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Journal- Day 3 of Becoming More Intentional

Do you ever feel things don't go as planned, yet sometimes they work out how they should? It's 7:27 am, and I'm barely getting around to journaling, not for lack of trying. I woke up a little later than usual, which threw me off. It was nice to get a little extra sleep, unlike usual.

I've always been a super morning person; I get it from my dad. I've always disliked sleeping in; I was usually up around 6ish, maybe earlier in high school, and in my early twenties, I was mostly up around 6/630 due to work. However, I've had day jobs for the last few years, 9-5 or 9-6 Monday through Friday. It's been a huge blessing, allowing me to be around and present for many more things.

Now fast-forward to today; why would I wake up between 530 and 630 most days? This is what the average person would think and ask me, and I would likely say something along those lines so I can get ready before the kids wake up. Well, what about the weeks when I don't have my kids, and I wake up at these times? It is a waste of time to be up 3-4 hours before you have to be at work.

Let me disagree; I can get so much done in those hours. I can get myself ready, the dogs taken care of, chores done, lunch dinner prep, record a podcast, or get some misc things done on my computer or around the home. I thrive at this time when the morning is quiet, and no one is around, or no one is awake yet except me.

This is so funny cause I used to hate silence, and if you know me, I don't use that h word lightly. It's taken me so long to come to terms with the silence in my life, to the point where now I can journal in it. It's hard to come around and have conversations and sit in silence with yourself as a man, have self-evaluation conversations with yourself, ask yourself why, and deep dive into what's bothering you.

I'll admit it firsthand; it's easier to be distracted by music, podcasts, shows, or anything else that may fill the void of that silence cause it is easier; it's what we were taught to distract over reflection and to feed into the world's noise.

I've learned since my divorce that there is nothing more important than taking time to reflect, to sit in silence, to reflect, to slow down, to maximize the small moments of silence and quiet, and enjoy them just as much as you enjoy the noisy, because when you do enjoy the silent as much as you do the noise you heal, you grow. You love yourself a little bit more.

7:40 am, and it's time to get the day going. Get everything that He has in store for me completed today, not on my timing, but on His.

Image: Generated by AI On day three of your intentional journey, envision yourself ascending a spiraling staircase of brilliant colors, each step symbolizing your progressing determination and heightened awareness. A visual metaphor for your upward trajectory towards a more purposeful life. 🌀🌈🔝✨

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