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Epi 108: Mister Matts Storytime- Matt (Full Transcript)

Jey (00:00.555)

Welcome into another episode of the Young Dad podcast. I'm your host Jay, super excited to be with you as we embark on our second hundred batch of episodes. This is total episode one-on-one, very excited to be with you guys once again here on the show. What a wild and crazy ride it's been. I'm really excited. So I actually fired the live studio audience for today since they decided not to show up to work, but that's okay. I'm joined by a friend of mine. I'm joined by Mr. Matt. Matt is the host of

Mr. Matt's Storytime, you may have heard of it. It's a great little series for kids with stories that he's created about his main character, Bubba, and all the fun, amazing things that he gets to do. It's a great listen while you're in the car with kids, while you're out and about with your kids, if you just need a story to fill the time. It's great for bedtime and really any time in between. So I'm super excited to host Matt today. Matt's a father, of course. I don't think he would write children's books if he wasn't, but who knows?

to each their own. But Matt, thanks so much for being here today. Go ahead and tell us a little bit about you. Tell us about the podcast. Tell us about Bubba and really anything else you wanna tell us about you.

Matt (01:03.144)


Matt (01:11.051)

Yeah, absolutely. Happy to be here, Jay. Thanks for having me. So I'm just a normal dad, right? Became a dad five plus years ago to my son, Bubba. Bubba, of course, is not his real name, but that's what we call him. It's just a nickname. And where the podcast came from was just a simple idea of...

falling asleep at night and he liked to listen to stories or music or white noise or whatever it was. So I would just hand him my phone and say, here you go buddy, find what you want. And he found stories and I thought to myself, I can do that. Like if somebody is gonna read to my kid at night, why not be me, right? I mean, obviously reading a books, but after I leave the room, if he wants to continue on and I need to get on with my night.

I can put the podcast on for him. It really started to be just as simple as that and I had no intention, absolutely none of growing it or thinking anybody else would be interested in hearing me talk. So I just watched the numbers tick up and up and up after publishing a couple episodes, which I was just doing, like picking out books from the library, right? Bringing them home.

And then it got to a point where I'm like, all right, I've got actually some people here who are interested. Let me just start writing my own stuff. And so that's kind of where it evolved to in the summer of 2022. And then I've been writing Bubba stories since then with kids writing in all over the world, which is really cool, primarily English speaking languages or English speaking countries. But yeah, I've got.

listeners really from everywhere. Main contingencies within the US and then Australia, the UK, Canada, I mean it's really cool. And then hearing how my stories can have an impact on kids around the world, focusing on early childhood literacy and the importance of reading and how that fosters such a

Matt (03:31.59)

wonderful skill set that you can use in life to think through things critically, to use your imagination, to just be an individual. It's something that is very near and dear to my heart and that was one of the reasons why I just continue on. Long past when my kids are less than excited when a new Bubba story comes out just because they hear me all the time, right? And so now I'm on episode 60 something and uh...

that they still like to listen when like me and my wife have date nights. So just last night, actually, we were going out and Bubba started crying because he didn't want us to leave. And, you know, he's five now and the babysitter was there and BB was there. And he made sure to say, I want to listen to Bubba stories. So we put that on for him and then we headed out the door. So they still listen. It's just a little bit different now.

I think it's really cool to have this just because not only for the global impact, but also just my own personal impact where it's filling a need that I didn't know I had to be creative as well as now assuming that the files don't get corrupted somewhere down the line. My voice is out there for my future generations, not only my kids, maybe their kids and their kids' kids.

to hear what I sounded like and just feel, keep that connection going. So it's been a fun, it's been fun. I really, really loved it.

Jey (05:09.775)

100%. That's awesome. And does he realize that the stories are like he's Bubba in some aspects? Does he realize that at all or has he got has he put that together?

Matt (05:25.354)

He does, yeah, he's figured it out. Recently, I guess within the past six months or so, I have incorporated him into the episodes and he'll, when he wants to, right? I don't wanna make it not fun for him. But if I've got stories that have bubba dialogue, I'll ask him to join me in the recording and his favorite part is not so much the recording part, which he doesn't mind doing.

It's the part afterwards because of the software that I use. It's like a voice modulator. I can change how things sound. And so in editing, he's always looking forward to making it sound silly. So I say, you know, buddy, I got to edit right now. He says, okay, but let me know when I can make it silly. You got it. So getting him involved too has been awesome because now he likes to write his own stories. He just records his...

Jey (06:12.22)

I love that.

Matt (06:24.934)

He records on the iPad and just uses his creative thinking to create things as he goes. He also writes stuff down. He'll ask how to spell things and we'll help him out and he'll illustrate. And it's just seeing that grow within him too is having a direct impact. And hopefully my daughter picks it up too. She's a little young. She's almost three.

Jey (06:51.459)

I love that. So you have a five and a three. Almost six. So it's pretty solid.

Matt (06:55.823)

Five and she so her birthday is in March. Yeah, so she's two still but yeah, he's five and two

Jey (06:59.207)

Okay, okay, gotcha. Gotcha, pretty solid age gap. I think that's pretty close to what mine are. Mine turned, my older one turned seven this year, my younger one will turn four later this year. So, Alexa, good gap. I like that gap because one was almost out of diapers or completely out of diapers when the next one came in, came into the picture. So that's the kind of age gap I promote. I love that age gap when asked, but.

Matt (07:13.451)

Yeah, good job.

Jey (07:27.763)

You know, I really like what you said about the creativity part there, because for me, that's what a lot of this was. It was feeling that need to be creative. I love creating. I always like being a writer. Always like writing and getting out written word and writing about random different topics, whatever it might be. Mostly sports is kind of where it all kind of birthed from was sports. And then it turned into everyone else is doing videos. No one's really watching. No one's really reading anymore.

So let me start doing video and audio. And then I got really comfortable with that because it was really difficult at first for me. Being in front of a camera because my teeth weren't fixed all the way yet. I was still in like retainers, a vision line. I have a slight speech impediment. I'm not the prettiest face out there. I don't have a deep sultry voice or anything like that. So I was just like, well, let me just put myself in front of a camera and see what happens. And then it kind of just snowballed from there. And then this...

need for fatherhood and to talk about it was nothing I ever saw myself doing. I always just thought I'm a sports guy and I will always just be a sports guy. I will help oversaturate the sports market with ridiculous takes or fun dumb baseball content or whatever. And then this idea kind of just happened one day. It was just like, okay, let's

my brother and I kind of just brain child. It was after my divorce. I finally had a good place. And kind of that summer of 2022, same here for us, is when it really just sparked and ignited and the flames started going. So now we're a hundred total episodes in. By the time