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102 (Bonus): Dope Individuals Only- Erik the Host - FULL Transcript

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And welcome into another episode of the Young Dad Podcast. I'm your host Jay, super excited to be here with you guys today. Before we jump too, too, too far in, I do just want to give a quick message and a quick invitation for everyone listening to go down to the description on whatever platform you're listening on. It could be Apple, Spotify, YouTube, any other podcast platform, Pocket Cast, wherever you're getting your podcasts, wherever you're listening to this or watching this right now.

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Yeah, two times a week on Saturdays or Sundays and then again on Wednesdays I drop those for everyone. So please I would love it if you could go down and support the podcast in that way also down there You'll of course find our link tree to all of our deals specials promos and partners of the podcast So without any further ado, I want to welcome Eric Eric You are the host of the dope individuals only podcast our platforms?

Super similar, we both share people's stories for the betterment of our listenership. Your platform is based on inclusion and love. You use your platform to share people's experiences and expertise in order to inform and improve the lifestyles of your listeners. So you're a dad, you've been a dad for about nine years now, and we're gonna jump into all of it. So tell us a little more about you, Eric, the host, tell us about you, Eric, the father.

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Jey (02:02.716)

Tell us just a little bit about you, your podcasting journey, your fatherhood journey, and anything you want us to know about you.

Erik The Host (02:10.787)

Awesome. Thank you again for having me up on the platform. I'm very grateful to be here. As you already gave the listeners a quick briefing on me, I run a podcast called Dope Individuals Only, as you can see behind me here. Like Jay said, what I predicate the show on is pushing love out into the world, allowing people to come up on my platform and share their stories, share their expertise, their ups, their downs, their highs and lows.

ultimately to hopefully better the lives of the listenership in some way, shape or form. I became a father. I'm a father of three. I became a father nine years ago. My eldest son is nine years old now. His name is Jaceon. And then I've had kids pretty much every three, like two and a half, three years after that. The fatherhood journey has been one of constant, constant learning, humbling, and a whole lot of joy.

You know, they're the reason I get up and do what I do every day. You know, and they're the reason why I strive to leave an imprint on people in the world and push love out into the world because I realized that my kids wake up every day and even if they have a bad day yesterday, they don't wake up with the same attitude. So they get a little bit of, they got something that us as adults, we might not have, you know, we carry last week into today, we carry last month.

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Erik The Host (03:35.683)

we carry next week into today and things of that nature. But every day they teach me to be present. They teach me to, you know, enjoy the little things of life and be present in that moment and really get the full effect of it all and not be so hung up on the little things. So yeah, man, I don't necessarily know where to take it. It's really hard to always answer that question. Like, who are you? Who are you the father as a father and things of that nature. But,

I've been through, I'm only 28 years old now and I've lived a lot of lives in just 28 years. For my entire childhood, I wanted to be a professional football player when I grew, when I became an adult. And then I maxed out at five, six and 140 pounds. So that journey was short -lived, even though the love for the game is still there. I'm around 16 years old. I found a passion for music and I was a rapper.

and things of that nature for a long time. And then I went through my ebbs and flows of that when I was 25 years old, back in 2020, I ran for city council. This was at the time of like the George Floyd murders and Tamir Rice and a lot of like friction going on in the country. And I figured, well, you know, I sit here and I complain about things and I like to make posts on Facebooks about things and what am I actually doing to contribute to my community to actually making

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Erik The Host (05:05.539)

for the people who live here, including myself and my children. So I went out and I ran a campaign to become a city council member in the city of Allentown, where I live in Pennsylvania. I ended up losing by a little bit less than 200 votes, but it was a very, very unique experience to be involved in the politics scene more than what we are, what we see on the news and stuff like that. I met a lot of great people. I met a lot of people that I no longer associate with.

just kind of seeing how the game is played, things like that. And I took that experience and I brought it into this, which was, I had to shake a lot of hands. I had to be in spaces where I was very uncomfortable with people that had a lot more experience than me, how to learn to speak the language and all these different things. But the biggest thing was I realized that I had a gift to connect.

people while I'm knocking on people's doors and telling them, Hey, I'm running for city council and this is what I'm trying to do. Um, and it, and it, and it really forced me to get out of my shell. Even though I've always been a very personable person. Um, I would say I sheltered myself in a little bit of a way. I was more of one of those people. Like if you don't speak to me first, then we're not going to have a conversation, but this experience pushed me, um, and it challenged me to kind of rise to the occasion and get out of my comfort zone. And, um,

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Erik The Host (06:32.195)

During this time, after I lose the election, I go through this really bad bout with depression, the first time I've ever experienced depression in my life. Pushed me into drinking a little bit more than I had up until that point in my life. Pushed me to start experimenting with marijuana and all these different things. And I felt like I was at a crossroads where I didn't really love music the way I once did. The football dream had sailed. I had lost in politics. So everything around me seemed like failure.

And I'm like, you know, I need something new creatively that I can do, that I can express myself. And one day I just woke up and I was like planning out the next 12 months of my life. And I'm like, you know, what do I want to accomplish? Started thinking about the things that I'm good at. I'm very good at writing. So I started writing a book a couple of years ago, which is almost complete now. And then one of the things on my list, along with trying to learn Spanish and travel to another country was start a podcast.

And I took my music equipment that I had collecting dust on the shelves in our storage room and I pulled it all out and I went for it. You know, in a year and about six months later, here I am. So, little bit of backstory.

Jey (07:39.068)

That's awesome, man. No, that's awesome. And that's so many, so many great things there. And for the listeners that aren't there, Eric, or for the listeners that are only listening audio only to give them, I think some important context here to who you are. Not that it matters to me whatsoever, but to the listeners to know that you are.

Erik The Host (07:50.175)

Thank you.

Erik The Host (08:06.531)


Jey (08:08.508)

African American, if they are listening and that can, I think can help give some context here because if you're in that politics space for the first time, like you mentioned having to learn a new language, having to speak a new language, having to get to know new people. I can see how that how you may not associate with a lot of those people anymore, how you may not understand or work with them anymore. And my I'm biracial, I'm mixed. My dad's African American. I know the...

Erik The Host (08:23.221)

Yes. Yeah.

Jey (08:38.044)

It's the light of the, the ring light. I promise that's showing me off the so why there hasn't been a lot of sun up in Washington the last few months. So, um, I'm pasty. Even my fiance looked at my hands the other day. He's like, wow, your hands are getting really light. I'm like, thanks. That's exactly what I wanted to hear. Um, yeah, exactly. Please.

Erik The Host (08:39.843)

Oh wow.

Erik The Host (08:53.603)

It's also winter time. It's also winter time. So, you know, we can cut you some slack. Everybody gets a look. Because in the summertime, I'm almost the same color as my hair.

Jey (09:07.388)

right? Yeah, no, I get there too. Like I get dark, dark in the winter time or summertime, not winter. I wish the winter time too, but yeah, no, I get dark. I get dark, dark in the summer. But yeah, no, it's so, it's not so cool. So you, that's a lot of things in the last nine years. So you became a dad when you were about 19.

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Erik The Host (09:16.099)

Yeah, right?

Erik The Host (09:30.595)

So yeah, I'm African American and Puerto Rican. I'm currently learning the language that has been something as I previously stated. I know that all too well. My dog Axel always does that. But yeah, I'm currently learning the language. I'm getting a lot better at this point in the language learning journey. But.

as far as like speaking the language of Spanish, it died with my grandmother. So, you know, I'm self -teaching at the moment. My wife is Dominican. My children are black, Puerto Rican and Dominican. They're a little bit lighter than me. They're like caramel color, because my wife is light skin. But yeah, definitely being in the political space at the time I was running our campaign, I ran with another girl.

Jey (10:06.236)

Thank you.

Erik The Host (10:25.315)

here at the time she was only 20 years old. So we were the two, two of the youngest candidates to ever run in the city of Allentown. I ended up, I ended up being unsuccessful in the venture. She ended up winning the seat in which she's actually up for reelection this year. So we'll see how that all shakes out for her.

Jey (10:46.332)

No, that's great. So. The dog barking threw me off. He probably just hear something outside. I just moved my my desk. Yes, last night I moved into the living room from the bedroom and.

Erik The Host (10:52.515)

Somebody's excited.

Erik The Host (11:03.107)

Mm -hmm.

Jey (11:07.388)

now they're out here with me in the morning because I don't want to like because my oldest daughter likes to try to sleep in my bed sometimes so not some most of the time she's six so she sleeps and try to sleep sleep in bed with me

Erik The Host (11:18.147)

How old is your eldest children?

Jey (11:21.276)

My oldest is six, my youngest is three. I only have two girls. So I only have the two. So she sleeps in...

Erik The Host (11:27.563)


Jey (11:32.092)

She doesn't like

Erik The Host (11:34.755)

That's crazy.

Jey (11:39.356)

Yeah, so she sleeps in there with

Erik The Host (11:40.451)

That's crazy. Typically, it's like the youngest that doesn't want to get out of the bed.

Jey (11:50.524)

So we're working on it. But every time I would record like at this time in the morning, usually ends up waking her up at some point. And so her like the end of her sleep gets disturbed and she is not a morning person at all. Like she is the furthest thing from a morning person whatsoever, no matter how much sleep she get. So it's so, it's so fun.

Erik The Host (12:02.305)

Mm -hmm.

Erik The Host (12:08.643)


Erik The Host (12:16.245)

Mornings are rough, man. Mornings are rough.

Jey (12:19.74)

they are. I love mornings. I get up and I just start moving but that's how like my dad is, that's how I am. It's always just been like a get up and get moving, get out the house and get on with your day kind of thing. So yep, get up, get going, get going.

Erik The Host (12:31.139)

Get out the, yeah, get out the door. Yeah. My wife's like that. My wife wakes up three o 'clock in the morning. She'll go back to sleep for an hour and she's back up at like five o 'clock and she's like, her day has started. Like by the time I'm up and out of bed brushing my teeth, she's already two hours into her day. And I'm just like, holy smokes. But she gets that midday crash where she's just like, okay, I need a nap now. I don't typically get midday crashes, but like.

Jey (12:58.16)

Oh yeah dude, I -

Erik The Host (13:01.731)

I'm a midday nap person.

Jey (13:03.93)

Oh yeah, no, I crash hard midday. Because I work at night, I work at nine to five. I work in mental health. So that midday crash, it's hard. Real hard most days. So it's, the afternoons are long. The afternoons and the evenings are very long.

Erik The Host (13:19.179)


Jey (13:28.444)

and just yeah it's it's super fun but no so oh go ahead go ahead

Erik The Host (13:31.043)

That's totally understandable. Well, my wife and I, it sounds like it. I was going to say my wife and I, we worked in childcare a couple of years ago back in, during 2020. 2020 was a very big year for us. It was a year full of changes, not only for the world and society, but like personally, we went through a lot of growth in that year, even though it was like,