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Journal: Day 28 of Becoming More Intentional

Day twenty-eight is a poignant symbol of renewal, with you standing at the cliff's edge, releasing a paper lantern into the night. This act reflects letting go of past limitations and welcoming new beginnings guided by your renewed intentions.

All I want to do today must be done with the day, and it's 9 am, and I am sitting in a work meeting that I DO NOT want to be in right now. I legitimately want it to get done and over with. I'm so beyond over it.

I felt irritated, tired, out of it, and just not wanting to people today. Someone was trying to talk to me, and I didn't want to interact. Today, this meeting feels like a waste of time.

I'm tired; I'm still getting over being sick. I haven't been feeling well mentally; I'm drained. I fell asleep last night on the couch at 730pm, which showed me how tired I was. I'm pushing, pushing, pushing with little to no end in sight. I'm trying, but I am tired. That's just dad life, tho, in all honesty.

Alas, I'll keep trying, smiling, and pushing on. A breakthrough will come; I know it will. I'll remain faithful and confident that it'll come.

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