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Journal: Day 13 of Becoming More Intentional

I did low-key to try to talk myself out of journaling. I woke up early and realized I didn't have a recording today, and it was tomorrow. Thus, I went back to bed until 630am; that was a mistake cause now it's 702am, and I will get 5 minutes in today, which was okay.

Last night, gosh, did I struggle. I picked up my oldest daughter, and the last few nights have been late, so there has been less sleep than usual. And did it ever catch up to her? We went into it, and it ended up very poorly for the whole night.

I swear, that girl is far too much like me in too many ways, and that's a blessing and a curse. It's hard to work with someone exactly like you in so many ways; it's easy to get caught up. However, ignoring certain things about you and their cause would be best. You get it more profound and must welcome the peace and freedom it brings.

Me, I struggle with her emotions. She struggles with her emotions, and I see that she has a tough time with her emotional regulation, as did I at her age, so I get it. I have to choose and be more intentional in those moments to let go of the feelings I'm feeling in that moment as I need to help her work through this cause it's a lot bigger to her right now than it is to me.

All right, at 707am, I could go on, but I did some light lifting today to get by. I feel better now.

This image captures the essence of day thirteen in your journey towards intentionality. Standing atop a hill, you release a flock of doves into the sunset, symbolizing the letting go of past constraints and the welcoming of peace and freedom. It's a powerful metaphor for your progress and the liberation that comes with living a more purposeful life.

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