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The Local 1B- Mason Martin

Mason Martin Sliding home during a Southride HS game
Tri-City Hearld

In the small town of Kennewick, Washington, a local hero is making his mark on the professional baseball stage. Mason Neil Martin, a versatile first baseman who can also patrol the outfield, has become a symbol of hope and pride for his hometown. Born on June 2, 1999, Martin's baseball journey is a tale of relentless dedication, formidable power at the plate, and a deep-rooted connection to his community.

Standing 6 feet tall and weighing 200 pounds, Martin's physical stature suits his dual roles on the field. His ability to bat left while throwing right gives him a unique advantage, making him a valuable asset to his team. Martin's journey to professional baseball began at Southridge High School in Kennewick, where he first showcased his potential. His impressive performances caught the eye of scouts nationwide, ultimately leading to his selection by the Pittsburgh Pirates in the 17th round of the 2017 MLB June Amateur Draft.

From High School Star to Pro Prospect

Mason Martin's high school career was marked by staggering achievements, setting records and earning accolades that underscored his batting prowess and defensive skills. His transition from high school to the professional ranks was a step up in competition and a continuation of his growth as a player. Throughout his minor league tenure, Martin has demonstrated a consistent ability to power the ball out of the park while improving his defensive versatility by playing both in the infield and the outfield.

Power Hitter with Potential

Martin's left-handed swing packs considerable power, making him a constant home run threat whenever he approaches the plate. His ability to play multiple positions, including first baseman, right fielder, and left fielder, showcases his athletic versatility and increases his value to any team looking to maximize talent in various roles. As Martin continues to develop, his adaptability and raw power are vital attributes that will carry him through the ranks of professional baseball.

Local Hero, Broadening Horizons

For the community of Kennewick, Mason Martin is more than just a baseball player; he is a source of local pride and a role model for aspiring athletes. His journey from a local high school star to a professional athlete exemplifies the possibilities that dedication and hard work can bring. As Martin progresses in his career, he carries with him the hopes and support of his hometown, eager to see one of their own succeed on the national stage.

Altona Curve

Mason Martin's career reflects a journey filled with promising power-hitting capabilities consistent across various minor league levels within the Pittsburgh Pirates organization. Here's a detailed look at his career thus far:

Early Career:

  • 2017 (Rookie, Gulf Coast League): Mason began his professional career strongly, showcasing his power potential immediately with a .307 average and 11 home runs over just 39 games. His OPS of 1.087 during this rookie season set a high standard.

Minor League Development:

  • 2018 (Rookie, Appalachian League & Class A): Mason displayed versatility by playing in both Rookie and Class A levels, albeit with a drop in batting average (.220) but maintaining a decent slugging percentage (.386). His home run count was 14 across 104 games.

  • 2019 (Class A & Class A-Advanced): He showed significant improvement, especially in Class A, where he slugged .575 with 23 home runs. Overall, he had 35 home runs with a .908 OPS across two levels, illustrating significant strides in power-hitting.

Advancement Challenges:

  • 2021 (Double-A & Triple-A): Mason's move to higher levels came with challenges. While he hit 25 home runs, his average and OBP dipped (.242 and .317, respectively), indicating struggles with more advanced pitching.

  • 2022 (Triple-A): His continued struggles were evident, with a .210 average and .410 slugging. However, he still managed 19 home runs, proving his consistent power.

  • 2023 (Double-A & Triple-A): The average further dipped (.215) but maintained a reasonable slugging percentage (.429) with 18 home runs, suggesting ongoing issues with hitting consistency but not power.


  • Mason has primarily played first base throughout his minor league career, showcasing good fielding capabilities with a career fielding percentage of around .987. His reliability defensively adds value to his profile as a power-hitting first baseman.

Overall Strengths:

  1. Power Hitting: Mason's standout skill is his ability to hit home runs. He has hit over 120 home runs in his minor league career, and his slugging percentages have been impressive at every level.

  2. Plate Discipline: He has shown the ability to draw walks, enhancing his OBP despite lower batting averages.

Areas for Improvement:

  1. Contact Hitting: Mason's primary area for improvement is his batting average. He has consistently shown lower averages as he has moved up, which often hinders his overall effectiveness.

  2. Adjustment to Advanced Pitching: The jump to higher levels has exposed difficulties in adjusting to better-quality pitching, as seen with increased strikeout rates and decreased batting averages.

Future Outlook:

To secure a call-up to the major leagues or even to stabilize his performance overall, Mason needs to focus on improving his contact rates and ability to adjust to different types of pitching. Enhancing his approach at the plate to reduce strikeouts and increase his batting average could make a significant difference. His consistent power is a valuable asset that, combined with improvements in other areas, could see him becoming a viable option for a major league roster.

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