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Next Stop: Cooperstown

Today, we look at the players who are nearing the end of their deals, on one-year deals, or just simply getting up there in age and talk about their careers at a glance, see where they fall currently among other Hall of Famers and personally if I think they will get the nod when it's their time for their numbers to be called. Today, we look at those guys around the field and behind last week's pitchers, and coming up in May, we have overrated/ underrated.

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Miguel Cabrera: Coming into his age-40 season. He has said that this is it; 2023 is farewell. Miggy, a 2x MVP, Triple Crown, 12x All-star, 2003 World Series champ, 7x Silver Slugger, 4x Batting Title, 2x Major league player of the year. Miggy is among the most elite hitters, with over 500HR/3000H.

Miggy carries a 67.7WAR, 3088H, 507HR, 1847RBI, .908OPS, and 142OPS+(stats as of 3/14); the number tells only part of the story for Miggy on the field.

JAWS(Jaffe WAR Score system)First Base (11th):

67.7 career WAR | 44.8 7yr-peak WAR | 56.3 JAWS | 4.1 WAR/162

Average HOF 1B (out of 24):

65.0 career WAR | 41.8 7yr-peak WAR | 53.4 JAWS | 4.8 WAR/162

The personality, the bat, the stats, the long longevity, and everything Miggy brought daily will earn him a first-ballot spot in Cooperstown.

Joey Votto: While it hasn't been said, the 39yo Votto is entering the last year of his 10yr deal with a 2024 team option. Votto, the 1x MVP, 6x All-star, and Gold Glove winner, has played his entire career with the Reds after being drafted out of Canada in 2002.

Votta holds a career 64.3WAR, 2093H, 342HR, 1106RBI, .926OPS; Votto has 6 top-10 MVP finishes(2010,2013,2015.2016,2017(2nd)), with three other finishes in the top 22.

JAWSFirst Base (12th):

64.3 career WAR | 46.9 7yr-peak WAR | 55.6 JAWS | 5.2 WAR/162

Average HOF 1B (out of 24):

65.0 career WAR | 41.8 7yr-peak WAR | 53.4 JAWS | 4.8 WAR/162

Votto is right behind Miggy on the all-time rankings for 1B and has been nothing short of great, consistent, and healthy for his entire career. While smaller of a name than Miggy, Votto will end up in the Hall, possibly after 2-4 times on the ballot.

Andrew McCutchen: Playing in his age 36 seasons, Cutch claims it's not his final season as he returned home to Pittsburgh on a 1yr/$5MM. The 1x MVP, 5x All-star, 1x Gold Glover, 4x Silver Slugger, and Cutch have been great for a long time.

Cutch holds are career 47.1WAR, 1948H, 287HR, 1002RBI, 8.38OPS, 129OPS (stats as of 3/14). He is close and should get the 2000H and 300HR marks this upcoming season. Baseball references place him among Centerfielders when it comes to all-time rankings.

JAWS Center Field (30th):

47.1 career WAR | 38.4 7yr-peak WAR | 42.7 JAWS | 4.0 WAR/162

Average HOF CF (out of 19):

71.6 career WAR | 44.7 7yr-peak WAR | 58.1 JAWS | 5.4 WAR/162

Cutch looks to be a long shot for the Hall of Fame. However, he will be a Pirates Hall of Famer; he also does have the MVP in his favor. However, his peak lasted five seasons from 2011-2015, as he was an All-star, top-5 MVP candidate, and silver slugger. He was dominant, yet the window was much smaller. For Cutch, it will come down to who else is on the ballot when he is.

Nelson Cruz: Playing in his age 43 season, he is playing on a 1yr/1MM deal with the Padres as he chases HR numbers and rings. Boomstick is a 7x All-star, 4x Silver Slugger and a 1x ALCS MVP.

Cruz holds a 42.5WAR, 2018H, 459HR, 1302RBI, .859OPS, 131OPS+ over his 18yr career. Cruz is being placed among Right Fielders; however, he should be placed among DHs when it's done.

While Cruz will be linked to the PEDs, he significantly rebounded from such. However, that stank will follow him.

JAWS Right Field (53rd):

42.5 career WAR | 30.1 7yr-peak WAR | 36.3 JAWS | 3.4 WAR/162

Average HOF RF (out of 28):

71.1 career WAR | 42.4 7yr-peak WAR | 56.7 JAWS | 5.1 WAR/162

For Cruz, we will have to wait and see how it shakes out for him when the time comes.

Evan Longoria: Playing in his now age 37 season on a 1yr/$4MM deal with the Arizona Diamondbacks, Longoria is still going after posting a 0.6WAR in 2022. Longo a Rookie of the Year, 3x All-star, 3x Gold-Glover, and Silver Slugger. Longo has been good for a long time.

Longo carries a career 58.1WAR, 1883H, 331H, 1131RBI, .806OPS, 120OPS+ among his career numbers.

JAWS Third Base (18th):

58.1 career WAR | 41.9 7yr-peak WAR | 50.0 JAWS | 4.9 WAR/162

Average HOF 3B (out of 16):

68.4 career WAR | 43.0 7yr-peak WAR | 55.7 JAWS | 5.1 WAR/162

The ranking of 18th all-time is very fringe when it comes to 3B, the highest ranking among active players. We saw it take Rolen years to get to the Hall only because he was with the steroid users, and he was able to benefit from that. Adrian Beltre is due for the 2023 ballot to get the vote in. While behind Longo is Arenado(19), Machado(22) is the next closest. It will be an interesting conversation, to say the least, for Longoria.

Justin Turner: Playing in his age 38 seasons as a member of the Red Sox after signing a 1yr/$15MM and a 2024 player option. Things got off to a shaky start in Boston after getting drilled in the head in spring training. Turner is a 2x All-Star, 2020 World Series champ, and NLCS MVP among his career accolades.

RedTurn2 holds a career of 34.7WAR, 1307H, 164HR, 663RBI, .832OPS, and 126OPS+ regarding his career stats.

JAWS Third Base (55th):

34.6 career WAR | 30.6 7yr-peak WAR | 32.6 JAWS | 4.0 WAR/162

Average HOF 3B (out of 16):

68.4 career WAR | 43.0 7yr-peak WAR | 55.7 JAWS | 5.1 WAR/162

Turner may get his name on the ballot once, maybe twice. However, that will be about as far as he will go.

Honorable Mentions: J.D. Martinez, Eric Hosmer, Brandon Belt, Matt Carpenter, Josh Donaldson, Charlie Blackmon, Martin Maldonado, Brandon Crawford- Each player will be 37+ come season end and a free agent.

However, Brandon Belt and Brandon Crawford will end up in the Giant's Hall of Fame.

Highly Honorable Mentions: Paul Goldschmidt, Giancarlo Stanton, Jose Altuve- These guys are getting closer to the end of their deals and up towards Mid-30. Yet they still have plenty left in the tank and need to be in this conversation.

Players still need to be put in the conversation: Mike Trout, Mookie Betts, Manny Machado, and Nolan Arenado. Remember all those players who have signed massive deals over the last couple of years: Judge, Correa, Trea Turner, Swanson, and Boagarets, to name a few.

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