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46: Taming the High Cost of College- Brad Baldridge

You might be seeing the title of this episode and thinking, "Why do I need to worry about college? I'm a young dad; my kids are little; I'll be fine." That is why you need to listen in on today's show.

Brad is one of the nation's leading college financial planning experts. Brad teaches families the best ways to plan, save, and pay for college so they can make their children's college dreams come true without wiping out their finances or retirement. For over 20 years, he has shared his expertise and insights through his private practice, as a presenter at numerous workshops and seminars, and as a blogger and host of the Taming the High Cost of College Podcast.

Are you curious about what college might look like if you're divorced and don't know how to have that conversation with your co-parent? Are you a single parent and wondering how college will work for your kids? Are you curious if college is truly for everyone? How do you talk about small school, middle of the pact school, D1 school, and what's best for your kid and weigh the pros and cons?

ALL OF THOSE QUESTIONS, and many more, were answered in today's recording.

Find more about Brad Baldridge.

Listen to the Taming the High Cost of College Podcast:



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