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NL Playoff Predictions: May

Welcome in ball boys and ball girls! Welcome to the SECOND of my division predictions. These predictions will come out monthly, around the beginning of the month for the rest of the season. So please sit back, relax, grab a drink(soda, water, a beer you choose), and let's continue to enjoy the season.

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Let's start with my updated May division standings:

Division Standings: West

  1. LA Dodgers: (17-16)

    1. Final Projection: 102-60(1)

    2. April Projection: 105-57 (1)

  2. SD Padres: (16-15)

    1. Final Projection: 98-64(4)

    2. April Projection:102-60(4)

  3. SF Giants: (19-13)

    1. Final Projection: 89-75

    2. April Projection: 82-80

  4. Arizona D-Backs: (15-17)

    1. Final Projection: 84-88

    2. April Projection: 65-97

  5. Colorado Rockies: (12-20)

    1. Final Projection: 62-100

    2. April Projection: 70-92

Division Standing Prediction: Cental

  1. St Louis Cardinals: (19-14)

    1. Final Projection: 95-67(2)

    2. April Projection: 97-65(3)

  2. Milwaukee Brewers: (17-16)

    1. Final Projection: 88-74

    2. April Projection: 81-81

  3. Chicago Cubs: (16-16)

    1. Final Projection: 85-77

    2. April Projection: 95-67

  4. Cincinnati Reds: (15-15)

    1. Final Projection: 84-78

    2. April Projection: 83-79

  5. Pittsburg Pirates: (13-18)

    1. Final Projection: 55-107

    2. April Projection: 50-112

Division Standings: East

  1. Philadelphia Phillies: (18-15)

    1. Final Projection: 93-69(3)

    2. April Projection: 93-69

  2. NY Mets: (14-13)

    1. Final Projection: 92-70(5)

    2. April Projection: 90-72

  3. Atlanta Braves: (15-17)

    1. Final Projection: 88-74

    2. April Projection: 102-60(2)

  4. Miami Marlins: (15-16)

    1. Final Projection: 85-77

    2. April Projection: 85-77

  5. Washington Nationals: (13-15)

    1. Final Projection: 83-79

    2. April Projection: 96-66(5)

NLWCS: The Wildcard is going to be a 1-game play-in, as we have seen traditionally.

In this NLWCS, we will see the 4-seed SD Padres vs. the 5-seed NY Mets. This should be a fun one! The Padres will ultimately use Cy Young runner-up Joe Musgrove to go against Cy Young winner Jacob deGrom. The stars will be bright Frenando Tatis Jr., Francisco Lindor going at it. It's all going to be left on the diamond in this game. This will be one of the best Wild Card games of ALL-TIME! I am letting Tik Tok decide this for me, so stay tuned.

NLDS: In round-2 of the NL playoffs, we will see two 5- game series. The 1-seed vs. the winner of the wildcard. The other series will be the 2-seed vs. the 3-seed.

For the first series of the NLDS, we will see the 1-seed LA Dodgers taking on the SD Padres, and we already know how chippy this is going to get. The swag, the power, the shimmy, the bat flips, and the lights will never be brighter in this battle for supremacy for Southern California. The Padres will throw Darvish, Snell, Musgrove, while the Dodgers will throw a presumed combo of Kershaw, Bauer, Urias. These two teams stack up so evenly across the diamond that there isn't a natural edge to one side or the other. However, experience is on the Dodgers side, and that is what propels them a game five win over the Padres in extras.

For the second series of the NLDS, we will see the 2-seed St. Louis Cardinals taking on the 3-seed Philadelphia Phillies. Bryce Harper and JTR will the Phillies to a challenging NL East title to get here. While Yadi, Waino, Arenado, and Goldy take care of the NL Central to win the division and get here with ease. The Cardinals returned all major pieces this last off-season and added 3B Nolan Arenado, who hasn't been to playoffs since 2018. The Cardinals will likely go with a rotation of Adam Wainwright, Jack Flaherty, and Kwang Hyun Kim. While, the Phillies will go with a rotation of Aaron Nola, Zack Wheeler, and Matt Moore. I like the Cardinals with the edge with playoff experience and the overall depth of their pen. Please give me the Red Birds in 4.


For the NL pendant, we will see the Dodgers going against the Cardinals in a best of seven. Let's break down the positions and who I think has the advantages and where.

Rotation- Advantage Dodgers

Bull Pen- Advantage Cardinals

Defense- Advantage Cardinals

Outfielders- Advantage Dodgers