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DDU- Week 11: Recap, Free Agents, NBA News, NBA Rumors, Mailbag

Updated: Jan 26

MAILBAG NEEDED- Drop us your best, or worst Fantasy Basketball or real life NBA questions.

Poll: Who gets traded first from the Warriors?

A- Wiggins

B= Kuminga

C- Moody

D- Draymond

E- Klay


In this episode, the host recaps the standings and recent trades in their fantasy basketball league. They also discuss NBA trade rumors and potential moves for the Warriors. The host shares their thoughts on the rookie ladder and MVP race. Overall, it's a quiet week in terms of news and rumors.


The league standings and recent trades are discussed.

There are several NBA trade rumors, including potential moves for the Warriors.

The host shares their thoughts on the rookie ladder and MVP race.

Overall, it's a quiet week in terms of news and rumors.


00:00 Introduction and League Standings

02:02 Trades and News in the League

04:14 Recap of Last Week's Games

05:05 NBA Trade Rumors

06:42 Trade Possibilities for the Warriors

10:00 Other Trade Rumors and News

16:22 Rookie Ladder and MVP Discussion

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Welcome in to our week 11 recap over here on Dynasty Down Under, hosted on Ballboy Talk. Dynasty Down Under is our League of 12 Bandits who are fantasy, basketball junkies, NBA junkies, and dynasty junkies all mixed into one great amazing league to where we all get to have fun and experience some dynasty fantasy basketball. Welcome along to our week 11 of our first year in our dynasty league.

It's been super fun getting to deep dive into the NBA this year, 11 weeks through, and it's been a ton of fun. So as things stand right now at the end of week 11, it's Sunday night, games are pretty much over. Paweł and Popowicz won. They're improving to 6 and 5 on the year. They beat me, Fox Inferiants, and I fall to 5 and 6, and they improved to 6 and 5. The Puzini dynasty will fall to 5 and 6 as well.

while all balls no bite will improve to 6 and 5. Discount Presti will fall again to 2 and 10 now after losing to that blue guy who improved to low and behold 5 and 6. Poppin with Tebow has another impressive week as he improves to a league best 10 and 1 over Thug Life AB Pack who falls to 6 and 5. Imagine that. The Mitch Man 95.

and falls to seven and four after losing to infinity when beyond and he improves to eight and four while mitch man falls to Seven and four or eight and three and then mitch man falls to seven and four The grannies continue their winless season as we enter week 12 now as they fall to oh and 11 While magic claws improves to you guessed it five and six So the standings as they are right now. We're looking at popping with t-bo

Probably infinity when beyond.

Jey (02:02.226)

Mitch Mann, Thug Life will be six and then all the six and five teams and then our five and five teams and then Discount Presti and the Grannies to round out the league so Nothing too crazy going on. We did have a couple trades this week To talk about lots of news to talk about this week. So we're gonna jump right into the news Of the league first. We had two trades bunch of trade block moves, but we saw Jaylen Brown

We saw Temeh received OG on the newbie a 2024 first and 2025 second for Jalen Brown. And Jalen Brown went over to the jury for that same package. So pretty good package. OG on the newbie hasn't quite clicked with the Knicks yet. Jalen Brown is an all-star, an all-MBA type player right now in his prime. So great dynasty pickup, great outlook. OG on the newbie, great pickup. Wherever he goes next season, if he stays in New York, takes the extension.

with the trade, then he will be locked up and he'll be in a really good spot overall if he stays in New York. I really like him staying there. We had another trade to announce. I was involved in this one. I was on the receiving end of Bojan Bogdanovich, Grayson Allen, Emmanuel Quickly, Josh Giddy and a 2025 first to where I sent off Santai Aldama and Franz Wagner, which I'm not too mad about. I really love the pieces that I got in this trade to be able to round out the end of my

line up my utility spots, my bench, just to really solidify my guards and to solidify my team as a whole. And the 2025 pick could pay dividends in a couple of years from now. Of course, we have more guys on the trade block, up and down, free agents being picked up. There's too many to go through. I don't wanna bore you with all that news. But, so we'll jump over to the NBA news. That's pretty much our league recap for the week. So, it's kinda where things stand.

So it's been a ton of fun, lots of dynasty moves and news. So I'm really excited for how the season's shaping out. Very competitive, very tight-knit, cutthroat. You gotta make the right moves throughout the season.

Jey (04:14.306)

So let's go back to last week, the Pistons one. I was very surprised the Pistons won. That was a pleasant, pleasant surprise. We loved that for the Pistons.

Jey (04:37.322)

The Nets are intending to build around Mikel Bridges and not trade him, which means they'll trade auxiliary pieces, unlikely. They'll trade De'Aaron Sharp and Nick Claxton. Those guys are really solid in the rotation, but they plan to build around Mikel Bridges and not trade him, which I thought was really interesting, and I love that for him. I love that the Nets have this dude who they're committed to, and they're building around him, and they're committed. I think that's just...

Fantastic. Let me go try to find a Nets player real quick so we can kind of see who they may end up like trading and trying to keep

Jey (05:24.006)

Maybe not. Maybe I won't be able to look up the roster.

Jey (05:39.778)

Lonnie Walker. So Sleeper has this really cool feature to where you can go in and you can look at players and their team. So right now at point guard there Spencer Dinwiddie who I would fully expect to get traded. Dennis Smith who they will likely try to hold on to but could trade. Cameron Johnson, small for it. I highly doubt they trade Cameron Johnson. Lonnie Walker I can definitely see them trading him. Dorian Finney Smith, Royce O'Neal.

Definitely see them moving those guys. Noah Clowney, Derek Whitehead, Nick Clastic, Darren Sharp. I don't see them moving any of these bigs at the current time. So that's kind of where I land on the net and some of their pieces. So they have pieces to move. They're not great pieces to move, but they're enough to sell off to bring in better rotational pieces or to use several of them plus some draft capital to go and get better. You just, and that's the goal, just get better.

Awesome name of the game.

I put up a bunch of players on the trade block this week, let's skip over that. The Wizards are seeking multiple first round picks in a trade for Kyle Kuzma. No surprise here. I mean it makes total sense. That's kind of been the rumor all along, they were looking for a big package for him, return for him. Save the Warriors news for the end of this segment because I actually want to pull up their last couple games. Kind of see exactly where we're at with them.

Could have sworn there was more news beyond that. Something really interesting that happened was that the Raptors were looking like they were getting aggressive on trading Pascal Siakam. The Kings were involved. They were top three landings. And then all of a sudden they were done. And then Siakam came out, started talking about the rumors, said he doesn't pay attention to the trade buzz, which is helpful. You don't want him, you don't need him paying attention to the trade buzz. You don't want guys paying attention.

Jey (07:40.965)


John Collins is actually being actively being explored. We've talked that Tyrus Maxey says that quickly. He's gonna get a big deal after being traded. They were teammates at Kentucky. He's due for a great payday coming this off, this offcoming season.

Jey (08:06.426)

Raptors are still rolling out the same four since the trade and They've been very successful since that og on a newbie trade. Yes, they lost to the Pistons and the Pistons I was joking one the og on a newbie trade That's neither here nor there the Sixers they were playing hardball they were really working on their rotation They were really getting it together. So it was looking a lot better overall I Didn't know the Knicks wave Taj Gibson

But they're expected to be active before then. Dennis Smith has been playing super well, gaining the hearts of Nets fans everywhere.

Jey (08:50.143)

trying to see here.

There's just anything I'm just missing here. I don't want to miss any rumors. There wasn't a ton of rumors. It's more just the same. You know, the Siakam, Pistons, Paces of Kings are coming out of the top landing spots. The Jean-Tay Murray, Lakers. The Raptors are actually being seen as sellers. They want to build around... What did I say they wanted to build around? They don't want, they want to build around...

and Jalen Johnson which means Capella, Deandre Hunter, Bojan Baljanovic, Clint Capella, Hunter, Bojanovic, and Murray are all options to be traded. The Hawks are very much listening to all players on the guys ahead of the February deadline. We're about a month out from the deadline so things could get hot and heavy very quickly.

I would not be surprised at all.

Jey (10:00.322)

The Lakers are saying they have no imminent plans to part ways with Ham. So they're expected to keep him until LeBron says, yeah, bring me a new coach. Let's see what happens. However, there's growing disconnect between the head coach and the players around the rotation and adjustments. So they just don't, they're not seeing eye to eye. We see their supports all the time. Many teams are thinking that the Knicks aren't done. They're still eyeing guys like Donovan Mitchell, Carl Anthony Towns.


Jey (10:34.526)

And just to kind of be all over. Zach Levine, there was nothing this week on Zach Levine, which is surprising because his name has been up every single week. But when he's hurt and things like that, of course, he's not really going to come into fruition.

Jey (10:50.658)

Couple rumors here. The Knicks won't heavily pursue Donovan Mitchell, but if it happens, it happens. The Warriors, I guess last year, talked about an OG on the newbie trade, but it didn't never materialize into fruition.

Jey (11:11.234)

So let's talk Warriors. Let's talk Warriors, because I thought this was just crazy interesting. Jonathan Kamiga and Moses Moody both came out on the same day last week saying, basically, Kamiga saying, I lost faith in the Steve Kerr, I'm never going to reach my potential here with the Warriors. And then we see Moody come out, seemed like within the same hour saying, yeah, it's not happening here, it's never going to happen here. My camp, and there his agents, his...

Representation is like, we're never going to get the playing time. It's never going to happen. It's not going to happen. Um, and then we've been seeing rumors of Andrew Wiggins getting traded. They're listening to offers on him to include him in deals. I love them as a fit for Pascal Siakam. I think he'd be great. Um, however, you know, the magic grids, the Hawks, Kings, or Pacers are all linked with the Pacers.

Pistons and Kings, I believe The top three but we'll see so back to the Warriors I really think that they're a great fit for Pascal Siakam just based on need They have the money to move around to bring them in to give the pieces to the Raptors that they would want and then we'll also See them They could use a big like Siakam. I think that'd be great However, I will stay in this camp. My brother. He's a Warriors fan as well. He doesn't see it, but I see the need to

to move, you know, move Draymond, move Clay, you know, really let some of these young guys play this year, you know, be right there on the edge of the playoffs because I think they can still make a playing spot even if they were to trade like Clay, Draymond and Wiggins and let some of these young guys roll out there. And bring in pieces like Siakam and whatnot to really help this team get over the hump and shake up the locker room a little bit. Going back here.

you know, the Hawks, like I was saying. So for Kaminga, there's plenty of teams. Kyrie came out and said, Cuban, go get him with the Mavericks. I think that would be a great fit for him. We'd give him a lot of opportunity there to work with Kyrie and Luca there. I think that would just be a phenomenal...

Jey (13:34.818)

phenomenal landing spot there in Dallas and they could really they could use him But I want to see what else was cooked up there But they're also remaining reluctant to trade him a certain deals like a mood a moody and kaminga for siakam deal Would be more or less perfect. It gives the pieces to the Raptors that they would want younger rotational pieces who can start right now keep playing and they can build around they can build with around Scotty Barnes and

and bear it there. Kaminga would slide in perfectly to a four spot there. I absolutely love that idea there. Barnes, you do a Barnes, bear it, Kaminga kind of lineup. I think that would be amazing. You can get Moody as a sixth man coming in there. You would have a Barnes, quickly bear it, Kaminga kind of lineup. Playing some great small ball there, but I think that would be a great four out of five there with Yaku.

there's a five to clean up the glass I think would be really beneficial there. Allegedly Buddy Heel is on the trade block I can definitely see Boston as a fit here they're wanting those bench guys to really be able to give them a splash. The Warriors are expected to make a trade before the February 8th line so as I was saying about the Warriors they need to make a move Moody and Kaminga will 100% be traded with the things that they said it just makes too much sense

It just makes sense.

Jey (15:12.382)

Wouldn't also be surprised if Steve Kerr is let go at some point either during or after the season from the head coach I feel he's lost that locker room Chris Paul's hurt now Draymond's back Saying in the West the Kings Kevin Herter Harrison Barnes and Davion Mitchell are all on the trade block again. These are great pieces for teams who are at the top I think a couple of these pieces would be great in Minnesota

I think a couple of these pieces would be really good in Denver. I think these pieces could be great in Boston, in Milwaukee, in New York, and just in that top echelon of these teams who need these great rotational pieces. Moses Moody, like I was saying, he's frustrated. Kaminga doesn't believe in Kerr anymore.

Jey (16:09.454)

I've loved the connection to him there. Draymond Green has returned to play. He'll return sometime this week. And.

You know, I really think that's it as far as the rumors and the news. Uh, like I said, Draymond's back. Um, he lost about $2 million in total salary during his time out, which of course, um,