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May is in the Books

Tri-City Dust Devils/ MiLB

After a 10-8 April that included two postponed games, the Dust Devils followed it with a 9-15 record. Aprils showers brought even more weather delays for Dust Devils, as six games were postponed or canceled during May. Entering June with a 19-23 record, the Dust Devils have had several bright spots over the season's first two months.

A few happy-for-them moments included the promotion of SP Braden Olthoff to AA Rocket City. At the same time, the Dust Devils welcome OF D'Shawn Knowles to the Tri.

The on-field performance for 1B Gabe Matthews continued with a hot May as he hit 5HR and posted a .405OBP. OF Mike Peabody also continued his strong season as he hit 2HR, has 15RBI, and a .355OBP. Matthews and Peabody continue to lead the Dust Devils' offense and set the tone at the plate.

Setting the tone on the mound for the Dust Devils was delivered by Glenn Albanese, posting a 0.69ERA over 13 innings of work. While starters Adam Seminars, Landon Marceaux, Ryan Costei, and Dylan King each posted a 3.00ERA or lower. While Seminars and Marceaux each posted a 2.25ERA or lower.

Lastly, the month of May brought us a new alternate identity, the Columbia River Rooster Tails. The Rooster Tails joined the Vineros De Tri-City as another unique identity, with the Dust Devils remaining as the primary identity of the squad.

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