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Prospect Breakdown- RHP Joel Hurtado

From the vibrant fields of Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic, to the competitive arenas of professional baseball, Joel Alexander Hurtado's journey is a narrative rich with determination, talent, and the relentless pursuit of a dream. Born on February 6, 2001, Hurtado has quickly evolved from a promising young talent into a pitcher to watch, thanks to his impressive abilities on the mound. Standing 6 feet 2 inches tall and weighing 180 pounds, his physical stature is as commanding as his presence when he gears up to pitch.

As a right-handed pitcher who also bats right, Hurtado combines speed, precision, and an innate understanding of the game to outmaneuver his opponents. This skill set has propelled him up the ranks and earned him a spot as the 20th-ranked prospect (within org) in a highly competitive field. His dedication to the sport and constant improvement are a testament to his hard work and the rich baseball heritage of the Dominican Republic.

Hurtado's pitching style is a blend of power and strategy, a combination that sets him apart and hints at his potential to become a significant figure in baseball. His ability to consistently challenge even the best hitters with his pitches speaks volumes about his future in the sport. As he continues to refine his techniques and adapt to the higher levels of competition, his development is a source of excitement for those who recognize his potential.

The journey from Puerto Plata to professional baseball in the United States is fraught with challenges and hurdles. Yet, Joel Hurtado's path reflects a story of perseverance, the support of a community that loves baseball as much as he does, and a personal drive that fuels his ambition. His journey is not just about the games won or the strikeouts thrown; it's about the dreams of a young Dominican player aiming to leave his mark on the world stage.

As Joel Hurtado steps onto the mound, each pitch is a chapter in his unfolding story, a blend of heritage, talent, and the universal love for baseball that crosses borders and unites cultures. His progression in the sport is a beacon for aspiring athletes from the Dominican Republic and beyond, showcasing the possibilities that arise from dedication, talent, and the sheer love of the game.


Joel Hurtado's progression through the Los Angeles Angels' farm system, starting from the Dominican Summer League (DOSL) and advancing to Class A with the Inland Empire 66ers, reflects a young pitcher in the early stages of his professional development.

Early Career and Development

  • Dominican Summer League (2022): Hurtado began with promising stats, posting a 3.50 ERA over 18 innings. He showcased his potential with a solid SO/W ratio of 2.33 and a WHIP of 1.167. This period highlighted his strikeout capabilities, with 10.5 SO9, indicating his ability to challenge hitters effectively.

  • Class A Transition (2023): Moving to Class A marked a significant step in Hurtado's career. Over 78 innings, he recorded a 5.42 ERA and struck out 90 batters, maintaining a solid strikeout rate of 10.4 SO9. However, the increase in ERA and WHIP to 1.397 underscored the challenges faced at a higher level of competition.

Pitching Performance Analysis

  • Strikeout Strength: Across two seasons, Hurtado demonstrated a notable ability to generate strikeouts, a crucial skill for his pitching development and effectiveness on the mound.

  • Control Improvement Needed: The increase in walks from the DOSL to Class A, reflected in his BB9 rates, suggests areas for improvement in pitch control and command to succeed against more advanced hitters.

  • Adjustment to Professional Hitters: Hurtado's statistical changes, particularly his ERA and WHIP, indicate an adjustment to higher levels. His ability to adapt to the competitive environment of Class A and refine his pitching approach will be crucial to his continued development.

Defensive Considerations and Fielding

  • Fielding Performance: While primarily focused on pitching, Hurtado's fielding stats show room for improvement in defensive play and overall game management, as indicated by a lower fielding percentage in his first season and wild pitches across both seasons.

Developmental Insights and Future Potential

  • Growth Potential: Hurtado's early career demonstrates promising abilities and areas requiring development. Focusing on control, reducing walks, and harnessing his strikeout capabilities will be crucial for his progression through the minor leagues.

  • Adaptability and Coaching: His adaptability to coaching and ability to refine his technique will play significant roles in his trajectory within the Angels organization. Improving his game management, including fielding and controlling the running game, will enhance his overall impact as a pitcher.


Joel Hurtado's journey in the minor leagues showcases a pitcher with potential, marked by his strikeout ability and the challenges of adapting to higher levels of play. Continued focus on development areas, especially control and command, alongside leveraging his strikeout strengths, will be pivotal in his growth and success in professional baseball. As Hurtado gains more experience and receives targeted coaching, his progression will be essential to monitor, potentially impacting his future within the Angels organization and beyond.