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Journal: Day 5 of Becoming More Intentional

As I start my daily reflection, this is Dejavu. It's almost 606am. A lot of value comes from this, as I have this little time built into the day. Does it require some sacrifice, but what doesn't? Besides, what would I be doing with these 10 minutes anyway?

Everything comes at a price: time, Money, effort, energy, brain power, or physical ability. It truly doesn't matter what thing-x is. It's going to need something to become a reality. Now, I could name so many things that require Money; that is an easy one where my mind goes as a father. However, most things that require Money as the price also require time.

Sacrificing the Money or the time is a big thing. I get asked about this concept frequently and talk about needing more time to make changes, do certain things, or commit to change. Well, my first response is let me see your screen time report. Which guilt, I have excessive screen time when I should or could be doing something else that would be more productive, like journaling.

For me, it's not whether I have the time or not; it's whether I will make the sacrifices to give this thing the time it needs to grow. Regarding all the creative things I do, it's about finding and making the time to create a mailing list, put content out, and record a podcast- do all the things come at a price? Yes, of course. To continue my education, to have time ready for my fiance, to have time for myself, to have time for my kids, to have time for God, all those things come with one thing needed- TIME!

I choose where I spend my time very carefully. I am intentional with my time and hear about it daily at work. I like to leave the building and not stay during lunch because I can go home, let my dogs out, and prep dinner often. OR I can get an extra little lunch date in with my fiance. OR I can get ahead on some housework, cleaning, or chores that need to get done. I can maximize that hour. If I get up an hour or two earlier than the kids, I can get schoolwork done, post and edit podcast stuff, and send DMs. If I stay up a few hours later than the kids, I can use that time for something.

It all comes down to choosing to spend that time where it's most valued, where I'll get the best return on my investment, and being very intentional about what I'll be doing when I'm in it. It's straightforward for me to get distracted. While writing this, I clicked open my email and then had to redirect myself to focus. I had to remember I was being intentional with this time to reflect.

I need to make the most of it as I try to level up as a dad, partner, and person. Now we're looking at 620am, and it's time to use the next two hours as wisely and as responsibly as I can.

Image: Generated by AI Day five on your intentional path is all about choices and time: you stand at a crossroads, encircled by clocks, with paths leading into diverse, vibrant landscapes. This scene symbolizes the crucial decisions you make and the mindful management of your precious time. ⏳🚸🌳✨

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