days after getting to the Twins facility, IKF packs up and goes to the Yankees facility along with Donaldson. Both shaved their faces and reported with ease with the former Twins left side of the INF going to NY instead. Then the Yankees finally did it and got rid of Sanchez and Urshela. I love the change of scenery idea for Sanchez because, honestly, it could be huge for his career, and Urshela is just a stud that never got enough of a chance to shine. I give the Twins an A on the deal for flipping IKF and the contract to the Yankees for youth. I give the Yankees a B because of the Gold Glove of IFK, and if Donaldson could stay healthy, then maybe it's better than it looks now.

Some more minor news and Rumors that happened on Sunday

  • The Nationals made a bunch of MiLB deals with veterans: RHP Anibal Sanchez, OF Gerardo Parra, RHP Erasmo Ramirez, RHP Aaron Sanchez,

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