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Fantasy Dugout: Top RP Targets

What is going on, Ball Boys and Ball Girls! I hope you all are doing super well. Thank you so much for being here; as we approach the 2021 season, I want to give you guys some fantasy input for who my top 15 targets are at each position. Most fantasy baseball leagues are 8-10 players; scoring formats vary from league to league, structure, and server. You can check out my fantasy tips and tricks here. I will break down the players into categories: Obvious targets, above average, better than average targets, and lastly, a few if you're desperate names. Let me know what you guys think over in the Fantasy Forum.

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Obvious Targets, a.k.a. don't pass on these players:

#1 Alrodis Chapman

The best in the business in the closer role, enough said

34+SV, 90+K, -3.00ERA, -1.15WHIP, and a 5th round pick at the latest

#2 Kenley Jansen

When you play on the best team in baseball, with great pieces in front of you to come in and close out games, you make the #2

35+SV, 80+K, -3.50ERA, -1.20WHIP, and a 6-8th round pick with high-end returns.

#3 Liam Hendricks

The new White Sox closer will look to make it three seasons of dominance, coming off an AL Reliever of the year award and $54mil payday.

30+SV, 90+K, -2.75ERA, -1.05WHIP and a 4th/5th round pick

#4 Josh Hader

Regardless of Devin Williams, the Mad Hader lives on

25+SV, 100+K -3.00ERA, -1.05WHIP and a solid 5th/6th round pick

#5 Taylor Rogers

Rogers should continue to thrive in his late-inning role with the Twins with no Trevor May to take opportunities away

30+SV, 75+, -3.25ERA, -1.15WHIP and a 6th/7th round pick.

Above Average, you just missed out:

#1 Devin Williams

The NL RoY and NL Reliever of the year were incredible and will be just as good in 2021.

10+SV, 80+K, -2.50ERA, -1.05WHIP and a 5th/6th round pick we could be talking about next season as a top-5 at the position

#2 Edwin Diaz

I'm still a vast Diaz believer, and he rebounded nicely in 2020. The Met's should hand more leads over to Diaz, and the revamped back end of the pen should set Diaz up nicely for a big season.

30+SV, 100+K, -2.90ERA, -1.05WHIP and should be a steal in round 8

#3 Brad Hand

I am writing this, and he is still unsigned for now, but it will again be great with his next team

30+SV, 80+K -3.75ERA, -1.20WHIP and a 9th/10th round pick

#4 Drew Pomeranz

The Padres added on offense, got better rotation pieces, which makes an RP job a lot easier.

5+SV, 85+K, -3.00ERA, -1.20WHIP and a great pick up in round 8-10.

#5 Nick Anderson

Cash leverages his pen better than anyone in baseball; Anderson is a product of great managing.

20+SV, 85+K, -3.15ERA, -1.05WHIP and a steal in round 10-12.

Better than Average, you could have done better:

#1 Tyler Duffey

Another great setup man for the Twins who can be great for your team.

3+SV, 75+K, -2.75ERA, -1.10WHIP and a great round 12 or later pick

#2 James Karinchak

The Indians have great options in the rotation and pen, and Karinchak is one of them; with Hand gone, he could get a shot at the closer role

3+SC, 80+K, -3.75ERA, -1.20WHIP and another great 12th round pick or later

#3 Deigo Castillo

Again no one uses his pen better than Cash, and Castillo has been a product of that system for two seasons and done fantastically; look for him to keep it up!

5+SV, 85+K, -3.00ERA, -1.10WHIP and another great option after the 12 round.

#4 Aaron Bummer

Bummer will get to pitch in front of Hendricks, which should give peace of mind to any pitcher and the Chi Sox have a great offense and defense.

4+SV, -2.75ERA, 70+K, -1.15WHIP, and yet again a great option after the 12th round.

#5 Alex Colome

Wherever Colome ends up, he will be a great option to close out games or set up man.

20+SV, 70+K -4.00ERA, -1.32WHIP, and a reliable pickup in round 12 or later.

Desperate times, or you auto-drafted:

Kirby Yates, Archie Bradley, Ken Gils, Hector Neris, Ian Kennedy

Craig Kimbrel, Raisel Iglesias, Brandon Workman, Hansel Robles, Joe Jimenez, Sean Doolittle, Jose Leclerc, Keone Kela.

Thanks for reading today; I am so grateful for your time reading. I also want to thank my partners over at Repp Sports for RAZE Energy. Thanks to this clean and sufficient energy, I can have the intense focus to deliver content to you guys consistently. Click here to save 15% right now with the code "BALL BOY" at check out.

Thank you guys for reading to the end. I love taking the extra few seconds to read how much I appreciate you and how grateful I am for the time you have spent with me in this post, listening to the Podcast, participating in the forums, and sharing with friends. It all means so much to me, and I appreciate it and am so beyond grateful! Thank you!

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