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MEGA POST: Chasing 3000H, 500HR, What About Him

Ball Boys, Ball Girls, Baseball Fam, Ball Boy Media fans, HI! Welcome into a MEGA POST! Over May and June, we explored the players chasing 3000 Hits, 500 HR, and a group of players who some thought I forgot about. I decided it would be a great way to kick off the first Friday in July with a MEGA Post, taking all seven, maybe even eight parts and putting them into ONE HUGE POST. Enjoy!

For context: One of the most exclusive baseball clubs is 3000 hits. It's a milestone that often takes a player two decades to reach. The MLB average for hits ranges from 125-to 150, with some players entering elite levels of 175-200 hits per season. The 500 HR club is even more exclusive as only 28 players have reached that milestone. 500 HR requires elite power, consistency, and dominance and often is another milestone that can take around two decades to achieve. As we learned and witnessed in 2022, Tigers 1B/DH Miguel Caberea joined an elite list of seven players to do both; the other six: Albert Pujols, Alex Rodriguez, Hank Aaron, Willey Mays, Eddie Murray, and Rafael Palmeiro.

First up are the 15 players who could reach both milestones: stats are from original postings in May of 2022

2B/DH Robinson Cano is 39 years old and has missed the 2020 and 2021 seasons due to injuries and suspension, thanks to his use of PED. Cano, one of the purest hitters in baseball, has always been able to swing a solid, consistent bat during his career. Cano currently sits at about 2631H for his career, and his career average is 190H per season. If he never lost those two seasons, even in the 2020 shortened season, we likely would have celebrated his 3000th hit in 2021 before Miggy. However, it would take 1.94 more seasons to reach the 3K milestone at his current pace, and he would need to pay into his 42 seasons to reach the mark. He is signed through 2023 and potentially could reach the mark as a member of the Mets. I think the ship has sailed for Cano, and it will always be a mystery if he COULD have made the mark. Update: Cano was cut since written initially about in April of 2022 and is now playing with the Padres AAA team.

OF/DH Andrew McCutchen of the Milwaukee Brewers. The former Pirates MVP and 5x All-Star currently sits at 1840 hits and is 35yo. As we know, Cutch averages about 168H per season and is at a point in his 12th season where he takes the 1yr deal, wherever it comes from. For Cutch to reach the 3K hits the mark, he would need to maintain his career average of 168H for 6.90 more seasons and play until he is 42. Cutch, I'm sorry; I think you're great, and you likely will make it into the HoF and, if nothing, the Pirates Hall of Fame, but I don't think you will hit the 3K milestone.

INF Elvis Andrus of the Oakland A's and once a long-time member of the Texas Rangers. The 2x All-Star sits at 1875H on his career and is just 33yo. Andrus has averaged 167H per season over his career. If he is to maintain that average, the 13yr vet will need 6.73 more seasons and play until nearly age 40 to hit the mark of 3K hits. Sadly, I don't think Andrus can keep it up for that long as he is likely forced to take the 1yr vet deals, wherever it comes in free agency, starting in 2023.

2B Jose Altuve of the Houston Astros will always be a critical member of Houston's "Trash-tros." However, the 32yo 2B is decorated with an MVP, World Series, and Gold Glove, among other awards. The 7x All-Star has 1783H over his 10yr career thus far. Altuve averages an elite 200H per year in that span. Altuve would need 6.08 seasons. The mark of 3K is not far off for Altuve as he would need to play into his age 38 seasons to reach the mark and continue to hit at a high level. As much as I don't like the Astros as a team, I think Altuve could crack the list.

OF Mike Trout of the LA Angels. The expected lifelong Angel is one of the best, if not top 3, players we will ever see and is a truly generational talent. The 10-year vet is 31yo and has racked up 3x MVPs and many other accolades so far in his career. Signed through the 2030 season, we have many years to go of enjoying Trout's greatness. The 9x All-star has 1433H to date and 314HR. Trout averages 179H/39HR per season. At the current pace, Trout would need to maintain that average for 8.75 seasons to reach 3K hits and 4.76 more seasons to reach 500HR, and 7.33 more seasons to reach 600HR. I think Trout can be a productive player until nearly age 40. Staying healthy will be the key to becoming the 8th member of the 3K, 500HR club before he hangs it up.

OF Mookie Betts of the LA Dodgers is 2nd fiddle, it seems to be LA stardom after Mike Trout, but LA is biggest enough for the both of them. The former MVP is 30yo and is under contract with the Dodgers through the 2032 season, which will be his age 40 seasons. Betts currently sits at 1163H and 180HR. Betts averages about 192H per season over his 7yr career; at that rate, he will need 9.62 seasons to hit the 3K milestone. At his pace of 30HR per season, he will need 10.66 seasons to reach the 500HR milestone. Betts is in as good of a situation as any to reach both milestones, and I believe he will become a member of one or both clubs.

OF Christian Yelich of the Milwaukee Brewers is one the biggest names in baseball and one of the game's superstars. Yet another MVP on this list of greatness has 1217H and 161HR. The 30yo, 2x All-Star is under contract through the 2028 season. The current season average for Yeli is 178H and 23HR. Maintaining that pace, Yeli would need 10.01 seasons to reach 3K and 14.73 seasons to reach 500HR. Sadly, as much as I like Yeli, I don't think he will reach either milestone and fall just short of the 3K hits club.

OF Bryce Harper of the Phillies is one of my favorite baseball players and one I will turn on the TV to watch. The swagger, the swing, and the personality are outstanding. The reigning MVP and 2x winner of the award have been incredible during his 9yr career. Harper hits at 1287H and 269HR. Haper averages 161H and 34HR per season. Harper would need 10.63 seasons to maintain that pace to reach 3K hits and 6.79 to reach 500HR. I don't doubt that Harper, in his 30 seasons, will reach the 500HR club and fall short of the 3K hits club.

INF Manny Machado of the SD Padres is probably the most exciting name on this list as he, to me, is the guy who will, maybe even over Trout, be the 8th member of 3K hits and 500HR. Let's look at why. Machado is in his 30 seasons, playing in his 9th season, and is under contract for 6 more seasons after 2022. Machado sits at 1446H and 254HR. He averages 179H and 31HR per season. Maintaining those averages would take him 8.68 seasons to reach 3K and 7.93 seasons to reach 500HR. This means he would only need until age 38 to hit both marks. I fully support Machado and will state my claim that he will be the next to 3K hits and join the 3K/500HR list as the 8th member.

INF Rafael Devers of the Boston Redsox is one player. I am excited to see him get into his prime, demolish the AL East, and be one of the underrated stars in the sport. The 25yo 3B currently sits at 616H and 115HR over his 4yr career. Devers averages 177H and 33HR per season. With those averages thus far and maintained, he would need 13.57 seasons to reach 3K hits and 11.66 seasons to reach 500HR. Devers is one of the guys who has only gotten better and is still so young, and the stars are the limit for him. Time will tell for RD, but as of now, I think playing until age 38 and reaching the milestones will and could happen.

OF Ronald Acuna Jr. of the Atlanta Braves has two shortened seasons to date thanks to covid and ACL injury; however, at 24 years old has plenty of time to make up for lost ground. The former RoY to date has 426H and 105HR. Acuna averages 175H and 43HR per season. If he were to maintain those exact numbers, he would need 14.70 seasons to reach 3K hits and 9.18 to hit the 500HR milestone. Again, age 38 isn't a high calling card for well-rounded players and athletes, and baseball, power, and contact age well. Acuna has both, and I think that he can reach the mark.

INF Fernando Tatis Jr. of the SD Padres is recovering from a self-inflicted reckless wrist injury. At 23yo, he also has plenty of time to make up for any lost time. Tatis, to date, has 303H and 81HR. His 162G averages give him 180H and 48HR. I don't think these numbers are sustainable, but we have to go off; with these averages, it would take Tatis Jr 14.98 seasons to reach 3K hits and 8.72 seasons to reach 500HR. Tatis has light-tower power, and I think he will push 500HR if not 600HR during his career, and 3K hits will fall to the wayside. Health, intelligent choices, and discipline will define Tatis's career.

INF Vlad Guerero Jr. of the Toronto Blue Jays was considered a bust when he came up and played 3B for the Jays. Move him to 1B, and now he is an MVP and one of the best in all of baseball. Thus far in their 23yo career, he has 392H and 77HR. That shakes out to a 162G average of 176H and 35HR. If he maintains these numbers, he will need 14.81 seasons to reach 3K hits and 12.08 seasons to reach 500HR. I think that VGJ will crack both clubs as his bat will age well at his position and will lead the Jays to a world series during his tenure there. Again, age 38 for a 1B isn't outlandish. It's honestly the ideal position, it seems.

If you believe it or not, OF Juan Soto of the Washington Nationals was the 6th youngest player on an MLB roster on opening day. Keep in mind that he is in his 5th season at age 23. Soto is the definition of generational talent. Thus far in his career, he has 500H and 101HR. That shakes out to give him 168H and 34HR per 162G. If he maintains those numbers and doesn't get even better, which is doubtful, he needs 14.88 seasons to reach 3K H and 11.73 seasons to hit 500HR. Corner OF/DH is another ideal position to crack these elite clubs, and Soto, the generational talent himself, I have no doubt he will become a member of both.

Next up is the Chasing 500HR club.

DH Nelson Cruz: BOOMSTICK! The now 41yo Cruz is playing in his 1st season with the Nationals after signing a 1+1 deal for the 2023 season. Cruz is the closest on the list to the rare 500. The 15yr vet averaged 38HR a year over his career and swatted 32HR in 2021 between the Twins and Rays. Cruz has 451HR and needs only 49 more. Thus the countdown over these next two seasons is officially on!

OF/DH Giancarlo Stanton: The 32yo Stanton, as of this writing, recently crossed the 350HR mark. Stanton is still playing through his 13yr, $325MM contract that runs through the 2027 season. Since 2019 the injuries have slowed Stanton's pace by over 30+HR a down. To be grateful, he is on the field. The 2021 season showed that an age 31 Stanton can still hit the long ball over the short porch with 35HR in 2021. Stanton's career 162 is 42. However, let's go off the last healthy season of 35. 500-352=148/35= 4.22 more seasons, and if he wanted to reach the rarer 600HR mark, 600-352=248/35= 7.08 more seasons. Realistically the 500HR mark is likely for the slugging DH/OF.

OF Mike Trout: The 9x All-star has 1433H to date and 314HR. Trout averages 179H/39HR per season. At the current pace, Trout would need to maintain that average for 8.75 seasons to reach 3K hits and 4.76 more seasons to reach 500HR, and 7.33 more seasons to reach 600HR. I think Trout can be a productive player until nearly age 40. Staying healthy will be the key to becoming the 8th member of the 3K, 500HR club before he hangs it up.

3B Nolan Arenado: The 31yo 3B for the Cardinals is arguably his generation's best offensive, defensive 3B. Arenado is a fantastic player and an all-around superstar! Arenado has 275HR in his career and is 225away from the 500HR club. Arenado averages a respectable 35HR per 162 games. Let's do the math 225/35= 6.42 more seasons at his current average would place him at the end of his current deal, which runs through the 2027 season. I think that Arenado will have an extra notch on his HoF resume when he reaches the 500HR club.

1B Freddie Freeman: The 32yo MVP has had an excellent 11yr career with the Braves and now is moving on with the Dodgers for the remaining 6yrs of his career. Freeman has never been a dominant power hitter but has always been consistent. He averages 28HR per 162G played. Freeman sits at 274HR in his career and would need 226HR more to reach 500. At his current pace, let's do the math 226/28= 8.07 more seasons to reach the number. I think the power will develop and get better going into his 30s, and in the hitter-friendly Dodger stadium, I can see career HR numbers for the next six seasons.

OF/DH Bryce Harper: Harper hits at 1287H and 269HR. Haper averages 161H and 34HR per season. Harper would need 10.63 seasons to maintain that pace to reach 3K hits and 6.79 to reach 500HR. I don't doubt that Harper, in his 30 seasons, will reach the 500HR club and fall short of the 3K hits club.

1B Anthony Rizzo: The 32yo Rizzo plays in the extremely LHH friend Yankee Stadium in the late years of his prime. Rizzo is a great player and an even better personality in the MLB. Rizzo is a little older, playing on a 1+1 deal, and likely at the end of his prime. As it sits today, Rizzo averages 29HR a season and has 260HR in his career, and he needs 240more to reach the 500HR clubs. Let's do the math 240/29= 8.28 more seasons to reach the mark. Rizzo would likely need a power sure and a stay in NY to end his career and play into his 40 seasons slugging over the short porch. Possible- yes. Likely- no.

3B Manny Machado: SD Padres 3B is probably the most exciting name on this list as he, to me, is the guy who will, maybe even over Trout, be the 8th member of 3K hits and 500HR. Let's look at why. Machado is in his 30 seasons, playing in his 9th season, and is under contract for six more seasons after 2022. Machado sits at 1446H and 254HR. He averages 179H and 31HR per season. Maintaining those averages would take him 8.68 seasons to reach 3K and 7.93 seasons to reach 500HR. This means he would only need until age 38 to hit both marks. I fully support Machado and will state my claim that he will be the next to 3K hits and join the 3K/500HR list as the 8th member.

OF Geroge Springer: I love a Springer Dinger highlight, looking at Springer's swing and great power. Springer is one of the rare CF who hits for some power. Springer is a top 25HR by the numbers as it stands in the MLB among active players and is as big as a name as anyone in the MLB. Springer has hit 202 career HR and needs another 298 to reach 500HR. That amount is improbable, as he is already 32YO, and injuries caught up to him during 2019/2021. Let's do the math as Springer averages 36HR per 162G played. 298/36= 8.28 more seasons. Again, much like Rizzo, he needs to play into his 40's with power to reach the mark.

3B Eugenio Suarez: The 30yo Seattle 3B/DH is at the tail end of the top 25 in career HR totals. Suarez stays on the field and either hits an HR. It seems he strikes out, as Seattle fans are quickly learning. Suarez has 196HR in his career and needs 304 more to reach the mark. Suarez averages 31HR per 162G. Let's do the math 304/31= 9.80 more seasons at his average to hit the 500HR club. I do not think he will get there personally, as Suarez's volatility will lead to less and less PT over the later parts of his career.

DH/OF Marcell Ozuna: Known more for his power than his bat and glove over recent seasons, Ozuna can still swing it even after missing the majority of 2021 due to a domestic violence case/suspension. Thus far in his career, Ozuna has 181HR and averages 28HR/162G. Ozuna is already 31yo and needs 319HR more to reach 500, and with his current pace, it would take him 11.39 more seasons to reach the mark, or age 42. Power does age well, and only time will tell for Ozuna.

OF Joey Gallo: JOEY GALLO IS the HR/K king's definition of swing for the fences or strikes out. Gallo can not only lead the MLB in BB/K but also hit 38HR and earn a Gold Glove while hitting .199 on a season. Yeah, that was just 2021 for Gallo. Gallo has 163HR over his 8yr career and is only 28yo, which those two numbers line up nicely in his favor. Gallo needs 337HR to reach 500 and averages 40HR/Yr, which would mean Gallo only needs 8.4 more seasons of that production to reach the 500HR mark. Gallo might be in a spot to reach 500 by 36yo.

OF Aaron Judge: Mr. bet, on myself, is on pace as of 5/22 for 58HR during one of the most followed contract years I can remember. Judge is already 30yo and playing in his 8th season in the MLB. Injuries slowed Judge in 2018, 2019, and 2020. After a healthy 2021, where he finished 4th in the MVP voting, he looks to be leading the charge in NY for the Yankees to get back to the playoffs. He has a career of 172HR, leaving him with 328 more needed to reach the mark; his 46HR/162G is impressive. He would need 7.13 more seasons to reach 500HR. If he can maintain his health and hopefully stay in hitter friend Yankee Stadium, I think it's possible.

OF Nick Castellanos: Coming off a career-high 34HR in 2021 while landing a 5yr/$100MM contract with the Phillies, the pressure is on Castellanos to rake and take some pressure off Harper. Castellanos currently sits at 173HR during his 11yr career, and he is only 30yo, which bodes well for the potential of 500HR as power ages in the MLB, and with the universal DH, most of the guys on the list are in a spot, where power can age well if the glove goes to the wayside. His 25HR/162G career makes it so it would take him 13.08 more seasons to hit the remaining 337HR he needs to hit 500HR. I want to revisit Castellanos when his contract in Philly is up and see if the power continues or regresses.

SS Francisco Lindor: One of the few players on this list that you don't think of power, and you think purely of glove-first; great defense, but Franky can swing it with the best of the SS. He didn't get a $341MM/10yr deal just for his glove now. Lindor does have 164HR over his 7yr career and is only 28yo while having the entire 10yrs left on his deal with the NY Mets. Lidor is one of my favorite players, not only for his glove but for his bat and the energy he puts on the field. Lindor needs 336HR to reach 500 with an average of 28HR/162G. He would need even 12 seasons to reach the 500HR mark. A few more gold gloves and silver sluggers are much more realistic.

INF Jose Ramirez: The 29yo 3B/2B, Mr. Cleveland Guardian for the next seven seasons through 2028 and likely for the rest of his career. I am a big J-Ram fan and have been for years, and I hope that Cleveland can put a competitive product around him so that he can shine in the postseason. I hope that is the case with the pitching staff that the Guardians do have. Regardless, back to J-Ram, he has 172HR in his 7yr career, and with his average 27HR/162G, he needs another 328HR to reach the mark in the 12.15 seasons. I do not think that J-Ram will make it to 500HR, but it will go down as one of the best in Cleveland.

OF Mookie Betts: The biggest 5'9" OF you will ever meet in MVP, 2x WS Champ, and future HoF Mookie Betts is one of the best players in baseball and well-deserving of the $365MM the Dodgers are paying him through 2032. I'm a big fan of Mookie Betts, and his cannon is one of the best in the game. Betts has 188HR over his 7yr MLB career, which means he would need another 312HR to reach 500 at his current pace of 30HR/162G; he would need 10.4 more seasons to reach the mark. If there is anyone other than Judge and maybe Lindor, I have Betts as a lock to reach 500HR.

1B Miguel Sano: Yes, we talked about Suarez; we should probably talk about the big guy out in Minnesota with the Twins. The 29yo, oft-injured 1B for the Twins has battled injuries during his entire career and may be out of luck for any significant milestones. Regardless he is one of the top 50 players with enough name value to make the shortlist. Sano has a career of 162HR, with a 38HR/162HR, which would make it, so he needs another 338HR, and it would take him 8.89 more seasons to meet the mark. With the age and the universal DH and how well power ages in the MLB, it could happen if he can stay on the field for more than 135G in a season.

OF/1B Cody Bellinger: Belli, who is only three months older than your ball boy, has already won a world series, MVP, RoY, and makes $17MM a year. Thus, making my writing about him slightly bitter and envious. However, back to baseball, Belli seems to have fallen off of every radar; he is only 26yo and has 138 career HR. He needs 362HR to reach the 500HR mark; he averages 35HR/162G, meaning he needs 10.34 more seasons to reach the mark. With age, and if their health can regain form before 2021, he can undoubtedly meet the mark; however, he likely will not be with the LA Dodgers.

DH/SP Shohei Ohtani: What is there to say about Ohtani? That hasn't already been said. Ohtani is fantastic and is only 27yo and has 102HR over his 4yrs in the MLB. The age, the power, the way he takes care of himself, the two-way play won't last forever, and moving to a full-time DH role will likely happen in 3-5 seasons. He needs 398HRs to reach 500HR and averages 37HR/162G; he would need 10.75 more seasons to reach 500 and 13.45 more. If that HR takes a tick up, he could reach 600HR when it's all said and done and be the GOAT of all Japanese-born players.


3B Kris Bryant: What about the 30yo KB, the former RoY MVP, World Series champ who just signed an 8yr deal with the Rockies this past off-season. KB sits at 931H and 167HR, with averages of 167H/30HR per 162G. KB does have a good track record of playing the majority of seasons and staying productive. His glove also plays well enough to allow him to stay in a lineup. In contrast, his more defensively limited teammates can stay at their natural positions. 2069H/333HR at his current averages would take him 12.39 seasons for 3K and 11.1 seasons for 500HR. Sadly, KB will be a great player, slightly overhyped, and fall short of both marks. However, 2100H/375HR could be the cards for him.

SS/2B Javy Baez: What about El Mago himself. One of the smoothest defenders in baseball signed with the up-and-coming Tigers during this last off-season after spending the 2nd half of 2021 with the Mets. The 29yo Baez has 829H/152HR in his 7yr career. Leaving him with 2179H/348HR to reach the milestones with his career averages at 150H/28HR per 162G. He would need 14.53 more seasons to reach 3K and 12.42 seasons to reach 500HR. The glove will carry Javy deep into his 30's, and the power should remain, and he likely will end with about 1800H/300HR.

1B Anthony Rizzo: The new Yankee's 1B Rizzo decided to re-up in NY with the short porch for 2 seasons during this previous off-season. Rizzo is such a great hitter, and I love his swing, his defense is good as well, and he is just a solid all-around player, a true professional. Rizzo's nearly 10yr career, the 32yo vet has 1405H/261HR. With 162G averages, 157H/29HR leaves him with 1595H/239HR. He would need 10.16 more seasons for 3K and 8.24 more for 500. I think he has at least 5 more seasons of high-level play, and 2000H/400HR is the more realistic outcome for Rizzo.

2B/SS Trevor Story: The Redsox 2B and possibly 2023 opening day SS signed a 6yr deal with the Red Sox this past off-season. The 29yo now 2B was the man in Colorado when they had no one and a toxic front-office staff. The staff is gone, and so is Story. The 29yo enters his 7th MLB season and has 799H/165HR thus far. His 162G averages 166H/34HR are very kind and telling of playing in Colorado. The Story needs 2201H/335HR to reach the milestones. At his current averages, he needs 13.26 more for 3K and 9.85 more to reach 500HR. It's like he ends at 1700H/350HR is the most likely outcome for Story.

OF/1B Cody Bellinger: I forgot until I started writing about Belli that he is only 26yo; why does he feel so much older than 26? It's because he debuted at 21yo for the Dodgers. The former MVP, RoY, World Series Champ, and Gold Glove OF is as talented as anyone in the MLB. The career 577H/138HR feels modest, but those are the numbers. He needs 2423H/362HR to reach the milestones. His 162G averages of 146H/35HR aren't bad at all. 16.57 more seasons to reach 3K, 10.34 more HR. Belli will always be a power guy, that's his game, and we know that. Belli quickly has 10 more seasons of great production; he should end at 2000H/500HR in his career.

SS/2B Francisco Lindor: One of the best gloves first SS in the MLB is also fantastic with the bat in his hands; he did not get paid 10yr and $341MM for his defensive work. Lindor is also really young at 28yo and in his 7th MLB season. The career numbers for Lindor are 1039H/164HR, needing 1961H/336HR at his 162G 178H/28HR, and at his age of 28, the outcome looks positive. 11.07 more seasons for 3K and 12 more seasons for 500HR. The likeliest outcome for Lindor 2700H/430HR is a couple more gold gloves, a World Series in NY, and a trip to Cooperstown when it's all said and done.

1B Matt Olson: The ATL Braves 1B for the next 8 seasons got traded and signed a massive extension with his hometown Braves. Indeed a boy's dream came true for Olson. The 28yo slugging 1B got out of Oakland with his hometown team and is ready to make Braves fans tell Freddie Freeman who? Olson has 544H/146HR into his 5th MLB season. As they call him in the dugout, Oly needs 2456H/354HR to reach the milestones. Truly a power guy, it would take Olson at his 162G averages 146H/38HR, 16.82 more seasons to reach 3K, and 9.32 seasons to reach 500HR. Likely, Oly lands at 1700H, and I think he can get to the 500HR mark. Give it to me!

3B Nolan Arenado: After opting into the remaining years on his deal with the Cardinals, Arenado is off the market and set on leading the Cardinals into the post-Yadi-Pujols-Waino era in STL. Honestly, Arenado will be in the HoF solely on his 9 Gold Gloves and 5 Platinum Gloves and counting. However, the 31yo 3B bat is nothing short of amazing. 1399H/278HR is a big reason he has 4 Silver Sluggers and 6 All-Stars. The career 178H/35HR averages are nothing short of incredible. The chances might be strong, needing 1601H/222HR and six years total left on his deal. 8.99 more seasons to reach 3K, 6.34 seasons to reach 500HR. It's likely Arenado falls short of 3K and does, however, reach 500HR. 2400H/500HR should be close to the final tally for Arenado when he ends up in Cooperstown.

SS Carlos Correa: It's always Correa's time. It feels as if this man loves the headlines and the limelight, which is slightly chilled in Minnesota with the Twins. The former #1 overall pick has 810H/135HR at age 27 and into his 7th MLB season. He needs 2190H/365HR up against his average of 168H/28HR, which doesn't immediately give me much hope; however, time is on his side at 27. 13.03 more seasons to reach 3K and 13.03 more seasons to reach 500HR. It's doubtful that Correa will reach either of these marks, and he should end up around 2400H/400HR when he decides to hang them up.

SS Corey Seager: As Kyle decided to retire, Kyles's little brother is the only Seager left in the MLB heading into the 2022 season. The Rangers SS signed a massive 10yr deal with the club to be their cornerstone as they look to compete in the AL West. The former Dodger, WS Champ/MVP, and RoY look to make the Seager name even more profound. The 28yo has 755H/112HR into his 7th MLB season. Needing 2245H/388HR to reach the milestones and at his 181H/27HR average and 10yrs on his side, let's see how long it will take. 12.40 seasons to reach 3K, 17.37 seasons to reach 500. Corey likely ends up around 2500H and 370HR when he hangs it up, post mega deal.

2B/SS Marcus Semien: The 2nd piece of the Rangers puzzle is 31yo SS/2B Semien. Since the 2019 3rd place MVP finish, few have been more productive in that span. After signing a massive 7yr deal with the Rangers, Semien is locked back into the AL West and ready to build off of his career 1031H/160HR. He needs 1969H/340HR to reach the milestones, and at his career 162G averages of 158H/24HR and his age, it doesn't look ideal. He needs 12.79 more seasons to reach 3K and 15 more at those numbers to reach 500HR. It's all but likely Semien ends around 2100H/320HR come to the end of his big deal.

OF Aaron Judge: The main character of the 2022 season is on pace for nearly 60HR as of 5/23/22. There isn't much to say about Judge other than light-tower power, so let's jump into the numbers. He is playing in his 30-season and looking for an absolute RECORD deal. 618H/173HR on his career. He would need 2382H/327HR, and in his career, 162G averages of 164H/46HR. Let's do the math. 14.52 more seasons for 3K and only 6.81 more seasons for 500HR, and 8.90 more for 600HR. I give Judge at least eight more good seasons, and with those numbers, he should end up around 1900H/525HR when it's all said and done for him.

1B Freddie Freeman: MV-Free is excellent at baseball, and the Dodgers 1B came home to So-Cal this last off-season on a 6yr deal. The 32yo vet has 1750H/274HR so far in his great now 12yr career. Freeman needs 1250H/226HR to reach the milestones. His career averages per 162G, 177H/28HR would take him 7.06 to reach 3K and 8.07 more to reach 500K. I honestly don't want to predict where Freeman will end up as the numbers aren't out of the cards for him. Time will tell as Freeman goes through his last contract in Dodger Blue.

3B/2B Jose Ramirez: The Guardians locked down and were lucky enough that Ramirez loves his team enough to take a discount and re-sign for seven more seasons and ultimately the rest of his career as the deal takes him through 36 seasons. Now, we see if the Guardians can put a competitive product around J-Ram and their excellent pitching staff. In his 8th season in the MLB, J-Ram has 1026H/172HR, with career 162G averages of 163H/27HR with 1974H/328HR to meet the mark. He would need 12.11 more seasons for 3K and 12.14 more for 500HR. It's like J-Ram will go down at a great for Cleveland and end up with around 2100H/350HR with quite a few more All-Stars and Silver Sluggers.

That's it! That's the post! If I left off your favorite player, drop a comment, and I would do it for the fans to do a fan edition of your favorite players or more players that I missed.

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