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Navigating Fatherhood and Mental Health: Insights from Episode 112 of the Podcast

Here's the image for the blog post about the Young Dad podcast episode featuring Jey and Bryant. It captures them in a comfortable living room, discussing the joys and challenges of fatherhood, reflecting a space conducive to sharing personal experiences and wisdom on parenting and mental health.
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In Episode 112, Jey and Bryant open up about the highs and lows of fatherhood, the critical role of fostering independence in children, and their battles with mental health.


Episode 112 of the Podcast brings a heart-to-heart discussion between Jey and Bryant, two dads who openly share their journey through fatherhood. They discuss the dual challenges of raising children with confidence and navigating their mental health, offering listeners a glimpse into the everyday realities that shape their parenting experiences.

Fostering Independence and Confidence:

Jey and Bryant dive into the importance of instilling independence in their children. They emphasize teaching them to navigate real-life situations and make informed decisions, fostering resilience and self-reliance from a young age. By letting their children experience the consequences of their actions, they believe it teaches them valuable life lessons and strengthens their ability to cope with future challenges.

The Role of Communication in Parenting:

Effective communication stands out as a cornerstone in their approach to parenting. Both fathers discuss how maintaining open lines of communication helps their children feel valued and understood. This practice supports emotional security and builds a foundation of trust and openness that benefits the entire family dynamic.

Personal Challenges with Mental Health:

Bryant shares his struggles with depression and ADHD, shedding light on the complexity of managing mental health while fulfilling the role of a father and husband. He discusses the pressure to be the familial 'rock,' highlighting how societal expectations can exacerbate mental health challenges for fathers.

Balancing Personal Needs with Family Responsibilities:

The conversation takes a deeper turn as Bryant discusses the difficulty of balancing personal desires with family obligations. He reveals the internal conflicts many fathers face—wanting to dedicate time to self-care while feeling compelled to always be available for their families. This segment resonates with many listeners who struggle to find that delicate balance.

Vulnerability and Strength in Fatherhood:

Both dads speak on the power of vulnerability, discussing how it is vital to show their children that it's okay to have bad days. They believe that demonstrating emotional honesty strengthens their relationships with their children and teaches them how to manage emotions constructively.


Episode 112 provides insightful reflections on the multifaceted role of a father. Jey and Bryant's discussion encourages other dads to foster independence in their children, maintain open communication, and manage their mental health gracefully. They urge fathers to embrace vulnerability and communicate openly, paving the way for a healthier and more fulfilling family life.

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