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Intentional Parenting with the Zen Dad Method: Insights from Episode 109 of the Podcast

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Episode 109 brings us an insightful conversation with Jay Kalryzian, the creator of the Zen Dad Method, as he shares his journey from being a stay-at-home dad to developing a method focused on intentional parenting. Jay discusses how his personal experiences and the challenges he faced shaped this innovative approach that helps fathers navigate the often turbulent waters of parenthood.

Introduction to the Zen Dad Method:

Jay introduces the Zen Dad Method, explaining that it is designed to help fathers create the life they want through intentional parenting. This method encourages dads to define their priorities, align their actions with their values, and become proactive in their roles as parents. Jay's personal journey to developing this method highlights the need for specific support tailored to dads, who often face unique societal pressures.

Unique Challenges Faced by Dads:

The discussion turns to the unique stressors and responsibilities that come with fatherhood. Jay points out that dads often carry the weight of the world on their shoulders, dealing with societal expectations and personal ambitions. The Zen Dad Method addresses these by providing strategies that focus on stress management and self-awareness.

Impact of Separation and Divorce on Parenting:

Jay shares insights on how separation and divorce can significantly impact a father's mental health and parenting style. He emphasizes the importance of seeking support and finding healthy ways to cope with these life changes, ensuring that fathers can continue to be present and engaged in their children's lives.

Modeling Behavior for Children:

A key component of the Zen Dad Method is modeling the behavior we wish to see in our children. Jay explains that children learn more from what they observe in their parents than from what they are told. He stresses the importance of being a kind, hardworking, and fun individual if those are the traits we want our children to adopt.

Co-Parenting Dynamics:

Co-parenting can be challenging, and Jay discusses how the Zen Dad Method helps fathers navigate this complex dynamic. He advocates for cooperation over competition, focusing on how parents can work together to foster a balanced environment for their children, regardless of personal differences.

Breathwork and Emotional Management:

Jay introduces breathwork as an effective tool for emotional management and stress relief. He provides practical advice on how fathers can incorporate breathwork into their daily routines, helping them stay grounded and present in both their personal lives and their roles as parents.

Enjoying Parenthood:

The conversation wraps up with Jay reflecting on the importance of enjoying the journey of fatherhood. He shares stories from his own experiences, illustrating how embracing moments of joy with children can enrich a father's life and strengthen the parent-child relationship.


Episode 109 offers valuable insights into the Zen Dad Method and its impact on modern parenting. Jay Kalryzian's approach not only addresses the unique challenges faced by fathers but also provides a roadmap for intentional living that can deeply enrich the familial bonds. Fathers everywhere are encouraged to explore these practices, fostering an environment where they can thrive alongside their children.