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Dust Devils go to Hillsboro, take 3W, and leave 3W for the Hops

Series Recap: Dust Devils vs. Hillsboro Hops April 16-21

Series Result: Dust Devils 3-3 Hops. The Dust Devils struggled during their road trip against the Hillsboro Hops, managing only three wins in a six-game series. They showcased some persistent issues with consistency both at bat and on the mound.

Game 1 Recap

Final Score: Dust Devils 1, Hops 8

Starting Pitchers:

  • Dust Devils: Rivera, E

  • Hops: Corcoran

Game Highlights:

  • Standout Player: Sanchez, J shone for the Dust Devils with 2. The team's overall struggle overshadowed the efforts struggle.

  • Pitching Woes: Gonzalez, J had a tough outing, allowing 3 runs in just 1.2 innings, reflecting the team's broader struggles on the mound this game.


  1. Lack of Offensive Production: The team managed only one run despite accumulating seven hits.

  2. High Strikeout Count: The Dust Devils' hitters struck out 15 times, showing a need for better contact hitting.

  3. Fielding Errors Gobbel's fielding error contributed to defensive woes.

Areas for Improvement:

  1. Clutch Hitting: The team was 1-for-8 with runners in scoring position.

  2. Pitch Control: Dust Devi's' pitchers walked eight batters, giving away too many opportunities.

Game 2 Recap

Final Score: Dust Devils 2, Hops 3

Starting Pitchers:

  • Dust Devils: Hurtado

  • Hops: Giesting

Game Highlights:

  • Standout Player: Guzman collected three hits, including two doubles, trying to spark a rally.

  • Critical Inning: A 2-run 4th inning by the Hops set the tone for the game.


  1. Strong Start by Hurtado: Despite the loss, Hurtado pitched a solid five innings, giving up only two runs.

  2. Improved Contact: Lowered the strikeout count to 9 from the previous game.

  3. Baserunning: Guzman, stole bases, showing aggressive baserunning.

Areas for Improvement:

  1. Support: The offense failed to capitalize fully, leaving eight on base.

  2. Relief Pitching: Espinosa, C gave up a crucial home run, highlighting bullpen issues.

Game 3 Recap

Final Score: Dust Devils 7, Hops 3

Starting Pitchers:

  • Dust Devils: Marcheco

  • Hops: Short

Game Highlights:

  • Standout Players: Bruggeman went 2-for-2, and Ketchup had critical hits that drove in runs, contributing significantly to the win.

  • Solid Pitching: Marcheco had a quality star pitching six innings and only one run.


  1. Effective Hitting: The team was more effective with runners in scoring position compared to previous games.

  2. Control on the Bases: Despite a caught stealing, the team utilized aggressive baserunning to pressure the Hops.

  3. Defensive Play: An outfield assist by Ruiz, J highlighted a solid defensive effort.

Areas for Improvement:

  1. Consistency at Bat: The team needs to maintain a steady approach at the plate across games.

  2. Minimize Errors: An error by Blake showed there's still improvement defensively.


The series against the Hillsboro Hops exposed some consistent challenges for the Dust Devils, particularly in pitching depth and offensive consistency. While there were flashes of brilliance in baserunning and defense, the team's inconsistency of drive-in runs and shaky outings from the bullpen were noticeable. The team must focus on these areas to improve their standing and performance in upcoming games. Series Result (Games 4-6): Dust Devils 2 - Hops After a challenging start to the series, the. Dust Devils made a strong comeback, taking two of the last three games against the Hillsboro Hops. This section of the series showcased significant improvements in offensive execution and pitching stability.

Game 4 Recap

Final Score: Dust Devils 11, Hops 3

Starting Pitchers:

  • Dust Devils: Urena

  • Hops: Yan

Game Highlights:

  • Standout Players: Guzman, D shined brightly with three hits, supported by Blakely, who not only hit a home run but also drove in 2 runs.

  • Pitching Performance: Urena started strong, and the bullpen, led by Garcia, L, maintained the lead effectively, allowing no runs in their combined efforts.


  1. Explosive Offense: The team scored 11 runs on 13 hits, showing great discipline and clutch hitting.

  2. Base Running: The team was aggressive on the bases, stealing multiple bases, including key steals by Bruggeman and Ketchup.

  3. Solid Bullpen: The relievers held the Hops scoreless, showcasing a strong bullpen performance.

Areas for Improvement:

  1. Reduce Errors: Guzman, and Blakely Fielding errors could have been costly in a tighter game.

  2. Efficiency on the Mound: Despite the win, the starting pitching could improve efficiency to avoid high pitch counts early.

Game 5 Recap

Final Score: Dust Devils 1, Hops 3

Starting Pitchers:

  • Dust Devils: Clark

  • Hops: Percival

Game Highlights:

  • Standout Player: Ketchup managed two doubles, though it wasn't enough wasn't a broader rally.

  • Control Issues: Clark struggled with control, resulting in balks contributing to the Hops' scoring.


  1. Strong Defense: Despite the loss, the team played solid defense, including a double play.

  2. Baserunning: Blake and Ketchup used aggressive baserunning to attempt to spark the offense.

  3. Relief Pitching Holds: The bullpen held firm, giving up no runs in the final three innings.

Areas for Improvement:

  1. Clutch Hitting: The team went 0-for-10 with runners in scoring position, struggling to bring runners home.

  2. Pitch Control: The starting pitcher, Clark, must avoid unnecessary balks and tighten control.

Game 6 Recap

Final Score: Dust Devils 9, Hops 3

Starting Pitchers:

  • Dust Devils: Rivera, E

  • Hops: Elbis

Game Highlights:

  • Standout Players: Flores drove in 3 runs, while Guzman, D, and Ruiz, J, contributed significantly to the scoring with critical hits.

  • Big Innings: A strong start, with four runs in the first inning, set the tone, and the team didn't look bad

  1. Effective Hitting: The team made the most of their opportunities, going 5-for-17 with runners in scoring position.

  2. Controlled Pitching: Rivera E managed a solid start, and the bullpen kept the Hops at bay.

  3. Defensive Plays: Key defensive plays and outfield assists helped maintain the lead.

Areas for Improvement:

  1. Consistency at Bat: Despite the high score, there were moments where better bat control could have led to more runs.

  2. Maintain Discipline: Avoiding hit-by-pitches and managing pitch counts will help in tighter games.

Overall Summary for Games 4-6: The Dust Devils showcased their capability to bounce back with solid performances in the latter half of the series. Improved batting, aggressive baserunning, and a reliable bullpen were critical factors in securing the series end on a high note. This momentum will be crucial as they head into their next series.

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