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Journal: Day 15 of Becoming More Intentional

Opportunity knocks; that's a timeless saying. However, I found yesterday that opportunity was knocking left and right. Not every time opportunity knocks is scarily something you want when you answer.

First, to start yesterday, it was an opportunity at work that presented itself in a way I'm supposed to discuss later. But I am very excited at the opportunity I am being given, and I know it's from God; I am truly blessed to provide for myself, my kids, and my family and feel successful. Hard work has definitely paid off.

Next, there was an opportunity with my fiance to be more intentional, caring, and loving, and I tried my absolute best. I have been praying non-stop for her. If you're reading this, I hope you can send her and her family good vibes because I miss them all and want to see them. They are family to me, the closest thing I have ever felt to my blood family. Her nieces are my nieces, and I love them; I love her siblings like they were my own, and I love and admire the parents. Her family is the best, and I am so blessed to be a part of it.

Next, after work, I had a chance to come home and figure out my apartment; they had to demo the drywall, treat mold (yeah, they found mold in my bathroom), and then replace all the drywall. Luckily, this wasn't my fault, nor am I liable for this. I am beyond frustrated at the situation, though. I can handle it two ways- go full Karen and try to get something out of it, or I can put some pots of water with vinegar on the stove, let them steam for a while, and clear the air to make sure it a healthy for myself and the dogs. Luckily, the kids went to their mom and stayed.

I emailed my property manager my concerns, and I am taking pictures. Who knows what I will do with them, honestly? We will see in time. We will see what they say honestly and move forward from there.

Something extraordinary is happening. The podcast is growing, the community is getting more substantial and significant, my work is taking off, and I am beyond blessed. I can't even express my gratitude for Him and these blessings. The teacher has been quiet during this test and has given me a fantastic grade on the test.

On day fifteen of becoming more intentional, you're depicted weaving a vibrant tapestry, a metaphor for the deliberate creation of your life. Each thread represents a different aspect of your existence, woven with purpose, reflecting your commitment to living with intention and crafting a life of meaning and beauty.

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