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Around the Horn: News and Notes 10/15

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

What is going on the ball boy blog! Thank you guys for the continued support. Please, support the Podcast here:

That should be clickable; we will see when we post, if not copy and paste to the browser. We will recap and exciting game 3 of the NLCS and Game 4 of the ALCS in today's post, and of course, some news and notes.

Let's first start the with NLCS Game 3 recap. My goodness, was this one INSANE! 15...thats the number of runs the Dodgers put up in the first three innings! Dodgers got off to a hot start, showing why they had the best baseball record this season. The Dodger scored a post-season record for runs in an inning with 11 in the 1st. The Braves had to use two pitchers to get through these two innings alone, Kyle Wright and Grant Dayton throwing a total of 90 pitches over 2 2/3. We then saw Huascar Ynoa come in and throw 92 over the next four scoreless, while Webb and Greene finished the Braves' last two frames. I mean, guys, this is exactly what I talked about in the PodcastPodcast yesterday; its baseball, this happens, and momentum shifts so rapidly it's crazy. The Braves need to regain momentum in game four against Kershaw, who will face Bryse Wilson from the Braves.

Going over the ALCS Game 4, we did not see a sweep in this one as Astro's were able to squeak out a 4-3 win on the back of an Altuve HR and double. A two-run bomb followed him by Springer. But the common factor on the double and Springer HR was Martin Maldonaldo was on base for both. This was encouraging to see as the Astros went 1-2 with RISP and only left four on the floor. Glasnow wasn't spectacular in this one, going six and giving up the 2HR and the 4ER. The pen was able to shutout the 7/8th. The Ray's did go 1-4 with RISP and left five on base in this one. The Ray's only got two runs off Grienke in this one and came close to getting a sweep in the 9th but left the tying run on base. This game was a lot closer than it looks as the Astro's weren't able to execute against the Rays' pen for a cushion, and we saw Ray's almost storm back against this pen. We are in for another close game 5.

Let's jump down into some Around the Horn, the news, and notes segment of the blog. But before I do, I want to plug the "My Deal's" of the site I have a fantastic promotion with REPP sports on their full line of products. Please go and check them out and save some money with the code "BALLBOY" at checkout.

Onward into the news and notes

We see quite a bit of noise around the White Sox opening. The names of AJ Hinch, Tony La Rusa, Bruce Bochy. Who knows where this opening will go. Personally, the WhiteSox needs to go with a leader, motivator, and someone with some energy to match the teams and keep building from where they are.

Speaking of Managerial opening, the Tigers did interview Dodgers first base coach Geroge Lombard. They have interviewed Marcus Thames as well.

We also saw the resurfacing of the Kris Bryant contract. If you aren't familiar with Bryant, he is the 3B of the Chicago Cubs and has had a couple of down years. Supposedly and I have no idea, but he was offered a contract north of 200Mil in 2018, and it was turned down immediately. There is a lot of "he said, she said" in this situation, and I am here for the facts, and the facts are that we don't know if anything was ever offered, indeed declined or not. Somebody can often interpret words as to how one wants them to be for leverage. The takeaway is that the Cubs and Bryant have had these discussions in the past, and there could still be interest there for both sides.

More contract buzz, there is mutual interest between the San Diego Padres and Fernando Tatis Jr on a long-term deal. No negotiations have started yet, but I am sure we will see Mookie Betts's type of money with this deal. A little more Padres news Daniel Lamet and Mike Clevinger both will not need surgery for injuries. Both should be good to go by spring.

More contract buzz- The Twins and DH Nelson Cruz have a mutual interest, A's and SS Marcus Semien hope to make a deal, the Seattle Mariners hope to add 3-4 RP in free agency, the Cardinals and Kolten Wong are expected to discuss a new contract. At the same time, they wait for the status of Yadi and Waino.

Some more off-season surgeries include: Rockies OF David Dahl and P Scott Oberg, Angels C Max Stassi, Twins SS Jorge Polanco, Phillies 1B Rhys Hoskins had TJ, Giants 1B Brandon Belt.

The Yankees got terrible news on Luis Severino as he isn't expected to be ready until June or July of 2021 after a setback in his recovery from TJ. The 2021 Yankees rotation should have Gerrit Cole, Jordan Montgomery, Delvi Garcia, and Clarke Schmidt to fill out the rotation. The Yankees expect to lose Masahiro Tanaka, James Paxton, and J.A. Happ to free agency this winter. In other Yankee's news, the team isn't likely to make any managerial changes but will possibly move on at Catcher.

Some smaller news to wrap us up today: The Texas Rangers are expected to reduce payroll in 2021- this has a significant impact as they may be willing to deal more with their quality pieces like- Lance Lynn, Joey Gallo, among others.

Tne Redsox and Rick Roienke have parted ways, and Boston has not yet started interviewing.

If you are still here, thank you for reading. Thank you for your support. Thank you for the view, the time, and your good vibes. It means a ton, and I am so grateful. Like I have said on the PodcastPodcast, this whole blog, website, Podcast has been a dream for a long time now. I appreciate your support, and please share with a friend and follow me on other social media: Twitter:



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