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Ball Boy Power Rankings 1/25

Hey, what is up, Ball boys and girls? I hope you are doing super well; I decided that every Monday, I will start putting out my power rankings with the Podcast, cause why not? If you don't know what power rankings are, it's just a ranking of each team and the best week. These will get their spot on the blog page! I will explain changes as to why they dropped or went up as well.

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  1. Dodgers

  2. Padres

  3. Mets (The rest of the Winter moves will need to be monitored with Jared Porter out of the GM role)

  4. White Sox

  5. Yankees (Love the Kluber and Tallion adds, keeping them put)

  6. Athletics

  7. Braves

  8. Nationals +2 (Scherzer, Stras, Corbin, Lester make a great rotation with Hand now coming out of the pen. Bell, Soto, Robles, Schwarber. Say no more)

  9. Angels -1 (The Quintana addition helps them stay top10)

  10. Blue Jays +2 (Springer and Yates propel this team on up to the top 10)

  11. Twins -2 (The Happ signing gives the rotation stability, add to the OF and resign Nellie)

  12. Marlins

  13. Cardinals (They have offers out there for Yadi and Waino)

  14. Giants

  15. Rays

  16. Indians

  17. Cubs

  18. Phillies +2 (The pen additions and the offer to JTR being public gives me hope)

  19. Astros (They stay put with the signings of Brantley/Castro)

  20. Red Sox -2 (The young core and rotation additions of Perez, Richards keeps them from going lower)

  21. Mariners (The sleeping Giants of the AL West)

  22. Reds +3 (The team on paper is good, additions this off-season should help them stay in the mix in the NL Central)

  23. Rockies +1 (They still have Arenado, Story, Blackmon on the team, and that's a great trio)

  24. Tigers -1 (Show me on the field where the rebuilt is at first before I have them at top 21)

  25. Brewers -3 (The Brewers need to make a couple moves for pitching and a vet SS and vet bats to help Yelich)

  26. Royals

  27. Orioles

  28. Diamondbacks

  29. Rangers

  30. Pirates

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