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50: Single Dad Reboot pt. 2- Craig Y.

It's an absolute honor and joy to welcome back one of our good friends and the first guest and first EVER return guest, your host of (Not so) Single Dad Reboot- Craig Y.

It was fun to catch up with my old friend Craig as we talked about Toxic Relationships, lack of mental health awareness, and the importance of communication. We also dove deep into talking about divorce: how your divorce doesn't define you, the shift in attitude towards divorced people, the need for support during and after divorce, and all that you can learn from divorce.

Craig's platform and show "Single Dad Reboot" is about helping people recover from divorce and helping parents transition into shared custody/single parenting. You share your experience with others to help them share theirs. This is precisely how Craig and I initially connected- listen in to learn more.

You can find more about Craig

@singledadreboot on Tiktok, IG, X/Twitter,

You can read all the things that Craig is writing over on Medium


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