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Journal: Day 23 of Becoming More Intentional

My head is throbbing; I did not sleep well, and the dogs didn't sleep well. I recorded two podcasts this morning, and when it was finally time for me to lay down and relax and close my eyes, the maintenance showed up to fix my bathroom, which I am grateful for, but still, come on, man.

In all seriousness, I am beyond thrilled with the recordings I have had of late, quality people, quality messages, and just quality everywhere. I love keeping the audio files as raw and as authentic as possible.

Today is shaping up to be an errand day, lots of places, and I am trying to get mentally prepared; I don't mind it at all. It's not a bother; it's just like I have to prepare myself mentally. This allows me to be more intentional, present, involved, and engaged and give more of myself overall.

I keep repeating love, acceptance, kindness, grace, and fun in my head. These are my guiding principles in what I do. I can easily find myself not living by them, and I have to check myself, which is okay. I am doing these things to break chains, break generational changes, and be the change I want to see.

All I want to teach my kids, if they learn nothing else from me and my example, is to love others, accept others exactly how they are, be kind to all you interact with kind, kindness is free, be gracious and forgiving, and enjoy life and have fun. Please don't take things too seriously, honestly, cause it's not that serious.

Day twenty-three captures the essence of beginnings and growth as you plant seeds in a garden illuminated by the morning light. This act symbolizes the sowing of new habits, the dedication to personal development, and the careful nurturing of your future dreams.

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