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112: The Indy Dad- Bryant (Full Transcript)

Jey (00:01.306)

And welcome into another episode of the Young Dad podcast. I fired the Live in Studio audience for lack of participation and lack of trying tonight. So we didn't get them, we won't get them, they're fired tonight. But that's okay because someone who's not fired is my friend, Bryant, who is joining me tonight. Bryant has a great Instagram page, the Indie Dad over on Instagram.

where he talks a lot about Girl Dad Lifestyle and local Indianapolis adventures. I always have struggled due to my speech impediment saying Indianapolis. It's only gotten better. It's only gotten better because I hear it so many times playing sports games. Madden, you have the Indianapolis Colts, you have the Indianapolis Pacers. They're not a baseball team, right? No, there's no baseball team there.

Bryant (00:36.992)

Well, you know.

Bryant (00:54.725)

Um, minor league, we got the Indians, but that's not anybody that you'd hear of way out there.

Jey (00:55.416)


Jey (01:00.366)

True, unfortunately. So yeah, Indianapolis has always been a word that I feel most people struggle with, but when you have a speech impediment, it's not favorable. So, Bryant, welcome on. Super excited to have you, super excited to talk to you. Go ahead and tell us a little bit about yourself, a little bit about your fatherhood journey, and anything else you want us to know about you.

Bryant (01:16.757)

Thanks, Jake. Yeah.

Bryant (01:24.573)

Awesome. Well, thanks Jay. Thanks for having me. I'm really excited to do this with you Just a little bit about myself again. My name is Bryant. I go by the indy dad on Instagram My whole thing on there is to just really share what it's like raising two little girls I started it kind of when they were first born and just really ran with it from there I also Think that the best thing that we can do with them is experience stuff and be connected to the community

So I love taking them to restaurants and like just getting out and about within Indianapolis. So just sharing all the cool things that we have around here. A lot of people think of Indianapolis as like a flyover city, but there's so much to do here that I wanna make sure that they really love where they're from and enjoy it as much as I do. Most of the stuff that we do, I mean, it's just day-to-day family life. We spend time together. We've got two dogs that we're...

loving on here lately. Both of them are under one, so that's been a fun adventure too, adding them to the family. But outside of that really just checking out restaurants, museums, just roaming around the city together, really just living our best life here in the Midwest and sharing it with everybody that we can.

Jey (02:44.878)

I love that. I love that. So how did the dogs come into the picture? Because that's what I'm curious about.

Bryant (02:53.002)

I have always had dogs my entire life. And when me and my wife met, we both had older dogs. They were like, they passed away two years ago now. So when they passed, they were like 15, 16 years old. So we've always had dogs around. When they passed, we took a little time because they were our babies first. And then...

Almost exactly a year ago, we got a Bernie's Mountain Dog, just something my wife always, always wanted. And we needed the little, the noise in the background, the dogs like running around, just little, little cuddle buddies, I guess, if you, is the best way to put it. So we got her, and then I've always wanted a Great Dane, and we found this rescue here at Indy that basically rescues dogs from abusive or overcrowded breeders.

So I found a Great Dane that I wanted and I called my wife and I was like, Hey, there's this Great Dane. He's purebred and I can get him for like a couple hundred bucks. And we're rescuing him from this breeder because he has a respiratory infection and they're already treating him, but the breeder can't sell him for what they want. So they're basically going to put him in a pound if this rescue didn't go and get them.

So it was just, we found this page, they had the dog that I wanted, and I just kind of jumped up and got the second one. That was just a couple of weeks ago.

Jey (04:26.274)

Wow, okay. Very cool. You had me at Pier bread Great Dane. The only thing I know about.

Bryant (04:28.525)

Yeah, so yeah. Oh yeah, my favorite.

Jey (04:34.658)

They're great dogs, they're huge and they're so fun, but they can have very complicated, as far as I know, very complicated like health issues very easily. And so you have to, they need like.

Bryant (04:37.045)


Bryant (04:47.041)

Yes. Yeah. Think of it as like a seven foot tall basketball player. They have all the like heart issues or they can, like their legs, you gotta like make sure that they don't like over exert themselves. Like he's four months old, so we're still like carrying up and downstairs so he gets strong enough and doesn't like hurt himself trying to do all that. But he's a blast.

Jey (05:12.11)

That's awesome. Yeah, I had gotten mine. I've always had dogs with my kids. When my older one was really little, we adopted this older golden retriever from a shelter, my ex-wife and I at the time. She was already six, this golden retriever. She was at the shelter because she had dog aggression. And sweetest dog you'll ever meet. Just meeting her when we met her, like I just fell in love with this dog.

Bryant (05:13.594)


Bryant (05:20.212)


Bryant (05:28.167)


Bryant (05:35.361)


Bryant (05:38.622)


Jey (05:41.514)

Absolutely just amazing dog overall. We had her for Until we had her for about five years, so my oldest was

Bryant (05:45.375)


Bryant (05:52.249)

Wow, that's good for Golden.

Jey (05:56.43)

Yeah, my oldest was only a few months old when we got her. So she grew up with that dog. And so that was a whole great experience for her. And then honestly, the experience of having the whole having to put her down and all that, that was a great experience for her in hindsight, of course, because it teaches them so many things in those moments. And then a few months later, we got Ringo. Ringo's my Australian Shepherd Lab Mix.

Bryant (06:19.433)

Oh yeah.

Jey (06:26.39)

He's half Australian Shepherd, a quarter lab, an eighth rot, and an eighth healer. And he's so much fun. Yeah. Oh yeah. He's two years old. He'll be three later this year. And so he's finally on the tail end of that like puppy phase and he's entering his like mature years before he enters his golden years. So he's.

Bryant (06:27.428)


Bryant (06:33.829)

much energy you're dealing with there.

Bryant (06:43.029)


Bryant (06:51.71)

Oh yeah.

Jey (06:53.954)

Cause dogs develop just so differently. Everyone thinks it's like linear, like seven years, but it's like that first year they're like zero to like nine and then they're like nine to 16 and then they're like 16 to 25. So he's in that 16 to 25 every time. So he's growing up, he's growing up.

Bryant (06:59.782)


Bryant (07:10.898)


Imagine what those years were like for us and how that has to feel as a dog.

Jey (07:19.342)

Yeah, because for us, it's year after year for them in one year, they go through seven, eight, nine, ten years of development at once. Like every month, they're aging a year essentially when they're in their first three years of their lives, which is crazy. And then over the summer, I actually was given somehow what happened was, so I work in mental and behavioral health. We work with youth and families.

Bryant (07:24.093)


Bryant (07:28.393)


Bryant (07:33.49)


Bryant (07:37.786)

It is.

Bryant (07:48.405)


Jey (07:49.014)

and this family had a litter of puppies. And one of my coworkers at the time was like, oh, well, I know like all my coworkers would love to like, take these puppies off for you so that you don't have to give them up to a shelter or anything. Like, let me just take them and I'll take them back to the office and everyone will like, everyone will take puppies. And so before we know it at our office, there's like this group of, yeah.

Bryant (07:53.429)


Bryant (08:13.037)

You acquired a dog.

Jey (08:16.654)

There's like five puppies and I didn't originally claim one. I was too late to the party. Um, I was like, it's fine. My dog is almost two. Like he doesn't, I don't need another one. Like he's just getting better. I'm just getting out of the puppy phase. I don't need to go through that again. Cause it was miserable with him. I don't want to do it again. And then one of my coworkers, I did end up taking one was like, we can't keep it. Uh, would you want it? I know you.

Bryant (08:19.699)



Bryant (08:36.658)

Uh huh.

Jey (08:44.47)

We're thinking about taking one, like would you want it? And then I ended up with a chihuahua.

Bryant (08:50.617)

Oh wow, that's drastic. Big difference there. That's cool though, chihuahuas can be fun.

Jey (08:54.346)


Jey (08:58.794)

He's actually really good. Like surprisingly, he's really good. He's not very loud. He's not very barky. Go ahead.

Bryant (09:01.234)

Yeah? I got a question for ya. Mmhmm. Oh no, sorry to interrupt. I was just curious, because I noticed this with my dogs. I mean, my Bernies is one, so she's still very much in the puppy phase, but as soon as we brought this great Dane home, it seemed like she aged a couple years and became like adult. Did you notice that with your first one?

Jey (09:31.238)

You know what? Thinking about it now? Yes. He kind of like instant, not instantly, but thinking about the last like few months that we've had him, we probably had him for maybe at the time of this recording, he's probably six, seven.

Bryant (09:45.2)


Jey (09:53.298)

eight months old, I don't even know. Really, I stopped keeping track. Like I have been taking care of this Chihuahua nearly as much as I took care of Ringo. His name is Leo, because he came from a litter of five, no four, there was four boys in this litter, and there's Leo, Rafa, Leo, Rafa.

Bryant (09:56.713)


Bryant (10:06.441)


Bryant (10:11.262)

Uh huh.

Bryant (10:14.802)


Jey (10:24.086)

Why can't I think? Donnie and what's the fourth one? Help me out here. They're named after the Ninja Turtles. They all have a Ninja Turtle name, because there are four of them. There are four boys, four brothers.

Bryant (10:36.091)


Bryant (10:41.166)

Michelangelo? Is that the last one? Ah, there you go.