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Journal- Day 4 of Becoming More Intentional

I don't know where to start today. It's 608am on a Monday morning, and all the thoughts are coming into my head:

  • The Monday blues.

  • The workday ahead

  • The things I have to get done

  • I'm thinking through the day, what it might look like, and what needs to be done. 

This Monday is different from Mondays before it; at least, it feels that way because I am up and journaling for 10 minutes and focused on pouring into my cup and doing something for me. 

I liked this morning and giving myself the opportunity for self-reflection. I don't have to do this by any means whatsoever, and it's a clear choice cause it's not like I have a lot of people I know who wake up, Journal, and post on their site for anyone and everyone to see. 

That kind of exactly why I do it the way I do it: for my accountability, to show that I'm not alone as I know others have thoughts similar to mine, and If I can bring someone else some solace in the mornings or during the day with my words and random thoughts great, that's also why I started Young Dad Podcast. To help people not feel alone cause when that Podcast started, I had never felt more alone as a man, a dad, and a person. 

Now, the Journal isn't for anyone else but me; it's truly for me to get my thoughts out and to reflect on the day before and the day ahead. Yesterday was a good day overall, with minor bumps. Overall. It ended with my fiance and I watching The Hill on Netflix and then laughing and kissing to end the night. I love her so much, and I'm so lucky I got blessed with the perfect one. 

Today, it will be a focus as every day of just taking it moment by moment, appointment by appointment, call by call, and not stressing about things out of my control and just making the best of every single moment. 

I'm starting to feel a change in my thought process and actions as I can feel myself starting to slow down, make different choices in each moment than what my inner-self may have wanted to do on first thought, and I'm not perfect; I'm still practicing, and I'll get there in the time I'm meant to. 

Well, it's 620am, and as you can see, my brain is a little all over first thing in the morning, and that's okay. Hopefully, my fellow ADHD dads and parents can relate. Let's take it slow, moment by moment, and choice by choice today. 

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Day four of your intentional journey is a breakthrough moment: you're stepping through a gateway of radiant light, entering a realm where infinite possibilities await. This image captures your stride toward enlightenment and the endless potential that lies ahead. 🌟🚪🌌✨

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