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Journal: Day 8 of Becoming More Intentional

I almost titled this becoming more accountable. However, the more I journal, The more I post the algorithm and my spy, aka my phone, the more I know I am going into this and showing me more about journals and journaling videos. The more I journal, the more I find myself calmer and more productive; my thought process works 10x better, and I can handle the challenges of the day much more manageable. I also pray each morning and find time throughout the day to read the bible, even for 5 minutes. Mix all this daily, and I am getting done exactly what I need to do.

I started today's entry at around 607am; I like to put the time in here to show when I'm doing these things. I tried my hardest not to look at my phone for 30 minutes after waking up; I got through 5-10 minutes. I used the bathroom and had a baseboard leaking water in the bathroom, so I had to put in a maintenance request, which, now thinking about it, was pretty decent. 30 was too much to put on myself on day one.

Last night, I was on a group coaching call with Bryan Ward. It's week 3 of the group call, and it is honestly fantastic. Little did I know our conversations would spark me to have a conversation with another dad merely an hour later. This dad was feeling like a failure, that he wasn't reaching his kid and wasn't making any progress. We talked for nearly 45min. He had talked to his uncle beforehand, and we ended up telling him the same thing more or less, which to me is an absolute sign when two people, in the space of maybe an hour, tell you the same thing, that's God speaking through others to you for your good. God makes no mistakes, and he doesn't just create happy coincidences.

We talked about accountability, and this has been rattling around in my head since last night. I was able to talk about honestly how proud I am of my oldest daughter the last month and how she has started becoming more accountable for her actions, owning up to the things she needs to do, being able to check them off of the Joon App, and be able to build habits into her day and routine.

Bryan talked about a few things in that call we can do with our kids to help them become more accountable- for littles, a chore chart with incentives and rewards, a project that our kids have to work on and complete, and lastly, an accountability journal.

I liked the idea of an accountability journal for my oldest where we write down together three things that she did well that week, one thing that she could have done better, and one thing to work on that next week. I wanted to do this for me today.

Accoutability Journal 1:

Things I did well

1- Journaled Everyday

2- Had a rough day and relied on my Fiance for Support

3- Finished my homework for school early in the week

One thing I could have done better

1- Wake up at a more consistent time

One thing I am going to work on this week

1- honoring the commitment my oldest and I made not to yell, scream, or be mean to and respect each other.

I'm way over on time; it's 620a, and I'm jumping on a great podcast recording here in a moment.

Day eight unfolds with you extending a helping hand amidst a garden symbolizing growth and renewal. This scene captures your deeper accountability, love, and patience, as you nurture others along your path of intentionality. A testament to your ability to foster support and kindness. 🌱❤️⏳✨

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