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EP0: Dynasty Down Under: Bluey Ballers

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

Welcome in as we recap one of the NBA Bandits Dynasty league, aka the Bluey Dads FB group Fantasy Basketball Dynasty league, aka a bunch of NBA junkies who are also fantasy junkies and are also dads who just wanted to connect with more dads who had no clue what any of us are doing.

We welcome you into your launch of this league, you into your storm, and I welcome you into my storm as your host, as you will get an in-depth look into our league and my team, especially.

Shoutout to our league mate for recommending this title of the show; shoutout out to the other 11 guys in the league who are here for fun, competition, and getting to know each other.

In this first episode, episode 0, I take you behind the scenes of the draft, the first two weeks of moves, trades, free agent moves, waivers, matchups, and my team, as well as some of the banter, conversation, and rookie, talk as we get into the season.

Enjoy our pain, learning curve, and apparent lack of understanding of Dynasty Fantasy Basketball, as we are all just trying to be like our favorite TV dad: Bandit.

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