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YDP23: Execute YOUR Blueprint

Too easy, as our guest Daniel Simone, host of The Build Podcast, says as he joined our host Jey as they talked about everything from struggling with mental health, parenting, being a good partner, and much more.

Daniel took us through his journey of depression that led him to have to choose what path he wanted to align himself with. He chose the path of healing, improving, and being someone he is proud to look at daily. From there, Daniel took the chance to share his story and knowledge and give that back to dads like you and me through coaching, fitness, and nutrition to help them get to the high version of themselves.

Daniel and Jey talk about doing your "P's," supporting your partner's dreams, speaking your partner's love language, not beating yourself up, and executing your blueprint daily.

We hope you enjoy the show as much as we did doing it.

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