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35: The Brothers are Back!

Yes, we have an exciting episode on the dock today, as Jey and Aaron are back together with no guests for the first time since episode 20. The brothers today gave some exciting life updates about the new family member, relationships, creative projects, and much more. The brothers talk a little about sports, politics, parenting, podcasting, etc. The brothers gave so much gratitude and appreciation to you, the audience, for the support, love, shares, and listens, and just for everything! We have so much more coming for you, some great guests, expanding our dad casting network, and in the future, merch and much more. We recently partnered with Fore Fathers Clothing, click the link, read the story, and you won't be leaving the website without a new polo for yourself or a dad you love. Recently launched on the site is the original and inspiring creation by Jey, the 'Well-Balanced Dad Diet'; this creation of words, challenges, inspiration, and first-hand perspective is giving parents everywhere some extra tools to work on themselves to be the parent, partner, friend, and person they want to be. Check it out: Recently launched was the Young Dad Podcast- Facebook Page. We would love it if you followed and supported us as we grow and expand the Podcast. Spotify Listeners: Ask us ANYTHING, and we will answer it on our next show. Also, leave five stars if you would be so kind. YouTube Audience: Hit that subscribe button, like the video, comment, and share. Apple Podcasters: Leave a 5 Star Rating and a review for us to read on our next show. Other Platform: Rate, review, comment, and share the Podcast with a friend. Follow us @youngdadpod on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter You can find us on our website at Remember to hit our linktree for all our deals: --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:

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