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Journal: Day 1 of Becoming More Intentional

I can't remember the last time I sat and wrote a journal entry. It has to have been years since I didn't have a topic, prompt, or desire, and I forced myself to sit down and write for 5-10min It's currently 615am, as I start to write this, my kids are asleep, my room is dark, I have the light of my screen, a candle and no additional noise, just silence. I continue to make changes that will benefit me, my fiance, and my kids. 

I have been intentional for a few weeks now; if you follow the Young Dad Podcast on Instagram, you can see how every day I take my greens and make a video and give you guys a thought that I'm having at that moment. Well, it was time to take it a step forward. 

I joined a group coaching session hosted by Bryan Ward- the Dad Up Podcast host. Feel free to listen to episode 82: (YDP Banger) Dad Up Podcast- Bryan Ward. The point of this post is to be more intentional in the things that I do and do the things for me that will help me.

Being more intentional as a person is where I have to start- praying daily, reading scripture (Bible- NIV or NKJV), writing journal entries, and stretching would be good, too. Still, I can't be more intentional as a parent until I become more intentional with myself. 

I must uphold the accountability, intentionality, and responsibility standards to endure the most challenging moments. I know for a fact that when I'm going to be faced with a challenge and my kids are screaming or yelling or escalating at that moment, I have a choice to fall into the trap of reactiveness or a reaction, or I can CHOOSE, to be more intentional and take a calmer, more logical approach to the situation in front of me and heal, remedy or fix what is in front of me. 

However, it all comes back to me as a dad to be intentional with me. I need to do the things that start with me and have the time for reflection, journaling, praying, and reading scripture, as well as have my habits and create an intentional mindset before I can practice it. 

I can't be afraid to start something new, different, or challenging. We are always waiting for Monday, the 1st of the month, or a clean slate opportunity to do something, when in reality, today, Friday, Jan 26th, was a clean slate and an opportunity for me to start and take that first step. I started my podcast in July '22 on a random day of the week. You will only go somewhere or work towards that change if you start exactly where you are and meet yourself where you are now. 

I have no clue if that makes sense to you, the reader reading this. Maybe it does if you have ADHD like me or you're a dad who is trying to do more of the same, but it makes sense to me, and it's where I'm starting. 

Image: created by AI (Cosmic Dream Mode- Chat GPT 4)

Embrace the journey of becoming more intentional with this image: you, poised at the beginning of a vibrant path, each step filled with purpose, leading towards a horizon bright with promise and potential. A symbol of your commitment to a life of intention. 🌅🛤️💡✨

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