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Who is 3B Ben Gobbel of the Tri-Cities Dust Devils, your NW League Player of the Week?

Updated: 3 days ago

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The more weeks that have gone by, the more I see the name Ben Gobbel, and the stats stand out week over week over week. Ben Gobbel's name has always stood out as my Player of the Series, and now, with the NW League Player of the Week honors, he gets some much-needed attention.

Gobbel, an unranked prospect (for now), finds himself outside the Angels' top 30. Fellow 3B Cole Fontelle, who is in AA ahead of him, is blocking a deserved promotion, in my humble opinion.

For well-known reasons, the Tri-City Dust Devil is loaded with top-30 prospects: This is based on the rankings.

  • #11 RHP Ryan Costieu

  • #12 RHP Walbert Urena

  • #13 OF Jadiel Sanchez

  • #16 OF Jorge Ruiz

  • #17 C Alberto Rios

  • #18 RHP Camden Minacci

  • #19 RHP Jorge Marcheco

  • #20 RHP Joel Hurtado

This has been a blessing in disguise, in my opinion, as well, as it's allowed for extra eyes to be these other guys, who in their own rights are very talented ball players, but Gobbel has stood out.

Among the team-qualified hitters- Gobbel, Sanchez, Ketchup, Blakely, Coutney, Ruiz. Here is where Gobbel Ranks

  • 1st ABs (126)

  • T-2 Runs (20)

  • 1st Hits (36)

  • 2nd Doubles (8)

  • 1st Home Runs (5)

  • 1st RBI's (19)

  • T-3 Walks (11)

  • 6th in Strikeouts (21)

  • 3rd Stolen Bases (4)

  • 1st Batting Avg (.286)

  • 1st OBP (.371)

  • 1st Slg% (.468)

  • 1st OPS (.839)

Gobbels Journey to NW League Player of the Week

  • On July 22, 2022, the Los Angeles Angels signed undrafted free agent SS Ben Gobbel to a minor league contract out of Bellmont Abbey University

  • On July 29, 2022, SS Ben Gobbel was assigned to ACL Angels.

  • April 4, 2023, SS Ben Gobbel was assigned to Inland Empire 66ers from ACL Angels.

  • Four different IL stints in 2023 limited him to 63G played.

  • April 2, 2024, SS Ben Gobbel was assigned to Tri-City Dust Devils from Inland Empire 66ers.

  • May 13, 2024, 3B Ben Gobbel named North West League Player of the Week.

It's already been a heck of a ride for former Bellmont Abbey Crusader, a