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Journal: Day 17 of Becoming More Intentional

Happy Sunday! It's 703am, and I am still deciding what to journal. I got an excellent night's sleep, and things are going well. Things are solid overall right now. I can't complain too much. My body woke up at 6 am, and then it was raining as I snoozed to try and sleep in until 7 am, and that was some peaceful sleep for the extra 30 minutes I got.

I am okay with being up earlier than most. I am happier as I am awake when I get to work. I already have my thoughts together. I already have my mind firing in the right direction and must remember more honestly since I started journaling 17 days ago. I have been much more productive; I have more time because I am sacrificing a little sleep and getting more time in the day. Work is more accessible, even though I am taking on more.

I am more aware of my body; I feel my body more, and I think things through quicker, more accessible, and more straightforward. Sometimes, during the later parts of the day, I struggle to regather my thoughts and words occasionally, which is fine. I don't mind; I occasionally struggle with the words as they come out of my mouth due to my speech impediment.

Hence, I love non-verbal communication because I can be more apparent. However, when I do that, I struggle because I can type my thoughts in real time, and I only think before I type, so my ideas may only make the most sense or as much sense as I hoped.

Well, that little rant of my thought process took a reasonable amount of time. It's very nice to have a wall or canvas-like journaling that helps me express the journey of my inner self and how sharing this with the world might be enriching; it might be relatable for some. It's just me doing something that I need to be a more intentional person: dad, partner, friend, coworker, and any other title I fill during the day. I am adding value to my life and my family's lives by doing this consistently; that's what matters most.

On day seventeen, you channel your intentions into art, creating a mural that bursts with vibrant colors and meaningful patterns. This act of painting your dreams and goals on a city wall mirrors the expressive journey of your inner self and its enriching impact on the surrounding community.

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