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Journal: Day 19 of Becoming More Intentional

It's a little before 7 am, the girls are still asleep, and I'm just trying to get this in cause I haven't even been put together yet. I took advantage of a guest canceling to stay in bed for an extra hour, which felt good cause yesterday was a struggle with how tired I was.

I felt short, snappy, and holding all the emotions in, just putting on a face and going through the motions for most of the day.

Everywhere I put my attention yesterday, my attention got pulled and redirected to somewhere else that also needed it. Yesterday, if I could have split myself into two places, that would have been awesome.

By the end of the work day yesterday, I was over it. I was over the day; I felt so short, about to snap, and honestly just saying whatever, that's a tomorrow problem. This helped as I rolled non-crucial items to today for work, so I am journaling so much about work, as that's where my mind is.

I also have a term paper to write, so my mind is all over the place, which is fine; it's okay. Usually, my term papers are relatively easy and take sitting down, pulling the rubric, and pulling my previous milestones together into one cohesive analysis and following the needed parts.

All right, I have to get myself put together, the kids up and going, and out the door in an hour. Let's have a great day.

You're captured practicing yoga on a peaceful beach at sunrise. This serene moment marks your dedication to personal growth, balance, and finding inner peace along your journey of becoming more intentional.

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