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Journal: Day 2 of Becoming More Intentional

Here it is, 7:05 am on a Saturday; honestly, I've been up for a while. I got up, prayed, and drank some pre-workout (this is my version of morning coffee cause its cheaper, cleaner, and more hydrating than what I get from a can), and I've been lying in bed checking my socials and responding to messages while listening to the rain fall outside.

It's the start of the week. I don't have my kids, and my fiance and I had a great date night last night. It's also super quiet, besides the sound of the washer/dryer, which has been going since yesterday, trying to catch up on laundry from the week.

I feel like I kinda wasted time this morning and procrastinated getting up and writing in my "journal" today because I put a lot on myself this weekend- rearranging my place, doing the laundry, cleaning and decluttering my kid's room, cleaning my room, the household chores, the gym, the whole point of being more intentional as well to mix it all in, it def felt like woah.... too much to fast.

So, how the heck do I balance? Well, one of my church pastors told me once, and I will paraphrase and put my spin on it. There will always be more to complete in a day than the time allotted. While things do need to get done, what are the essential things to get done? What things need to get done in the order of priorities and deadlines, but what is in His will for you to do today?

With this, he reminded me to remember life's priorities, which seem linear and fluid simultaneously to an extent: God, Spouse, Kids, Ministry, Work, etc. With this in mind, it always helps me take that step back and remind myself I don't need to rush, I don't need to be in a hurry, that things that I do get done today will be satisfying, enough, and I'll feel perfect and anything that doesn't get done today, well tomorrow more than likely exists. It's a new day, and if it works out to get done tomorrow, great; if not, that isn't as essential as the other things I am doing today.

Well, now, it's 7:15 am, and I gave myself the 10 minutes I said I would for journaling and writing, and that was refreshing until tomorrow, my old keyboard. Now, I'm going to get some much-needed editing done, schedule podcasts, and get ready to record here in about 45 minutes.

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Day two of your intentional journey is captured here: you stride forward with newfound confidence, each step on this vivid path illuminating your growth and bringing the clarity of your purpose into focus. A testament to the power of persistence and vision. 🌟🚶‍♂️🌱✨

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