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Prospect Breakdown- C/OF Alberto Rios

Alberto Rios's journey from a standout Stanford Cardinal to a promising rookie in the Los Angeles Angels organization encapsulates the dream of many young baseball players. Born on March 19, 2002, in Bellflower, California, Rios has demonstrated the talent, work ethic, and passion required to succeed at the game's highest levels. 

At 6 feet tall and 203 pounds, his right-handed batting and throwing prowess have made him a versatile asset on the field. He can make significant impacts as a catcher and in the outfield.

Selected in the 2nd round of the 2023 MLB June Amateur Draft, Rios's journey to the Tri-Cities for his first entire season of professional ball is a significant milestone. His outstanding performance at Stanford, including a .384 batting average, 18 home runs, and 73 RBI in just 63 games, earned him the 2023 Pac-12 Conference Player of the Year title and cemented his status as one of baseball's most promising prospects.

Rios's ability to excel at multiple positions is a testament to his adaptability and athletic ability. As a catcher, his defensive skills and arm strength are vital to controlling the game's pace and preventing stolen bases. Meanwhile, his experience in the outfield allows him to leverage his speed and fielding acumen, making him a dual threat in any lineup.

Even in his early years, Rios showed signs of greatness, representing the USA on the 12U National Team. This early recognition of his potential clearly indicated the success that awaited him. As he transitions into the professional arena, Rios is ready to showcase his disciplined approach, power-hitting, and versatile defensive skills, all set to play a crucial role in the Angels' plans.

Alberto Rios's story from Bellflower to Stanford and now onto professional baseball is more than just a tale of athletic prowess; it's a narrative of determination, resilience, and the pursuit of greatness. As he embarks on this new chapter with the Los Angeles Angels, the baseball world watches eagerly to see how this talented young player will leave his mark.


Alberto Rios' journey from collegiate baseball to the minor leagues showcases a player with significant potential, marked by his Stanford performance and initial steps into professional baseball with the Los Angeles Angels organization.

Collegiate Excellence

  • Stanford University: Rios had a standout season in 2023 with a .384 batting average, .485 OBP, and .707 SLG, highlighting his ability to hit for both average and power. His 18 home runs and 73 RBIs in 63 games underscore his impact at the plate.

  • Plate Discipline: Rios demonstrated exceptional plate discipline, drawing 38 walks against 42 strikeouts, contributing to a high on-base percentage, and showcasing his ability to make consistent contact.

Transition to Professional Baseball

  • Minor League Development: In 2023, Rios transitioned to the minor leagues and experienced challenges adapting to professional pitching, as indicated by a .183 batting average and .581 OPS across Rookie and Class A levels.

  • Base-Stealing Ability: Despite his struggles at the plate, Rios managed to steal eight bases, indicating speed and base-running acumen that could further develop with experience.

Defensive Versatility

  • Outfield Contributions: Rios primarily played left field in the minors, showing competent fielding abilities with a .981 percentage. His time in the outfield at Stanford, including experience in right field, suggests versatility that could be valuable as he progresses.

Areas for Improvement

  • Adjusting to Professional Pitching: The drop in offensive production upon his move to the minors underscores the need for adjustments against more advanced pitching.

  • Continued Development at the Plate: Rios must continue refining his hitting approach to improve his batting average and power metrics professionally.

Comprehensive Analysis

Alberto Rios emerges as a prospect with notable potential, highlighted by his successful collegiate career and initial foray into professional baseball. His combination of power, plate discipline, and speed presents a promising foundation for development. As Rios adjusts to higher competition in the minors, his performance will be crucial in determining his trajectory within the Angels organization. Adapting his approach at the plate and leveraging his defensive versatility will be crucial to his progression through the minor league ranks.