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Journal: Day 1 of Becoming More Loving

I have become more intentional; now, I want to focus on ways I can be more loving.

After she got up, I asked my oldest daughter how I could be more loving. Granted, she ended up saying, "I don't know." It was in the morning, and she isn't a morning person. She said, "Let me sleep in your bed more, "which I should have seen coming. She sleeps with me nearly every night almost. She's 6, it's okay. Could you not come to me?

She also said to color and play with her more; this is an awakening call as I need to and should be better at this. I do love this little girl. One way I can be more loving towards her is by spending more quality time with her, which is what it'll come down to.

Now, I know my fiance is going to read this. Don't worry; I want to be more loving toward you too. Not in that way, well, maybe in that way, but you know what I mean. Start thinking love.

Now, my 3-year-old is so much like me personality-wise and personality-wise, and she gets the love she wants when she wants it and is done with it when she gets enough. I'll ask her when she is awake, too.

Lastly, my dogs. They need to go on more walks and maybe even to the dog park now that it's warm.

Now, very lastly, myself. I will think about this and how I can be more loving towards myself.

Day one of becoming more loving is captured by planting a heart-shaped seed, a metaphor for the initial step in nurturing love, kindness, and empathy within and around you.

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