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EP1: Dynasty Down Under- Bluey Ballers


Welcome in as we recap one of the NBA Bandits Dynasty league, aka the Bluey Dads FB group Fantasy Basketball Dynasty league, aka a bunch of NBA junkies who are also fantasy junkies and are also dads who just wanted to connect with more dads who had no clue what any of us are doing. Please forgive us, as we had some lag issues that caused some talking over during some analysis pieces.

This week, we are recapping week two of the league, including the top scorers, best manager, worst manager, and all the roster moves made this week with reactions.

Then we jump into all the NBA News, from the Harden trade to Milwaukee's terrible defense down to Andre Iguodala getting a new role with the NBAPA.

Then, we do a full-length injury roundup on some of the most notable names: Blazer Robert Williams, Suns Devin Booker, Nets Cam Johnson, Cam Thomas, Celtics Al Horford, Kings De'Aaron Fox, Magics Gary Harris, Markelle Fultz, Pelicans Trey Murphy, Heat Tyler Herro, Clippers Mason Plumlee, and Hornets Terry Rozier.

Then we jump into some of our trade targets early in the season: Raptors Scottie Barnes, 76ers Kelly Oubre, Pacers Bennedict Mathurin, Nuggets Julian Strawther, Hawks Jalen Johnson, Pelicans Matt Ryan, Suns Drew Eubanks, and lastly, Knicks Mitchell Robinson.

Lately, we immediately jumped into some strategy questions for the week and how to build a new dynasty team from our not-so-expert perspective.

Enjoy our pain, learning curve, and lack of understanding of Dynasty Fantasy Basketball. We are all trying to be like our favorite TV dad: Bandit.

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TRANSCRIPT: Jey (00:06.072)

on. Well the audience is a little late there, but thank you audience. Well played, well played. Welcome into the second episode of the Dynasty Down Under podcast, Bluey Ballers on Ballboy Talk, where we are covering our 12 team dynasty fantasy basketball league with our fellow bandits. Joining me today is the captain, team leader of team poppin with T-Bo Cody. Cody, how are you today?

Cody (00:39.584)

Very glad to be on, very glad to be talking some basketball. Waited far too many months for it to start, so very stoked.

Jey (00:43.06)

Yeah, well it was the first time in what since covid that we had a regular off season

which is crazy. It did. It's been nice so far. I think it's. It was a great offseason. There was a lot of offseason movement, a lot of storylines, a lot of the same stuff, but different players. Today on the podcast, we're going to be talking about our league week two recap. We're going to be talking some recent NBA news, some NBA injuries and how they may be affecting our teams or other teams in our league. A couple of wild stats.

Cody (00:55.532)

Yep. And I think it definitely delivered.

Jey (01:21.224)

And then we're going to go through our league roster reactions like we did last week. And then we're going to be ending with our free agent and trade targets that we may be eyeing right now in the league. So Cody, are you ready to jump in?

All right, let's do it.

Starting off with our week two league recaps you suffered a crushing loss last week in week two to team No, no, you didn't sorry. I'm too far ahead of myself our league leaders in points were team Mitch man who scored 283 Cody your team with 270.5 and the Puzzini dynasty at 270 were last week's leaders

Cody (01:42.397)

Absolutely, always.

Jey (02:11.648)

I actually suffered a crushing loss to you last week in week 2. I lost to you 270 to 256. The final score looks a little bit closer than it actually was. I had a terrible week from most of my roster. It was really hard to pick and choose some games. Then from there the Puzzini dynasty beat that blue guy 270 to 234.

Jey (02:39.616)

believe that was our closest matchup on the week points wise outside of ours. Mitch man 95 beat Giddies bandits, two 82 to two 42. So pretty significant loss there to infinity when beyond probably one of my favorite names in the league beat classic stripe two 56.5 to two 10 and then Pavlov and pop it Popovich beat all balls. No bite. Probably my second favorite team name in the league.

Cody (02:50.834)


Jey (03:08.196)

254 to 194 and a half. So that was our quick recap Brought to you by no one because we have no sponsors, but that's okay. Now yet. Someone will pick us up Anything to say from your team for last week Any shout outs you want to give on your team anyone that stood out anyone that's just been crushing it for you Making their lock in decisions even more difficult

Cody (03:23.186)


Cody (03:40.204)

Always got to shout out my first overall pick for making it easy. For always, it seems like it's not going to stop. I'm always going to get a 45 piece from Yokich. So that makes life a little easier.

Jey (03:47.08)

Yes, yes you are. My top pick was LaMelo. No, I picked-

I was between Lamello, Paulo, and Chet were my top 3 picks. I'm really happy with all 3 of them, they've all looked really good. I keep getting crazy offers for Chet. I'm not ready to part with them. He has the potential to explode on any night for 45 like he did last week in our matchup which brought me back a little bit closer. The only player I'm struggling with and trying to figure out

Cody (04:00.981)

nowhere a huge game last me.

Jey (04:23.5)

because I think that team is still trying to figure out how much of the role they're going to give him is Tyrese Maxey. He put up 33 earlier this week, but last night he put up 41 fantasy points and I'd already locked in the 33 because I thought, okay, that's as good as it's going to get. So he's only getting better. He's only getting more comfortable in that role, which of course that's a perfect segue into the NBA news because we're going to be starting off with talking.

Cody (04:36.606)


Jey (04:53.236)

about the James Harden trade because it finally we're finally seeing it trickle down James Harden get some playing time and Whomever I'm playing this week, I'm playing Want to say I'm playing Lord Sage and his team is carried and I mean carried By the Clippers. He has Paul George James Harden Russell Westbrook So he has three other big four there

And it's carried. So you ready to get into some NBA news?

Alright, let's get into it.

Cody (05:30.744)


Jey (05:31.832)

So the James Harden trade of course gets the drum joke sound bit because James Harden has been an absolute joke the last four years. Going from Houston to Brooklyn to the Sixers to now to the Clippers. Four years, four teams basically. And hopefully this is finally his last stop.

before teams are just like, we're done with you, we don't care how much talent you bring. But they also have a really bad problem in with the Clippers now. So the trade overall, the Sixers got the expiring contracts of Marcus Morris, Robert Covington, Nicholas Pattoom, and Kenyon Martin Jr. All on one year deals, all in the last year of their contracts. All of them got traded as part of this deal. They got two future firsts, one first round pick swap, and two second round picks.

Cody (06:25.794)


Jey (06:26.508)

I don't know the exact years for any of those, but that's what they got. Good on the Clippers to move that salary, because they probably have to, to afford Harden, and to make this deal work. But the Sixers got some good pieces there. You know, Marcus Morris, Covington, Nicholas Pattoom, Kenyon Martin Jr., all those guys can be worked into different roles off their bench. And so it's really quality depth behind Embiid and Maxey and those guys in their starting five. I don't think they've released anyone.

I'm pretty sure Covington has been playing already and getting some most playing time out of all those guys.

Cody (07:05.288)

Yeah, Coventon was definitely my favorite part of that trade for the Sixers. Really solid pickup for them.

Jey (07:05.524)

Yeah, I'm pretty sure he even put in that he wasn't told before that he was even going to be part of this deal. Like it came as a surprise to him. Him and PJ Tucker, who ended up going to the Clippers, and then Phillip Pestro, who was actually waved by the Clippers. So they ended up keeping him, but he was picked up by the Kings. And so the Kings are trying to work him into the rotation. I believe they assigned him to the G League after claiming him off waivers.

So that's the hard and trade. Any reaction to this trade, Cody, who won, who lost? Was it worth it for the Clippers to make this move?

Cody (07:49.872)

I think the Sixers, just fresh off of what I saw this week, definitely won the trade. It opens up a lot more for Maxey to get going. It just seems like the team, just like the environment around it, they're just winning now. That's all they can focus on because they got rid of that locker room cancer. Now they can just fixate on moving forward because everyone wants to cut them out of the East.

because it's either Milwaukee or Boston who has it, but the Sixers have been on a run now, so.

Jey (08:17.08)

They have been. They have looked really good. And I think the Clippers have a really hard problem now to solve. They have four guys. When you add up their career usage averages is over 100%. Between Hardin, Paul George, Kwai Leonard, and Russell Westbrook, Win Healthy, their career averages, I believe, is like a 108% usage between those four. There's not 108% part of a game.

Cody (08:28.768)


Jey (08:43.532)

These guys are all getting a little older. They're all past 10 years in the league. So none of them are young, young bucks anymore. They're all in their thirties. Uh, there are a couple of things that this does do for the Clippers. It does allow them to take some of that load off Paul George and Kawhi Leonard on a nightly basis to play them a few less minutes to put more of the load on Russ and Harden.

Cody (08:48.556)


Jey (09:07.552)

to be on the floor to save some of their minutes, save them on back to backs a little bit. So 25, 25 out. User bench, he's up to Tai Lu, he has to figure out how to rotate these guys in and out to keep them fresh and keep them healthy. But I don't love it on a court aspect because I don't think it's going to work. Put all four of those guys on a court, you're going a super small lineup. You essentially have Russ at the one.

Harden at the two, Kawai and Paul George, flip and flopping at the three, four, and then you have, I think, Zubok, I believe, at the five. So it's...

Cody (09:47.732)

Yep. Which, my biggest thing, then you leave out Terran's Man.

Jey (09:50.508)

Well, they also picked up Primo as well. They also signed him to an NBA standard contract as well, which we don't have to get too far into that. I think I have him later in the doc here, but.

Cody (09:56.749)

Who gets-

Cody (10:08.152)

That's my biggest thing in the trade is, uh, Terrence Mann, who's been stupendous for them, now has to take a back seat to pretty much everything in that organization. I mean, you could just tell, you could just tell when James Harned entered the locker room for the first time, Terrence Mann had zero interest in what was going on.

Jey (10:13.705)

Even coming off the bench.

Jey (10:21.736)

100% and it sucks for those bench guys because yeah, you're gonna come off and play but guess what plays are gonna be called when you're on the floor Whoever's left out of those four. That's who the ball is gonna go to There's always gonna as long as they all can figure out how to stay healthy and keep themselves healthy for 82 They'll make the playoffs It's gonna be hard to stop that team from winning a lot of games and winning enough games to get in and to stay relevant

Cody (10:55.448)

Yeah, I think the most interesting time for the Clippers is going to be playoff time. Win everyone because they're going to try and keep everyone healthy because the last three, four years historically that's what's happened. Someone's got injured. They go into the playoffs missing Paul George. They go into the playoffs missing Leonard. So I think they're going to try to squeak in this year by keeping everyone healthy, win just enough games to get in and then come to the playoffs with everyone at full health and try to figure it out then. So that'll be interesting to see.

Jey (11:19.484)

It will be but moving on here dame as you guys know listening He got traded to the milwaukee bucks from his longtime home of the portland trails blazer blazers Um since the trade the bucks have ranked 25th this season

in terms of team defense that was as of 11-6 and dame as of 11-6 is playing the worst defense of his career he's ranked right now as the 333rd best defender in the NBA according to individual defensive rating as of 11-6 i posted that in the on the sleeper page just for everyone to see it i just thought that was crazy because i thought dame was one of the few superstars left that actually

I guess working on a new team where you're not everything for everybody, you tend to take a backseat because you know Yanis can cover half the floor in two steps. So of course from there we have the in-season tournament which we saw more games of last night on 11-10. We have more games scheduled for 11-11 and I believe through this whole weekend there's interning season games. The Thunder ended up losing.

their second game of the end season tournament, but they have been getting high praise. The Kings look really good. That trade, the Sabones and the Tyrese Halliburton trade is obviously gonna go down in NBA history as one of the best win-win trades ever, because now both teams have a top tier offense and top tier defense overall, so.

Cody (12:33.164)


Jey (12:55.924)

without the Aaron Fox Malik Monk stepped up and played a huge role in that with that for that team in that position really filled that hole um and he's missed five straight games now so I know

Cody (12:58.6)

And they've been doing that with without DeAaron Fox too.

Jey (13:11.392)

And then of course, Curry and K-Dum, they were last week's players of the week. Curry early through the first few games of the season here, he's on pace and won another MVP award, and he would be the oldest MVP at 36 years old ever. So LeBron has even won one at this stage of his, past this stage of his career.

Cody (13:14.4)

Trust me, I know. Ha ha ha.

Jey (13:29.94)

Beyond that, just some NBA news. The NBA is looking into a two-day draft starting in 2024, kind of taking the route. You know, the NFL, MLB, all those platforms all take advantage of having a longer extended draft as they could. 2025, the All-Star Game was awarded to Golden State. And in 2025, even possibly this year, Adam Silver has been saying, this needs to be a real game. You guys actually need to compete. Maybe we'll move it back to East versus West format.

There's been a lot of call to kind of go back to how things were before the all-star draft and Mumbo jumbo things like that, but there is a cap on Per league players so only so many players from the east and so many players from the west can represent to make it even Steve Kerr said that this will be his last Olympics coaching the USA men's team in 2024

They hired Udonis Haslam as their VP of basketball development. Jameer Nelson received a promotion. He's been named the general manager of the Delaware Bluecoats, the Sixers G League affiliate. And lastly, the last bit of NBA news before we jump over to the injuries is the NBA PA has formally announced Igor Dalla. So Andre Igor Dalla was appointed as the acting executive director. That was confirmed in a press release. So.

That's the NBA News. Anything else that you've heard from the ground? Any news?

Cody (15:03.72)

Oh, nothing at all. I just want to say I absolutely love the mid-season tournament. I love the courts, just because I'm a big color guy. But also, like from a fantasy perspective, I absolutely love it, because it's just more incentive for these primetime games for guys to go out and put out a big game.

Jey (15:06.326)

Oh, the parts are so cool.

Jey (15:18.724)

Exactly, and I think that's one of the biggest benefits playing fantasy of the end season tournament is that these games matter They kept these guys they kept these teams engaged enough to where like hey like these games matter for something Like I don't feel like anyone really knows what they matter for but they matter

Cody (15:43.84)

Well I think from what I heard last night, a couple people talking, the half a million dollars that you get for winning it, that's pretty good incentive.

Jey (15:47.596)

That's a pretty good incentive. So over into the injuries now, we're going to jump down there because there's some injuries that couple of the second one we're going to talk about here is a little bit near and dear to you. So we're going to start.

Trailblazers big man Robert Williams, he's going to undergo season ending right knee surgery. He should be good to go for the 24-25 season. In Robert Williams healthiest season, 2021-2022, Williams nearly averaged a double-double, averaging 10 points per game and 9.6 rebounds to go along with 2.2 blocks per night on 73.6 field goal percentage in that season. So Williams, next year, he's kind of a target in dynasty.

league? Give me one second. Go ahead and jump into that Devin Booker injury.

Cody (16:44.792)

Oh yeah, absolutely, would love to. It's early on in the season. Buell missed the first couple of games and made his debut this week and that was pretty clunky. Booker being out, I think with that lineup, it's pretty similar to what LA is doing with theirs and just trying to keep everyone healthy during the regular season. As a Suns fan, it's...

You know, you want to get excited about Suns basketball and you want to see that big three all together. So I'm just waiting to see that. And you just got to kind of be patient, bide your time until all these pieces can come together.

Jey (17:24.136)

And that Devin Booker trade not trade the Bradley Beal trade which now has sent Deandre Ayton over to Portland the news been he's been ballin. He has been absolutely ballin out there Which has been really positive see

Cody (17:43.476)

Yeah, which I mean, I absolutely love that. It was just, that's one thing that I never really understood is I know that him and Monte Williams had their, their disagreements. Um, but eight, Aiden was already out the door. I love Monte as a coach, uh, obviously coach of the year, uh, two years ago. And, uh, but Aiden was already out the door. He was on the training block. So I didn't really understand the firing of Monte Williams. Um, but.

Over in Portland, obviously, where Aitin is going to be kind of the focal point of a pretty young team, yeah, he's absolutely been killing it. Whereas if he would have stayed in Phoenix, you've got three scorers, and you have a fourth guy who can still be a big man but also wants to be a scorer as opposed to Josef Nercdijk, who has done a beautiful job of just his tenacity, his ability to move the ball.

Jey (18:33.334)

Playing the role just playing the role

Cody (18:41.912)

It he kind of like a Not to even compare him to Jokic But the way that he kind of moves the ball as a big is really fun to watch and not a lot of bigs do that in the league

Jey (18:44.036)


No, he's great. Nurkic is great at playing that role. They brought him in, they told him, hey, this is what you're gonna do. You're gonna get boards, you're gonna move the ball, and you're just gonna be a part of this team. You're the last option, unless you have to be a one, two, three option, but you're the last option on the floor at all times. He gets his, of course.

Cody (19:12.864)

And he's still, and he still gets his two like throughout everything just by like being those boards and in everything like he's Averaging I think like 13 to right now

Jey (19:16.268)

No, he's looking good. He's looking really good. But of course, like you mentioned, Devin Booker, the health early in the season is okay. He could return either Sunday or Wednesday this coming week, which is disappointing. Because when I think it was, was it you or someone else that said, how much longer am I going to have to wait to see the suns at full health? Because who knows at this point?

Other news, Nets wing Cameron Johnson is tapped. He was available for Friday's game. He's actually out. No, he's not out. They have another cam that's out. So Cameron Johnson, he was available Friday. I'm unsure if he played.

Cody (19:48.908)


Cody (20:05.836)

He played on Friday and mild minutes, good showing. I got him, he was right in my IR for a while and he has a soft spot in my heart with Mikael Bridges as they were both former sons and pretty young guys. So that's why I picked him up and he looked pretty sharp coming in on Friday.

Jey (20:15.413)


Jey (20:19.928)


Okay I'm glad he was able to play and get back from that. Celtics big man Al Horford, he hasn't played in both ends of the back to back. I doubt he will actually play in back to backs until the game, until he really need them or unless there's a KP injury. But Christoph Porzingis, he has been absolutely balling to start the year and he said he's playing in the back to back this week. So that's a great sign, I love that, love seeing KP healthy enough early in the season saying oh yeah I'll play in back to backs no problem.

think he's really enjoying playing in Boston with those guys. Kingstar, Deer, and Fox, he again he missed his six straight contests yesterday with the ankle sprain. Ankle sprains are tricky especially for NBA guys when you have to run jump and a guy like Deer and Fox who is massively explosive has to have that ankle right to land to go off that's huge for him. Magic, go ahead.

Jey (21:22.98)


Cody (21:24.06)

I hope that Sacramento definitely just rides what they've been doing and they give him his time to fully recover from that because ankles are very touchy. So give him his time.

Jey (21:29.372)

No, they need him for the season. They don't need him in game 10 right now, first 10. They need him game 65 to 82 more. So.

Magic Wing Gary Harris missed his third consecutive game due to a right groin strain on Thursday. Markel Foltz returned from his left knee element that cost him three games and he was right back into the starting lineup. Markel Foltz, probably one of the biggest draft busts in the last 10-15 years. Just has never lived up to the potential. Never really got the opportunity. Got the opportunity, didn't do much with it.

Cody (21:39.637)


Cody (21:44.031)


Jey (22:08.636)

That's kind of this Markel Folt story. Pelicans wing Trey Murphy. And if you guys are just casual basketball fans, don't know what wings are. Wings are normally your two, three players. So your guards, your small forwards guys who play out on the wings, out on the perimeter and things like that. Trey Murphy, he's recovering from his meniscus surgery on his left knee. According to a beat writer, Gilroy Murphy has been running priority games, playing one-on-one against coaches and is making great progress.

but he's still at least a few weeks away. That's the quote from returning to action. So definitely someone, if you're in a dynasty league and you have the availability to go and see if this guy's out there, someone you may want to just take a peek at, see if you can go pick him up, throw him on the back of your bench, throw him onto your IR spot, drop someone, pick someone else back up if you are tired of someone. After undergoing an MRI on Thursday last week on his right ankle.

Tyler Hero was diagnosed, so Heat Guard Tyler Hero was diagnosed with a grade 2 sprain. He's going to be out, he's going to be in a walking boot actually for about the next 10 days and he's going to be reevaluated in 2 weeks. So if you have Tyler Hero, you're really going to want to pay attention to some of the guys we're going to bring up here later in the doc. A left ankle sprain for Nets Guard Cam Thomas has him on the shelf for 2 weeks. See I got the camera.

According to Shams, he's gonna be sidelined for at least two weeks. Mason Plumlee, another depth piece for the Clippers. They're optimistic he'll be able to return sometime before the end of the season, but no guarantee. They're actually looking at, I saw rumors related to this, that the Clippers are looking at the backup big man in Indy behind Turner.

Jey (24:03.288)

Can't think of his name right now. But the backup big man behind Turner. But they haven't made a move yet. Probably because they don't know how to rotate these guys still yet. And then our last piece of injury news, Hornet's guard Terry Rozier doesn't have a timetable to come back from his left adductor's train that he suffered last Saturday night, so about a week ago. He hasn't said anything yet, but this is good. This was a good injury, at least for my team.

because I have Brandon Miller. And so since his injury, Brandon Miller has got an opportunity in the starting lineup and has been very efficient, very efficient with it. And Gordon Hayworth gotten more opportunity, more usage. He's looked really good with it. Lamelo starting to put things together with all these pieces on the court around him. He's a smart player, probably the best ball brother out of the three and I'll.

Cody (24:38.036)

Man. Yup.

Jey (24:57.72)

die on that hill that he's obviously the most talented, most refined, was the most NBA ready mentally to handle the NBA.

Cody (25:12.256)

Gotta give a shout out though for Lonzo because man, that is just a real bummer to go through injury wise for him.

Jey (25:14.616)

So many injuries. He's still getting paid though. Still getting paid. So are you ready for our wild stat of the week before we jump into roster reactions?

Jey (25:29.44)

Alright, our wild start of the week. Chet Holmgren, this was as 11-7. Chet Holmgren is leading the NBA in catch and shoot efficiency field goal percentage at 92.9%. And no, I'm not listening to the offers on Chet Holmgren. I was offered two really good bigs and multiple draft picks for Holmgren that I have not accepted. I don't think I'll be accepting a trade for Chet Holmgren.

Cody (25:31.788)


Cody (26:03.384)

Okay, okay. Real quick on that. So the most ridiculous trade, do you think it was, are there more ridiculous trades than the one that I offered you?

Jey (26:09.22)

Uh, are you talking about the take all three of them for? I mean, this trade pretty much this trade was. I don't because you can obviously look it up, but I mean, we can talk about each other. I'm not, I'm going to decline this trade right now because I'm not going to move them, but pretty much for check the home grid. I was offered Chris stops, poor Zingas, Xavier Tillman.

Cody (26:21.887)

Yeah. Take your entire trade block.

Jey (26:35.08)

2024 first, a 2025 third, and a 2026 third. Not going to do that. I just declined it while we're on air here. So as soon as I post the link, he'll be like, well, finally. But again, that's kind of the level where people are looking at Chet Holmgren right now, I would assume, in most dynasty leagues. Everyone wants Chet. He looks really good. I...

cannot get rid of him. He's like, he's an anchor. Him, Bankero, and LaMelo, I have top draft picks from the last three drafts right there, so very happy long term dynasty output. The rest of the efficiency percentage, really interesting who's round out the top ten. Dennis Schroeder's number two, Curry's number three, old man Alec Burks with the Pistons number four, Bruce Brown number five, Grayson Allen.

Cody (27:04.89)

A lot of upside. Would not get rid of them.

Jey (27:31.308)

Dorian Finney-Smith, so your boy Grayson Allen there in Phoenix. Dorian Finney-Smith with the nets. Tyler Hero, well he'll probably fall out. Grant Williams and Kawhi Leonard are all rounding out the top 10 of the catch and shoot efficiency. So, very interesting to when you look at that, who's getting the ball, who can make those catch and shoots no problem. But let's...

Cody (27:59.608)

I do have to give a big shout out to who I'm playing this week for keeping Grayson Allen on their bench when he popped off for what was it, 9 threes earlier in the week. That was a real blessing. Thank you so much.

Jey (28:09.544)

I would honestly say he's probably early in the conversation for Six Man. So I would say he's in the conversation for Six Man of the Year. So let's get into our weekly recap. Let's do some reactions. Let's do some emoji reactions to the deals and the moves that went down this week. I'm going to go back to when we posted, when I posted last week, the first episode of the podcast for everyone to listen.

The first move came from all let me transition us. Sorry There we go now we can officially move on the first move We talked a lot after the podcast dropped. You got some good conversation going The first move was actually you picked up drew you banks, how's that been working out for you?

Cody (29:09.392)

I just picked them up just in case Yurkich loved the man but is still getting up there in age and how they're using them and just absolutely, again, very fun to watch but man they are really banging that guy away. So just picked up Eubanks as kind of a safe keeper on the bench.

Jey (29:22.296)

I like that. I like that. I'm gonna give that the facepalm, cause I mean, it's an obvious one, especially for you, makes sense. Chris Middleton was put on the trade block. I don't think anyone wants Chris Middleton right now, at all. Cause he just doesn't, he just doesn't look like himself. He looks like a shell of what he was. He hasn't figured out how to play as the number three option now. He so used to be that number two guy in Milwaukee next to Giannis, and he's just not that guy no more. Umm... I'm gonna give that...

Have you?

Cody (29:56.372)

I have actually been fishing for Middleton just in case, just in case, you know, God forbid, Lillard goes down and he has to come back in on that roll. I know early in the season, Middleton's still kinda coming back from an injury, but I do like Middleton as just kind of like a bench option, a guy that I can toss in later in the season.

Jey (30:17.196)

Like it and then obviously we have our weekly recap here that's presented by sleeper So we do our fantasy league on sleeper apps probably the best fantasy app out there for all your fantasy needs Again, not a sponsor Lord Sage got crowned the best manager. He was 97% accurate And he still I think he still lost Worst manager was D

Camadre he was only 82% accurate so everyone in the league so far has been pretty accurate with their start sits we're averaging between 82 and 97% accurate so good job like just to our league in general highest score obviously was Mitch Van our lowest score was coach BM 23 captain of all balls no bite and then classic stripe was the worst manager award first move here

I had picked up Goga Betadze, I dropped Dario Saric, gave myself a thumbs up for that move, but it didn't really work out. I ended up picking up also Nick Richards for Dier and Sharp. I like those moves. Your thoughts on the Goga Betadze and for Dario Saric? Would you have done that?

Cody (31:44.712)

I mean they're all pretty expensable as bench players. It's just kind of like whatever you feel is gonna help aid your fantasy team. Because, and it's also dependent on the team that they play for and injuries, rotation and stuff like that. So I feel like they're pretty dispensable.

Jey (31:58.496)

Yeah, Goga, I mean, he's looked good this week. He's averaging about 14 and a half points.

uh... verses dario who is averaging about all he's also out of about fourteen points uh... but he also got a starting not in place a dream on didn't do it on with it only put up those twelve those six he only put up sixteen points so he better off the bench in that goal and state offense but again i did drop in uh... i did also then drop goga as well as i picked up guy santos so guy santos

three-year deal assigned to the Santa Cruz Warriors. I really liked his stuff. I looked up some of his stuff. I looked up his highlights. I really, really liked kind of where he was at. The Euroball tape. I think the dude's really talented.

Summer league, he looked really good in the summer league opener. He put up 19 points, five boards, three assists in 30 minutes. He was a second round pick. He played exclusively in the G league as a rookie. He's a six eight forward, which I feel the warriors are really trying to evaluate their options to see, do we have someone that can replace clay? Pretty much like who, how can we replace clay in this rotation next year?

Cody (33:24.972)

Well their entire organization, I mean all of their guys too, they're getting up there in age so you're looking at a fresh new crop of guys that they're trying to put on the bench uh... that can move the franchise forward so and you get the added benefit of learning behind some of the best shooters of all time.

Jey (33:30.32)

Moody Minga So I picked him up

Jey (33:39.528)

Yeah, exactly, which I mean Moses Moody's paying dividend. Moses Moody and Jonathan Kamingo are actually two The only two draft picks left for the Warriors in the last five or six years

All the other guys are gone. They're not even with the organization anymore. Which is crazy. Battle Cole, he picked up Alec Burks. I really like that move. I think even though he's put up zero fantasy points this week, when he gets the opportunity, he'll get the opportunity. He's been out with a forearm injury. Then the jury, he actually...

Cody (34:17.02)

everyone in Detroit has been banged up and how they're using people in Detroit is unbeknownst to me. Yeah, it's insane how Detroit is running their lineup. Jordan Ivy is now taking the third role. He gets like 20 minutes a game.

Jey (34:17.731)


Jey (34:27.649)

I mean, they have.

Jey (34:31.988)

They have the guys to play. They really just need to play Ivy, I think Thompson, their other draft pick.

Jey (34:44.81)


Cody (34:46.156)

Well, you want to run the Ivy Cunningham, but every time Cunningham comes on the court, they put Ivy on the bench and they're giving Ivy, and apparently it's an attitude problem with Jordan Ivy. Nobody in the organization is a big fan of him. But I mean, the kid's only like 20, 21 years old. And I loved him out of Purdue. I remember watching him in Purdue. He was, I mean, electric.

Jey (35:03.415)


Jey (35:06.74)

He was a baller. He was a baller. Absolute baller.

So then Goga got re-picked up after I had re-dropped him. I was hoping to re-pick him up, but I couldn't figure out the settings to get Guy Santos onto my taxi squad. So Goga got reclaimed, which is fine. The jury also then picked up Reggie Jackson, which I think was probably the best move of the week because Reggie Jackson has an extended opportunity right now to play alongside Jokic with...

Murray out right now and then Lord Sage he's out for a yeah he's out for a month at least Lord Sage then picked up Santi Aldama which was a really good pickup early in the week if he would have played them against Miami he put up 20 fantasy points he has been battling an ankle injury which has limited him a little bit

Cody (35:48.076)

Murray's out for a month. Yeah.

Jey (36:02.052)

Lord sage also picked up Jalen Smith Indies power forward who's looked he's had some really Inconceit streaky games. He put up 13 against San Antonio. Then he put up 26 against Utah this week And then he has back-to-back this weekend last week he averaged about

fantasy points so he's getting opportunity he looks really good he's averaging about 17 minutes a game 15 fantasy points in those 17 minutes so he's making the most of his opportunity when he's on the court looks really good I'm gonna give that one a fire emoji because he ended up dropping Sasha then Zikoff which he just hasn't gotten opportunity he's a former EuroLeague MVP

But they just haven't used him. They just have not used him at all. And now he's been relegated to the bench because Keegan Murray is back. So, Venzikoff, he's gonna end up back on the bench in that rotation fighting for minutes again. Timmy picked up C.D. Osmond. I don't know why. He's been really consistent, very consistent to start the season. But again, he's...

Getting about 19 minutes a night, averaging about 9 fantasy points a night. 8 points, 2.5 rebounds, 2 assists almost, a steal, a block, 2 turnovers.

Jey (37:33.052)

No, I don't see the minutes going up. I don't see him going I see him going down because the spurs having Really great bench and a lot of young guys that they need to work in uh To that rotation and pop will figure it out pops always figure it out So but with popovich, you never know you never know with him

Cody (37:35.416)

But I also don't see that like the minutes going up at all, so.

Cody (37:53.526)


Jey (37:53.793)


Jey (37:57.652)

Yeah, I'm gonna give that one the emoji, looking off to the side, kind of questionable. Uh, you dropped Kevin Porter. Which, yes, makes sense. There's nowhere you can put him. Dude, so, he's been so wronged, he's been so wronged because the accusations were false. And now he's just getting dogged.

Cody (37:57.952)

It's just whatever works. I mean, the man's been doing it for 20 plus years, so...

Cody (38:19.336)

It's just... Yep.

Jey (38:25.356)

by NBA team, super talented, that's dude's gone off for 50 a night before.

Cody (38:37.765)

It is unfortunate, but the league takes it as the league. So I don't see that guy getting signed by a team until maybe a playoff push.

Jey (38:47.492)

Maybe when they just need a score. So hopefully he stays healthy Then you ended up putting Jared Vanderbilt on the trade block Which I mean, I'm gonna give that the poop emoji because no one wants Jared Vanderbilt unless have you been getting traction for him Is anyone offered you anything for him? No, okay expected. He hasn't been getting anything. He's been a Bench option there in

Cody (39:12.225)


Jey (39:15.736)

LA deep bench he's like 12th in the rotation it seems

Yeah, but then you also made a ton of other roster moves. You ended up picking up Colby Jones Rookie out of Xavier He's averaging about six fantasy points in 12 minutes right there. I like that move. That was a solid I didn't know you had so much room on your bench Taxi, yeah, and then you also picked up Jose Alvarado

Cody (39:25.588)

Just contemplating just dropping him.

Cody (39:41.288)

and I threw, picked him up and I threw him on the, what's it, the taxi? Yep.

Jey (39:49.164)

So he's been out with the injury. He actually hasn't produced anything all year. So I'm assuming he's just on your IR right now. But when he comes back, maybe something, I'm gonna give that the watching eyes emoji. Caleb Martin, you also picked up, Guard Miami, he's also out. I commented that you filled up your IR with these moves.

Cody (39:51.928)

Can you just hold the sweet spot in my heart?

Jey (40:16.536)

So I'm gonna also give that one the watching eyes. And then you also picked up Dorique Whitehead. And for some reason in my head when I saw this, I'm like, is that Hassan White side?

Cody (40:18.085)

I made a lot of moves on Wednesday just filling up some roles.

Jey (40:29.463)

I was lost.

Jey (40:36.256)

Yep, first year forward, rookie forward out of Duke. He has not played yet. He's actually, he's in the G League right now. He's on the next G League team, where he's working out, getting some extended minutes, trying to get right, trying to get healthy. So that's a good move out of Duke.

Cody (40:37.012)

I was actually shocked that I saw Whitehead still out there and available.

Jey (40:55.86)

then pooch he picked up bismac bimbo uh he dropped jordan goodwin by bimbo's been getting opportunity he's been starting um a guy i really looked out he's been starting in place of xavier tillman um

Jey (41:14.636)

But with his play he looks so good. I mean, he's averaging 21 and a third fantasy points in 30 minutes this year. 11 points almost, 10.7 points, 12 rebounds, four assists, a steal in three blocks, and one and a half turnovers per game. Like he is playing really well in year 12 here, looking really good in that role in Memphis. Memphis, you know, they're...

Cody (41:16.308)

was going to be coming back so I don't know how much BeyondBo is gonna be in there for

Jey (41:44.308)

And then Jordan Goodwin again another guy that's just on that Suns bench not really getting a lot of opportunity. He's also injured He's been averaging about 11 fantasy points a game He's getting about 17 minutes per game putting up about six point seven points three point eight rebounds three point two assists one point three Stills one point five blocks one point five turnover, so he's kind of been all over the floor for him coming off the bench But again, he works in relief and he's had honestly a mediocre start to his season He said just about thirty one point seven percent of his shots from the field

Cody (41:45.34)

Oh absolutely, but as soon as Tillman comes back, he's gonna have to take a back seat.

Jey (42:14.092)

which includes 32.1% from Beyond the Arc, which isn't bad.

Cody (42:25.064)

I will say, fantasy wise, if you have anyone on the sun's bench, probably the biggest gamble of the fantasy year. You're either hoping that a guy goes off or one of the big three goes down.

Jey (42:34.548)

Yeah, and that's one thing I really like about Sleeper too, is that you can kind of see the matchups coming up. Like he has a matchup, like Goodwin for example, he has a matchup against OKC. OKC's awful. Giddy has not been playing good defense. Giddy has not been playing good defense. He put on a little bit of muscle, he's looking a lot stronger. But again, hopefully that isn't sacrificing him, but they're 21st against the point guard position, 27th overall.

Cody (42:58.998)


Jey (43:03.784)

defensively, they're fifth against the pace that the Suns play, so they're just, they're not great defensively right now. They're really trying to figure out their defensive identity. They can score all day. They can score, they can ball all day, but they can't play the defense, hence why they got beat by the Kings.

Um, so that's all of our reactions. Now we finally get to our last segment. We're going to talk about a few guys who at least I'm looking at possibly swinging some trades for, because I'm just, I'm interested. I'm liking what I'm seeing so far. So we're going to transition to that and then we'll close out the show here. So we don't go too long.

Jey (43:44.3)

The first guy I have right here, I'm looking at Scotty Barnes of the Raptors. Probably one of my trade targets. I believe he's not available in our league. I'm going to check real quick. I would assume he's probably not available. Barnes, you don't have him, do you? Scotty Barnes, he's owned by Mitchman95. He's been playing really good ball. I mean, he just had a 41 point game.

Jey (44:13.224)

He's averaging right now 33.38 fantasy points. He's getting 36 minutes tonight, 21 and a half points, 10 rebounds, six assists, two steals, two, two and a half steals, two and a half blocks, 3.3 turnovers. Like dude is it. He is legit. He's looked great. I don't even know what it would cost to get them. Um, but definitely someone I'm keeping my eye on if he had a downtick in production, but

His shooting line right now, he's shooting 51%, 42% from three, so 51% from the field, 42% from three, and 75% from the line. Like, that's gonna be hard to pry away from a manager.

Jey (45:00.116)

Next guy here, Killie Oubre. Killie Oubre, since he's came into the starting lineup for the Sixers, they've been winning.

Now I'm not saying correlation is causation here, but he's been looking really good. He's owned by AB Pack in our league, so he's owned. He's averaging about 17 fantasy points, getting about 30 minutes a night. So again, a guy you can look at, probably you could trade for compared to Scotty Barnes. Do you have anyone on here before I get to some of these deeper guys?

Cody (45:44.236)

Oh, it's funny that you brought ABPAC up. Big shout out to him because I don't know if I've ever sent so many trades to the same person.

Cody (45:59.734)

It's actually insane, like looking at it right now. The trades that we've sent to each other, just keep going and going and going and going and going.

Jey (46:06.432)

Yeah, he's very active. He's very active. He's definitely into the league. He's loving it. He's having a good time. He's fun to send trades back and forth with. I think I've actually done a couple trades with him. We actually had no trades in the league this week. First couple weeks we had quite a few to talk about, but this week we haven't had any. So everyone's kind of...

Cody (46:32.668)

I know you covered it last week, but man, I can't tell you how stoked I am to nail that Bradley Beal trade.

Jey (46:35.912)

Yeah, that was a solid trade. The next guy I'm kind of looking at here.

Jey (46:44.628)

Yeah, the top, I think I covered it very briefly last week. I don't, maybe I didn't. I think I put a poll up with the podcast. But the top of the draft, just I'm not, I don't love personally. And maybe it's too early, maybe it's too early. Draft boards haven't changed around enough, but.

Cody (46:45.724)

I gave up my first round next year just because I didn't like anyone coming in.

Jey (47:08.525)


Cody (47:10.444)

Obviously I have bias for Beal, but I feel like for what I gave up, I kind of liked it.

Jey (47:14.24)

Yeah, the next guy I'm kind of looking at here Benedict Mathurin 123 kind of combo player second year out of Arizona He's been balling. He's only been getting better with more opportunity this week so far week 3 11 27 and 31 and a half He's just been on an upward trajectory He started the season slow eight points five points last seven games eight points against Chicago five points against Boston

12 against Cleveland, 13 against Charlotte, 11 against San Antonio, spiked up to 27 against Utah, 31 and a half against Milwaukee. Again, we talked about Milwaukee's is not the best defensive team. But he's been looking really good. Like in that Utah game, he put up 22 points on 50% shooting, nine boards, four assists, two steals in 38 minutes. Even Rick Carlyle came on and said this is the best game of his career yet.

So definitely someone, and he was also an all-rookie first team player last year. Next guy here, Julian Strother. He's a. Who's he played for?

Jey (48:32.256)

I didn't put the TV play for.

Jey (48:39.94)

Strother, he plays for Denver. So he's a wing player for Denver. Obviously a bench player. He's owned by D Commodore. He's averaging about seven fantasy points a game. About 11 minutes per game, 8.2 points, 1.4 boards, and assists a steal, two blocks is kind of what he's averaging. When he did get the role, a little bit of an extended role last Monday or last earlier in the week, he put up 21 points.

two boards and assists in 19 minutes. So if he's getting the opportunity, which he probably should, given that he's a rookie point guard out of Gonzaga, Reggie Jackson, if Reggie Jackson ends up being Reggie Jackson and slowing down a little bit, or they need to rest him, then I would assume that Strother's gonna get some looks. He's gonna get a lot of looks. And he's coming off the bench right now, right next to Cantavious Caldwell Pope.

who takes on some more of that floor general. So he was a first round pick this year out of Gonzaga. So someone definitely to watch and to just keep their eyes on. Next, this is a guy that I've actually tried to trade for. I've tried to trade for Hawks forward, Jalen Johnson. I've not been able to get him. I really want to, but pooch, he does not want to give him up. He's looked-

only better and better as the season continues. Third year player out of Duke, averaging about 21 fantasy points a night on 30 minutes of playing time, which is, Sol is kind of where you wanna be at, because you know there's a floor beyond those potential. Pelicans wing Matt Ryan, not the old quarterback, Matt Ryan. He's actually available in our league. I guarantee by the time I publish this podcast, he won't be available anymore.

He's been pretty inconsistent, averaging about 8.5 fantasy points in 22 minutes, but he's coming off the bench. He's getting about, again, 22 to 25 minutes a night coming off the bench, which is exactly kind of where you want to be at. He's averaging about 6 attempts from beyond the arc. He's converting at about 41%, so that's a pretty good clip. So if he was to come in and get some more playing time, he's a third-year player at a Chattanooga college.

Cody (50:40.204)


Jey (51:05.804)

Maybe there's something there. Maybe there's something there for the Pels coming off the bench. And then Drew Eubanks was another player kind of in this conversation who's John Hollinger, a writer for the Athletic. These are three of the players that he named are emerging from obscurity. And then lastly, the last guy I have here is Senator Mitchell Robinson, who's averaging a career best 12.4 boards. Through that, even Tibbs, Tom Thibodeau, his coach.

For him it's not just offense, he's added that rebound game into his everyday game and he's been a monster on the board. But that... I don't... I'm sorry, my dogs are loud. He's been a monster off, he's been a monster there. But there's so many rumors right now that the Knicks are going to try to trade for Embiid.

before the deadline this year. So we'll see if that comes to fruition. I don't know. But again.

Jey (52:12.82)

No, I don't think they let them go. I don't think the Knicks have enough to try to get them. Is there anyone else that you have here that you're targeting via trade, free agency, that you have your eyes on, that you just haven't been able to pull the trigger yet with?

Cody (52:14.019)

There's just no way. Embiid is getting out of Philadelphia.

Cody (52:33.112)

My biggest my biggest Juggle right now with my team. I absolutely love my team. I think they're pretty solid but Jimmy Butler

Jey (52:39.108)

Is that a guy you're wanting to get rid of or trade for?

Cody (52:45.388)

I mean.

Get rid of. I just want him to... I don't know. It's earlier in the season and I know how the Heat work, or how they worked last year and the year prior. They struggle as a regular season team. They squeak in and then all of a sudden there comes Jimmy B.

Jey (53:00.662)


Jey (53:03.972)

I'd be interested to see what you...

Cody (53:08.108)

But, and I love to watch him, he's a player, he's one of my favorite NBA players, absolutely. But from a fantasy perspective, you know, I'm sitting here and he's supposed to be tossing up, he's, you know, but we got 19, eight, yeah.

Jey (53:18.555)

Yeah, he's a Tier 1 kind of guy.

Cody (53:29.477)

It's just not.

Jey (53:32.841)

Yeah, no, I wouldn't.

Cody (53:33.064)

It's just, it's interesting having Jimmy Butler on your fantasy team.

He's probably my lowest out of every one of my starting lineup, one of my lowest scores.

Jey (53:39.808)

I'd be interested to see what you could get for him in a trade if you were to put him on the block just to kind of put out offers because the name value is there. The name value is there so I'd be interested if you were to throw him up on the block which you would get for him. But I probably would not trade for him.

Cody (53:59.368)

And then I do have to thank you so much for giving me my boy, Austin Reeves.

Jey (54:02.7)

Yeah, I was over that dude. Very early in the season, I just, I didn't see it there for him. I didn't see what everyone was seeing. I did not see the draft capital. I needed to make some moves. I needed to shake things up. Very happy with kind of the guys I was able to shake up. And yeah, cause it opened up some playing time.

Cody (54:25.308)

I did, Austin Reeves is definitely one of my favorite players in LA. And the second you put him on the trade, I was like, all right, let's, I'm a sucker for it. I love Austin Reeves.

Jey (54:32.424)

Yeah, no, he's a fan favorite, so I was able to capitalize on that value, but that opened up me getting like Killian Hayes into my lineup. Um, it opened up me getting Derek Lively into my lineup, Lonnie Walker, Malcolm Brogdon. I was able to move up, uh, Jamie Jacquez off my practice squad. Which I'm really happy about because he's just, his, uh, his opportunity is just growing. Um, allowed me to pick up Moses Moody.

Cody (54:58.465)


Jey (55:02.38)

get some of these guys. I had Jalen Williams coming back from injury so some of these guys I'm looking at right now if I was to sacrifice anyone on my team I probably would drop Richards. I'm really close to dropping Kaminga and Moody. I'm close. I don't I just can't with Kaminga.

Cody (55:25.74)


Jey (55:28.773)

I am too, which I need to hold on to.

Cody (55:30.72)

I'm definitely big on Taminga for the future. Which if you don't mind, if you don't mind I was gonna ask you a question as kind of like the commissioner. How do you kind of view your lineup? Like how do you go in week to week? How do you build your lineup?

Jey (55:34.617)

Get it.

Jey (55:42.916)

My favorite, probably my favorite part of everything, obviously I know my guys I'm gonna start. I'm gonna start Mello, I'm gonna start Maxi, I'm gonna put Porter, I'm gonna put Chet. Obviously beginning of the week, I'm gonna play my best, I'm gonna put my best guys in there, beginning of the week. So Mello, Maxi, Hayes has been one of my best right now, Porter, Michael Porter Jr., Ben Cario, Chet, Siakam, those guys I know I'm gonna put in there, I'm gonna try to get big games out of them.

Of course I'm gonna look at their matchups. Like right now I don't love Siakam's matchups, but he's been playing well. He's been bouncing back. Next week he has four games, so I know I have four opportunities next week to get a big game. I'm probably targeting either the Washington or the Milwaukee game for Siakam because against his position overall, I see Washington's ranked 30th and Milwaukee's 21st.

but then they play Boston and Detroit. So I'm most likely gonna get the best game of the week against Washington or Milwaukee. Milwaukee's could also then turn up the defense on him because they just played him on the first where he put up 25 and a half fantasy points. So, kind of looking at trends, looking at their matchups. You really gotta play your matchups. Really gotta play your matchups. You can't be afraid to just...

Set it and forget it and then lock it in you have to be willing to move your guys like if you had like right now my team I'm pretty sure I had like Brogdon. He only has two games this week, right? His first game was awful, but he got hurt. He left the game But he was in my lineup trying to move him, but I had to move like Lonnie Walker in Lonnie Walker You know with the injuries. He's gonna get a little bit more playing time

Cody (57:32.758)


Jey (57:41.068)

He's been playing a little bit better. He's gonna come off the bench. He plays Washington coming up. That's not the best matchup for shooting guards, but it's a really strong matchup for threes and overall.

So I think Lonnie Walker could probably have a better game than Brogdon. So I'm gonna move him up. I'm gonna take Brogdon out. So now I just have to wait before I lock it in. I really look for 30 plus point games. 30 plus point games are kind of the baseline unless I'm just stuck. Those are the games I'm gonna lock in with our lock in feature. Of course, we only can lock in one game per player per week. What I know I'm gonna lock a guy in, if he was in my utility spot, I'm gonna move him out of my utility and.

Cody (58:22.529)


Jey (58:24.244)

up into his positional spot because I'm still going to be able to lock him. It's not like when you move a guy from the bench into your lineup after the game you can't lock that game in. So I'm going to move him into a position spot, lock that position, keep open my guard spot, keep open my utility spots so that I can move whoever in that I need to move in.

Cody (58:51.084)

Nice. Okay, so follow up question here. So this is my first year doing kind of like a dynasty NBA league. I've done a couple dynasty NFL leagues. How do you build your team? Do you build it for the now and try to win now or do you try to build for the future? Because I've seen a couple, like I've looked at everyone's rosters and stuff like that.

Jey (58:55.769)


Cody (59:18.74)

I was just interested to see how you go into the draft and the trades you've been making. Do you want to target younger players who are going to score now? Like idealistically. But how have you gone into it thus far?

Jey (59:21.773)


Jey (59:29.96)

Yeah, so looking at my team like my top picks Mello vancaro homerun siaka Very telling of kind of where my strategy was like i'm gonna get the high the youngest guys with the highest upside Um that I know are ballers maxi was an absolute steal Michael porter jr a guy I really believed in um building on last year and they've been pushing him in denver saying look You did

You know once go do it again. You did it twice go do it a third time keep being great because you are great So I really built for a Little bit for both obviously the strategy for dynasty startups at least in fantasy football is win now Like I traded picks like I went after and got Travis Kelsey before the season started Currently, I'm sitting in sixth place in my dynasty league or no. I'm in fifth place

But I've gone out and I've traded Trevor Lawrence for Justin Fields.

I traded, and now I have Dak Prescott as my quarterback, because I have to trade again. I traded Kyler Murray to get Travis Kelsey, because even though I knew Murray would be coming back, I needed to win the tight end position. So I've gone out, make these trades. Some of my trades have been very aggressive. I haven't quite made any aggressive trades yet, just because I'm trying to really build out a roster that I like. Like obviously I don't want to move Kaminga.

I really like my bench, my taxi, Imoni Bates. I loved him in the pre-season. I loved him in summer league. Grady Dick, I really liked the opportunity he gets. Plus with him on my team, I can say my team has Dick. Grady Dick, so play on words there. And Guy Santos also on my taxi squad. So I built for balance and I built to have pieces that I could trade away to get someone bigger.

Jey (01:01:32.556)

But I think that's a great conversation to go for next episode. Kind of where, what kind of strategies, what kind of strategies are we using for team building? Because there's a lot of strategy you can use. But personally, I built for now and then, hence like Kaminga. I knew he probably wouldn't get an opportunity, but if Draymond gets hurt, misses time, extended time, Kaminga's in, he's gonna ball.

Jey (01:01:58.452)

Yeah, if Wiggins misses time, if Thompson misses time, if CP3 misses time, Moody's in there.

Cody (01:02:00.244)

right away in the first couple games that Golden State had. He's in there.

Jey (01:02:10.058)

Yeah, Wiggins is.

Cody (01:02:11.361)

Oh, oh. Get rid of Wiggins. I'm so glad I got-

Jey (01:02:15.156)

Yeah, I saw that he was available and I'm like, no thanks. No one wants Wiggins, but yeah. How about for you? Where are you at with building your team? Where, what kind of strategy do you take coming into it? Obviously you have a really veteran heavy team. Like your team is very vet heavy. Beal.

Cody (01:02:32.821)

So just.

Jey (01:02:38.508)

Beale, Ingram, Pauladay, James, Butler, Reeve, Yoked.

Cody (01:02:40.532)

Well I have Ingram, Reeves, Avice, Ayton, Darren Fox, Tyron Jones. I do have some younger players but I do rely on Jokic, Lebron, Westbrook, you know, some players like that. I try to toe the line.

because it's a new league so, you know, it is nice to try and go out and win the first year.

But I tried to toe the line with that. You know, Jimmy Butler is still younger. But my biggest thing was if you look at it and if you look at the scoring and everything, my biggest thing, I try to target guys who can, throughout the week, get at least 25. They can put up a 25 because that's...

Jey (01:03:46.496)

Yeah, 100%. No, and like your team, like looking at it, it is a little bit older. Every lot of guys over 30. Beale, 30. Yep, Ingram, 26. Holliday, 33. LeBron, ancient. Butler, 34. Reeves, you know, 25. He's a young spot on your team. Uh, Jokic, obviously. League MVP should be the four-time MVP. Uh...

Cody (01:03:48.956)

If all of you guys hit 25, you're probably going to win.

Cody (01:04:00.46)

Yep, Drew Holiday, Yvonne, Jimmy.

Jey (01:04:15.921)

of a D-

Yeah, Avita, that's a really good, that's a guy that I have looked at. I really like him. I think he's a stat sheet stuffer. Definitely can have that baseline of 20, 25 Westbrook. I don't know what Westbrook is anymore.

Cody (01:04:21.78)

And he's 28 still, which is insane.

Jey (01:04:38.689)

Yeah, he was late.

Cody (01:04:39.188)

He was just... that was... I saw him so late.

And that's why I picked him up. I was like, he's still gonna do it because he's gonna be the starting point guard. Like what do you, you know what I mean?

Jey (01:04:45.512)

Yeah, then you have Dominatin, good young guy. You have Lowry, who just, I don't know with Lowry. He just.

Yeah, I mean, he's 37 17 year vet like, I don't know. Of course you have Dearon Fox nice and young. Trey Jones, who they need to give him. They need to get him in.

Cody (01:05:01.021)

That was super late.

Cody (01:05:13.461)

I love.

Jey (01:05:13.528)

get him in more.

Cody (01:05:19.256)

They have, San Antonio has the 6-8 point card that they're trying to push. I can't remember his name. Yup.

Jey (01:05:19.812)

of the cell.

No, so Chen, so Chen.

Jey (01:05:30.188)

suffers because of that. And then I also traded you Giondre Hunter which was part of that Austin Reeves trade.

Cody (01:05:32.253)

Look, so Jones sometimes, well always comes off the bench, but...

Jey (01:05:40.272)

I wasn't a huge DeAndre Hunter. So your team overall looking at it, you have some pieces. You have some pieces. Obviously when Cam Johnson comes back, he's gonna get that playing time. He was balling before the injury.

Cody (01:05:42.75)

I still have.

Cody (01:05:49.12)

Yeah, still kinda waiting on him.

Cody (01:05:58.38)

But that's the biggest thing in like a dynasty league. Like where do you wanna build? Do you wanna start strong? And then like come year two or three, all of a sudden you're like, oh, okay, now I have to restructure.

Jey (01:05:59.892)

I say first year.

Jey (01:06:07.776)

I think you want to keep playing to make the playoffs, obviously. You want to keep playing. We have 12 teams in our league, so obviously our playoffs...

Cody (01:06:20.748)

Which is another big thing, the more teams that you get, or the more guys that you get in the league, kind of leaves like a disparage. So you kind of want to like get in there.

Jey (01:06:24.084)

Yeah, no, I think we're gonna keep it at 12. I don't want to expand it more. That's when it would be a second league, because 12 is kind of like, you look at the top 12 point guards, top 12 this, top 12 this. Right now, we're both in the playoffs. You actually have the first round by, in week 18. So, you know, the goal is to make the playoffs. Our top 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, our top 6 make the playoffs.

Cody (01:06:42.273)


Jey (01:06:53.308)

And so I think you want to stay in the flames for the first few years. Like year one, obviously fight for the playoffs, push for the playoffs. Um, start looking early because it's, you're going to want to look at guys like the classic Stripe team, that blue guy, Lord Sage, who started O and two, who are probably feeling not to pick on them because I know they're going to listen, but. In your home dynasty leaks for all the additional listeners we have, because crazy viewership, obviously.

Jey (01:07:23.632)

um target those guys early in the season who go to 0 and 2 0 and 3 maybe 1 and 3 1 and 4 over the first five four or five weeks week six you'll probably start to see some roster fatigue set in

Cody (01:07:44.4)

also gonna give a big shout out to uh... classic stripe because he has the most points against ascent not on to right now not probably on three that's roughly five hundred nine as we're talking now five thirty six against he has the most points against in the league getting shell

Jey (01:08:05.604)

So of course that's something to look at as well because I mean those guys are the guys you want to look at. Those are not the easy targets but the guys that you're like and I'm not calling any of you gents easy targets because I know you guys are all going to listen to this. Hopefully they get some podcast fatigue. Well maybe not because we had a good last segment but a guy like Classic Stripe like he has the number one waiver. That blue guy has the number two waiver priority right now.

get aggressive and make a couple moves for some guys. And if their trajectory continues, like if they fold 0 and 5, 0 and 6, 1 and 5, 1 and 8, whatever, they're going to be the guys with those top draft picks. However they evaluate the rookie class coming in, they could be, oh, well, I'm 1 and 8. We're in week 10. Playoff started in eight weeks. Like.

Cody (01:09:00.214)


Jey (01:09:06.42)

I'm gonna have a top three pick. Like the top three picks are not pretty. They're not great unless they change between now and week 10, but they're gonna be like, well, what could I get? Could I go get Brandon Ingram? Could I go get Chet? Could I go get Giddy? Could I go get, you know...

Jey (01:09:30.776)

But that's what I'm saying. There's going to be guys on our team that we're going to be a little bit fatigued with. Where it's like, I've had this dude all year, he hasn't done anything, he's averaging 23 points a game, whatever. Oh, but you want to offer me a high draft pick in the 2024 rookie draft? I'm in a good position, I'm week 10, I'm 7-3, I'm number 3 in the playoffs. If I give up Brandon Ingram, it's not going to kill me.

Cody (01:09:32.268)

Geez, Ingram needs to start doing something this... sometime this year.

Jey (01:09:59.82)

I could go pick up so and so off waivers. I've had my eye on for a week now. You know, like that's kind of the approach that some of these lower teams can make. Anyone that stays 500, if you're staying 500, if you're staying, you know, two and O between 500, staying in that top six, like stay in that top six, stay in the flames, 100% stay in the flames. Don't give up because your team can swing at any moment.

Cody (01:10:16.694)


Jey (01:10:27.66)

the ebbs and flow of basketball. It's gonna be really interesting to see what happens post play-in tournament, to with how teams evaluate their guys, how minutes come and play in, because now you're gonna have to start playing for the playoffs and looking deeper into the...

Jey (01:10:45.844)

Yeah, especially some of your older guys. I would worry about that with your team, especially. Like I'm not worried about with my team. Like my guys are gonna play. They're gonna get that playing time.

Cody (01:10:47.98)

that's probably when you'll see minute restrictions some guys taking the game off

Jey (01:10:59.308)

Chet's only gonna get more playing time as the season goes on. Especially if the Thunder somehow end up being like a play-in team. Those play-in team teams that are there toward week 12 through 14 of our season that no, shoot, we're fighting for the play-in. Like we're trying to get out of the play-in and into the playoffs and knock other teams out. Those are the guys. There's so many elements.

to it as the season goes on and we'll explore all those because they all impact our Dynasty team and kind of the moves we're going to make. Cody thanks for joining me man, I really appreciate it. I'm sure the Jem, I'm sure the Bandits are going to appreciate it. Appreciate everyone listening, whether you're new, whether you're old, whether you're in the league, whether you're not. Thanks for listening, thanks for giving us a chance. That was our second episode of Dynasty Down Under, Blue Ballers.

Cody (01:11:37.121)


Jey (01:11:51.472)

We hope you guys all have a safe week. We'll chat with you and I'll be back with you, maybe with Cody, maybe with someone else next Saturday.

Jey (01:12:04.248)

We'll get you, we'll get you again.

Cody (01:12:06.272)

Love being here, always love talking to ever

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