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Journal: Day 14 of Becoming More Intentional

Two weeks that's an incredible milestone to hit. I have about 5ish minutes today. Yesterday was a tough today. I had a headache most of the day; I saw that the Young Dad Podcast was removed from Spotify for "violating terms of service." That set my day up poorly, and then last night, I got home and got my bathroom checked because there's been a water issue; come to find out, the ceilings are wet, and I have to have a bunch of the drywall ripped out, replaced and yeah so yesterday was just about getting through the day, and I did.

I could have done better; I could care for the kids and dogs, but I did little for myself, and I wasn't a great partner. My partner is sick; with how my head was yesterday, I didn't even think once or twice to ask her if she needed anything, offer to take care of her or make her feel cared for. That was pretty crappy, and I barely got through yesterday, but I know that is not a good feeling for her. I do feel terrible. However, all I can do is try my best to be better today, and I will do my best.

Today should be a good day. I have a podcast recording with the Bucked Up CEO. I have my work evaluation, which will go well, and many good things will happen today. As long as I can make time for a couple of other things and be more intentional about helping my partner today or trying to or at least offer, I could consider today a success, not that far, but less of a letdown than yesterday.

Let's have a great day today; I will make today a good, solid day. I can do this! No matter what comes my way, I will overcome it.

This image embodies day fourteen of your intentional journey, showcasing a moment of contemplation at dawn with a compass in hand, gazing towards the horizon. It represents your search for direction, guided by the inner compass of your values and aspirations, moving forward with confidence and a clear vision of your path.

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