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Prospect Breakdown- RHP Walbert Urena

In baseball, where the pitch's velocity can be just as thrilling as a home run, Walbert Jhoel Ureña stands out as a burgeoning sensation. Born on January 25, 2004, in Mao, Dominican Republic, Ureña has already begun to carve out a name for himself with a fastball that not only reaches but sometimes surpasses the coveted triple-digit mark. At just 20 years old, this flame-throwing righty brings an exciting blend of youth, talent, and sheer power to the mound.

Standing 6 feet tall and weighing 170 pounds, Ureña's physique is a testament to his agility and strength—critical attributes for a starting pitcher whose primary weapon is a fastball that intimidates hitters and excites scouts. His performance with the Inland Empire in 2023 showcases his potential and prowess. Across 22 outings, including 21 starts, Ureña struck out an impressive 97 batters and allowed a mere five home runs in just over 98 innings of work. Such statistics highlight his ability to dominate batters and his consistency and stamina as a starting pitcher.

Ranked 12th among prospects in the Angels Organization, Ureña's rise reflects hard work, dedication, and a natural talent honed in the Dominican Republic, a nation renowned for its production of baseball talent. His journey from Mao to becoming one of the most talked-about young pitchers in professional baseball is a narrative of ambition, relentless training, and the pursuit of excellence on the global stage.

Ureña's fastball, which can hit triple digits, is complemented by an expanding arsenal of pitches that make him not just a one-trick pony but a well-rounded pitcher with the potential to climb the ranks rapidly. His ability to maintain velocity deep into games, with a competitive mindset and a focus on refining his mechanics, positions him as a future cornerstone for his team's pitching rotation.

As Walbert Ureña continues to develop and adapt to the challenges of professional baseball, his journey is a testament to the power of raw talent, nurtured through dedication and hard work. With each strikeout and every game he starts, Ureña is not just making a name for himself; he's also inspiring a new generation of players from the Dominican Republic and beyond.


Walbert Ureña's early professional career demonstrates a young pitcher's typical ups and downs adjusting to the professional level. Over two seasons, Ureña's development can be dissected by examining his pitching performance and the progression from Rookie League to Class A.

Pitching Performance Analysis

  • Strikeout Abilities: Ureña has shown promising strikeout capabilities, with a SO9 (strikeouts per nine innings) 10.8 in his first season and 8.8 in his second. This indicates his ability to retire batters via strikeouts, a crucial skill at higher levels.

  • Challenges with Control: A consistent area for improvement for Ureña is control, as evidenced by a BB9 (walks per nine innings) rate of 7.7 in his rookie season and 5.5 in Class A. Reducing walks will be crucial to his development.

  • Adjusting to Advanced Hitters: The transition to Class A highlighted challenges in maintaining performance consistency against more skilled hitters, reflected in a higher ERA (5.66) and WHIP (1.561).

Season-by-Season Breakdown

  • 2022 Rookie League: Ureña's rookie season was marked by a learning curve, where he managed a 3-4 record with a 3.86 ERA over 12 games. Despite the challenges, his high strikeout rate showed his potential.

  • 2023 Class A: Ureña's record (4-7) and ERA (5.66) reflected the difficulties in adjusting to higher-level hitters in a more competitive environment. Yet, his strikeout numbers remained a positive takeaway.

Defensive Considerations

  • Fielding: Ureña's fielding percentages (.500 in Rookie League and .944 in Class A) and his role in plays demonstrate typical fluctuations for a young pitcher focusing primarily on development from the mound.

  • Game Management: Indicators such as wild pitches (WP) and hit-by-pitches (HBP) suggest areas for growth in game management and control, which will improve with experience and coaching.

Developmental Insights

  • Growth Opportunities: Ureña's journey underscores the need for ongoing adjustments to his pitching mechanics and strategy, particularly in managing walks and enhancing pitch control.

  • Potential: The ability to strike out batters at a high rate underscores Ureña's potential. Refining his control and adjusting to the mental aspects of pitching against advanced hitters will be crucial for his progression.


Walbert Ureña exhibits the raw abilities and challenges typical of a young pitcher early in his professional career. His strikeout rates indicate significant potential, while areas for improvement offer clear targets for developmental focus. As Ureña gains experience and receives targeted coaching, monitoring his adjustments to control and consistency will be crucial to his trajectory within the Los Angeles Angels organization.

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