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48- Daringly Dad- Jeff N.

Girl Dad + Parent Hood + Humor = Love and Sapp

Jeff is one cool dude, and I knew this episode would be one for the ages when he was asked what being a dad meant to him. "To put it into the simplest of terms (because we all know it's complex), It means trying to be a great example of what a good human is and trying to recreate that in a tiny human while also understanding that this child/tiny human is their person and has their personality, so respecting that too." Granted, this is something fluid and ever-changing, but this right here is a great mindset to keep.

Over @darlinglydad on I.G., you can find Jeff "share clips of my daughter and I enjoying new experiences. I do this with parenting quotes that mean something to me and through humor. I call it "laughs & saps" because sometimes it's funny, and sometimes it's serious and can get a little sappy. I keep it as light as possible since we all have our stuff going on and often turn to social media to escape it. I hope my daughter can look back at this account one day, see the clips, see my captions, share in on the laughs, and see how much I love being her dad."

Being a dad is so freaking cool, and as we discussed, neither of us can understand why you'll don't step up and hang out with your kids more.

Another fantastic thing we discussed is how it's not just mom being the "default parent," our generation, and all you amazing dads following Jeff and us are helping break and, honestly, OBLITERATE that stigma. We both are so proud of you for killing it and being great dads.

From Your Hosts- Jey and Aaron:

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