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Navigating Modern Fatherhood: Insights from The Great Girth Podcast

It captures them in a dynamic studio setting, deeply engaged in a conversation that spans politics, entertainment, and societal issues. The background is filled with symbols that represent the diverse topics they discuss, from global politics to personal well-being, enhancing the depth and variety of their dialogue.
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In an insightful episode of The Young Dad Podcast, hosts Jey and guest Tony dive deep into the intricacies of modern fatherhood. They explore how political dynamics and societal changes impact parenting and share personal insights on maintaining mental health and fostering healthy family relationships. This episode offers a rare glimpse into the challenges and triumphs fathers face in today's rapidly evolving world.

The Intersection of Politics and Parenting:

Politics often feels distant from daily life, yet Jey and Tony discuss how closely it's intertwined with how we raise our children. Being politically informed is not just about voting or keeping up with the news—it's about understanding how these issues directly affect our families. They emphasize the importance of creating an informed home environment where children are aware of their world and the changes that may affect them.

Educating Children in a Politically Charged Environment:

With the current shifts in education policies, especially around topics like diversity, equity, inclusion (DEI), and gender education, parents face new challenges. Tony shares how crucial it is for parents to be proactive in discussing these themes openly and honestly, preparing children to navigate their views on these crucial societal issues.

Modeling Healthy Relationships and Effective Co-parenting:

Both hosts share their experiences with co-parenting, emphasizing the need to set positive examples for children post-divorce. They discuss strategies for maintaining respect and cooperation with former partners, ensuring that children always feel secure and loved, regardless of family dynamics.

The Challenges of Fatherhood Today:

Jey and Tony touch on the historical evolution of fatherhood, including some systemic challenges that have historically marginalized certain groups. They discuss the importance of embracing diversity and pushing against outdated stereotypes that define what it means to be a father in today's world.

Prioritizing Mental Health for Fathers:

Acknowledging the often overlooked aspect of fathers' mental health, Tony stresses the importance of seeking support and maintaining emotional well-being. They share tips on finding trustworthy confidants and engaging in activities that promote mental health, which is essential for being fully present and engaged as a parent.


This episode of The Great Girth Podcast sheds light on the complex layers of modern fatherhood. From navigating the influence of politics on family life to mastering the art of co-parenting and caring for their mental health, Jey and Tony offer a roadmap for fathers striving to be their best. Their conversation invites fathers everywhere to engage more deeply with the personal and societal facets of parenting, ensuring they provide the best for their children while also taking care of themselves.

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