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Journal: Day 20 of Becoming More Intentional

I'm trying not to use this as an open place to vent the recent frustrations I have been having with podcast guests and the podcast. However, I value the time I set aside to record a podcast, and it's minimal. I understand; I am an average dad and average guy, not a celebrity. But all I ask is not to ghost me when recording and last-minute rescheduling when I know reminders go out the day before.

Maybe it is on me; maybe I need to do better at vetting, selecting, inviting, and following up the day before to ensure that the person is and will show up. I try my hardest not to be that guy, not overly to bother people, but when you book and commit, maybe it's just me, but you commit, and you keep that commitment to the other person.

Honestly, podcast keeps me going; it fills the creative void I have; it fills a need I have to create, to talk, to have a space and voice to share my voice, to share my story, and to share the stories of others to help those who feel voiceless. Those dads and moms who feel alone are going through life and everything alone, which isn't the case.

I do each episode to get one view and one download, making a Reel that will reach one person, maybe two, who need to hear that message that'll impact. That it reaches who I need to reach. I truly believe that God will put the correct episode, the right reel, the right short in front of the right person, and it'll be the answer to whatever they're going through at that time. That's all I hope for, to spread that love.

That is why guests are so important, and we have to be connected and be able to move forward. There is power in community and power in brotherhood and solidarity, pushing the fantastic message of fatherhood forward.

Fatherhood and being a dad is all about being intentional, accountable, reliable, present, and loving. If you can hit these markers, you're doing a good job.

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